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Season 2

21 Sep. 1991
One to Grow On
Two months later. Georgie and the other sisters plan a blockbuster 10th birthday party for Evan on his return home from the hospital. Meanwhile, Frankie must decide whether to come to Evan's party or go to Japan to meet with an important client. Teddy's continued drinking moves her further away from the others. Also, John realizes that he has a fan base when sales for his show tunes surprisingly skyrocket which dozens of fans camp, making up of middle-aged men in bathrobes, camp out on the lawn of his house.
28 Sep. 1991
The Picture of Perfection
John continues to receive orders for his vocal tape while he tries to help Mitch with his finances. Mitch needs $25,000 to keep his fish market open. Georgie suggests that he borrow the money from Frankie, but Mitch disagrees. As luck would have it, Teddy meets Hank Seawell, a prestigious photographer whose pictures of the homeless she once tried to paint. Seawell has been hired by Alex to take photos of her and Wade. At Teddy's suggestion, Alex decides to spend more quality time with Wade and gets tickets to an interactive theater show. One of the stars of the show, ...
5 Oct. 1991
Strikes and Spares
Tiffany tries to persuade Wade to have a hit man kill Alex before she caries out the perfect divorce. Meanwhile, Georgie must decide whether to go to a bowling tournament with her co-workers from the real estate office or to care for the invalid Evan. Frankie and Mitch must decide how to tell the family of their marriage. Also, Teddy makes a startling discovery about herself, while her relationship with Hank heats up.
12 Oct. 1991
Living Arrangements
Teddy, Mitch and Frankie join forces to look for Cat after she runs away at the thought of living with Frankie and Mitch. Alex, now living on her own, decides to be like Teddy and take a walk on the wild side. Meanwhile, Teddy cannot bring herself to tell the family of her pregnancy (nor that Mitch may be the father) and considers an abortion.
19 Oct. 1991
A Kiss Is Still a Kiss
Alex attends her 20-year high school reunion where she finds love when an old beau from the 1970s pays her a visit. Truman asks Beatrice to spend the weekend with him. Meanwhile, John tries to convince Georgie to take the weekend off so they can spend a romantic time alone. Also, Teddy, Mitch, and Frankie worry if Cat may be having thoughts about sex.
2 Nov. 1991
Freedom's Just Another Word
Nude photographs of Teddy taken by Hank and shown at his art exhibit hosted by Alex, forces the mayor to close it down and it lands Teddy in jail when she assaults a police officer. Alex asks her plumber Victor, to be her escort for the exhibit just to make Wade jealous when he brings his date as well. Meanwhile, John is fit to even the score with two radio show DJs that humiliate him during an interview on-the-air.
9 Nov. 1991
The Family Way
Teddy tells the family members a slightly different version of how she became pregnant. Before leaving town, Hank tries to convince Teddy to tell Mitch the truth about her pregnancy. Meanwhile, Truman sweeps Beatrice off her feet and Alex finds out about her mother's newfound romance while deciding to peruse a career as an interior decorator. Georgie and John's other son, Trevor, causes problems for them when he becomes rebellious resulting from frustration at being neglected when they continue to give all their attention to the sickly Evan.
16 Nov. 1991
The Kindness of Strangers
Alex, getting no help from a computer dating service, decides that Victor is the perfect choice to fit the bill despite that fact that they both come from very different backgrounds. While Mitch is out of town with Cat, his overbearing and meddlesome mother, Naomi, pays an unexpected and unwelcome visit to Frankie at her loft. But they soon discover that they have a lot in common. Georgie and John's cranky neighbor, Mr. Ratner, causes problems for them over property rights, and Georgie eventually discovers the real deep-rooted reason for Mr. Ratner's unhappiness.
23 Nov. 1991
Georgie Through the Looking Glass
On Thanksgiving, Georgie visits the old Reed home where she grew up and mysteriously is transported back in time where she views one particular Thanksgiving that put a change on her life. Back at the Wistig house, John and the others wait impatiently for Evans health tests to say if he will live or not. Meanwhile, Reed returns from a six-month trip to France transformed into a rebellious activist and causes problems for both Alex and Wade over her newfound personality.
14 Dec. 1991
Two Steps Forward, Three Steps Back
While trying to keep her window decoration job, Teddy has a miscarriage that is an emotional setback for her. Alex discovers that Reed has her own reasons why she wants to enter with her in the annual Mother/Daughter costume pageant, that Reed wants to use the first prize money to return to France since learning that her parents are now divorced. Meanwhile, Frankie can't decide whether or not to complain of an annoying office Lothario who makes unwanted sexual passes at her because he is her ticket to becoming corporate vice president of the firm.
21 Dec. 1991
On Christmas Eve, Georgie attempts to bring the family together by holding a Christmas party at her house. Alex, lonely and frustrated that Reed is out of town visiting Wade, plans to go on a vacation to Mexico with Victor who also confides in Alex about his lonely childhood. The jealousy between Frankie and Mitch reaches physical proportions due to his attention to Teddy over her recent miscarriage. But things change when contaminated eggnog makes Alex, Frankie, Mitch, John, Victor, and Georgie herself sick which ruins Georgie's attempt at a Christmas cheer. ...
11 Jan. 1992
Good Help Is Hard to Find
Georgie defends an HIV-infected teacher who is facing dismissal from Evan's school despite the fact that it makes her an outcast of the predominantly conservative neighborhood. Alex tries to stop her Guatemalan maid from being deported. Meanwhile, Frankie reluctantly helps Mitch and Teddy sort out their long overdue income tax bills from the business to the fish store from when they were married.
18 Jan. 1992
Troubled Waters
Both Victor and Wade vie for the attention of Alex, who is faced with going to two different events on the same with night with them. Meanwhile, Mitch tries to get the workaholic Frankie away from the office to go on a fishing trip with him. Also, Teddy has trouble deciding what car she wants to buy for herself.
25 Jan. 1992
Working Girls
Frankie finds herself in a bind when the man who helped her achieve corporate vice president (from episode 'Two Steps Forward, Three Steps Back') is accused of sexual harassment of another woman at the office. After losing her window decorating job, Teddy falls under the influence of Fern Newsuranger, a cosmetics saleswoman, who Teddy decides to follow her path. Meanwhile, Beatrice gives Truman a hard time over what furniture to get rid of when they move in together.
8 Feb. 1992
Tippecanoe and Georgie, Too!
Georgie, on advice from a campaign expert, changes her image and her personality to run for the local school board. Meanwhile, Alex and Wade try to enroll Reed in a private school, but have second thoughts when they see that the place is a snob-fest. Elsewhere, Frankie, Mitch and Cat try to sell their old loft stove to a poor man who is really a con artist looking to lower the price.
15 Feb. 1992
The Four Elements
While Georgie's youngest son, Evan, writes a school report on the four elements of nature, he observes each of the four elements in four different stories around him. WATER: After Victor saves Reed from drowning in her bathtub, her hostility towards him turns to lust, and Alex feels both threatened and jealous by Reed's new found attention towards Victor. FIRE: Teddy gets help from her sisters when a fire burns down the Whitsig garage with all her new clothing designs before a major fashion show. AIR: Frankie tries to get pregnant with Mitch, who gets a flat tire on ...
22 Feb. 1992
A Matter of Life and Death
Georgie stomps for some last minute votes as the election for councilperson draws near, while Frankie and Teddy quarrel over personal items that both want to keep. Meanwhile, Alex relentlessly tries to bag a wealthy new interior decorating client. The ladies, so occupied with their problems, don't realize that Beatrice suffers a heart attack and is rushed to the hospital.
29 Feb. 1992
The First Time
Both Teddy and Mitch become upset when Cat plans her first romantic and sexual encounter with her boyfriend. Alex gets mugged and overreacts with self-defense classes, home security, and more. Meanwhile, Sinatra wannabe John is hit with stage fright while appearing on stage at a nightclub during amateur night. After losing her cosmetics job, Fern Newsuranger asks John to sing with him in his act.
11 Apr. 1992
Empty Rooms
Alex may have to sell her house after a deadbeat client of hers declares bankruptcy. But an anonymous benefactor offers to purchase Alex's house for her and in doing some investigating, Alex is shocked when she learns who her financial savior is. Cheering up Beatrice after her heart attack proves increasingly difficult for the sisters as she begins moping around her apartment not wanting to do anything. Meanwhile, Frankie learns that she cannot get pregnant and considers adoption.
18 Apr. 1992
Heart and Soul
While attending a local Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, Teddy finds love with her sponsor Harry. But Teddy later learns that Harry is reluctant to quit drinking himself. Meanwhile, Georgie becomes jealous when John spends more time with his singing partner, Fern, than with her. Also, Wade takes Alex to their old apartment for a romantic getaway and asks that they reconcile.
25 Apr. 1992
Pandora's Box
A young woman offers her baby to Frankie and Mitch for adoption which they gladly accept. But soon after, the young teen mother has second thoughts. Meanwhile, Alex tries to tell Victor that she's returning to Wade, while Victor has something similar to tell her. Also, Beatrice gives Truman an ultimatum; marry her or else they are through.
2 May 1992
Not in a Million Years
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