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11 May 1991
Moving In, Moving Out, Moving On
Winekta, Illinois. One year after the death of their father from a long battle with cancer, the four very different sisters of the Reed family try to put aside their personal differences and help their widowed, alcoholic mother, Beatrice, sell her house. Alex, the eldest of the sisters, is a wealthy and snobbish, WASP wife of Wade Halsey, a plastic surgeon, with a teenage daughter, Reed, and is too self-involved with her perfect life to notice anything else, until she's forced to bail out her own mother from jail when she's arrested for drunk driving. Georgie is a ...
18 May 1991
Alex, on the eve of her 15th wedding anniversary party with Wade, realizes that her idyllic marriage may be falling apart when she finds out that he is a cross dresser. Meanwhile, Teddy continues to try to win back her ex-husband Mitch, who will not give in to her pleads for a renewed commitment.
25 May 1991
A Thousand Sprinkles
Teddy looking for work, asks Frankie to give her a job at her office as an intern, which only heats up tensions between them over Teddy's continuing ploy to win back Mitch, and Frankie trying to steal the affection of Cat by giving her expensive gifts. Meanwhile, Alex and Wade join a counsel group for cross-dressing husbands much to his anger when he feels that their marital problems be kept private. Georgie tries to find psychiatric help for John while he continues to sulk around the house and sing to himself. Elsewhere, Beatrice meets Judge Truman Ventner after she ...
1 Jun. 1991
Devoted Husband, Loving Father
Frankie, probing into their dead father's past, finds some disturbing secrets she never knew which hints of an extra marital affair he had with one of Beatrice's friends. Meanwhile, Georgie wrestles with temptation when she considers romance with an old college boyfriend when he comes into town, while John decides to peruse a singing career.
8 Jun. 1991
Of Mice and Women
Georgie, trying to get a raise and a promotion at the reality office, invites her boss over at her house for dinner, which nearly turns disastrous due to Trevor and Evan's problems, and everyone else crashing the event to dump their problems on Georgie. Meanwhile, Alex begins to realize that her financial situation is more in trouble then she thought when all her credit cards are rejected, and she meets a repo man who repossesses her car for non-payments, and at this point, she finally realizes that Wade had invested all of their wealth in a stock that failed. Mitch ...
15 Jun. 1991
Deja Vu All Over Again
Frankie and Mitch announce their engagement to everyone and decide to get married quickly, and Alex is more than happy to hold the wedding at her house. But Teddy is the only one not happy, and after falling off the wagon, she crashes the exchange of vows with a shotgun she stole from Alex and gives the new meaning to the term: "shotgun wedding. While the family members talk to the camera about Frankie and Mitch, Alex gets stuck with some unexpected bills after Wade skips town to escape from bill collectors.
20 Jun. 1991
Some Tuesday in July
With Cat angry and alienated at her for falling of the wagon, Teddy decides that Cat is better off living with Mitch while she thinks about leaving town again. Alex tries to get Reed the lead part in her high school play of 'Romeo and Juliet' despite the fact that Reed cannot act and cannot remember her lines. Meanwhile, Georgie's youngest son Evan, is hospitalized for leukemia. The grim turn of events begin to push Georgie to her breaking point, but it also brings John to his senses when he finally sees the seriousness of his life which brings him out of his ...

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