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8 Jan. 1993
Sobering Thoughts
Bill is no more happy to have Liza as his boss than Faith is when Callum arrives to build a conservatory and gets on very well with Hannah. Richard is now the owner of the local wine bar where Callum comes in and they drown their sorrows over their memories of dating Liza - though a drunken Callum turns up at Liza's flat to disrupt her photo call for the magazine. Joe also gets drunk, prompting Faith to start a temperance drive in the house.
15 Jan. 1993
Old Problem
Joe is working as a door to door salesman and gaining sympathy by keeping his healed leg in plaster whilst Liza decides to date Callum, now working for Richard, when he claims to have inherited a vineyard in Australia. Bill's birthday is approaching and, whilst he professes not to want a celebration, he is put out when everybody seems to have forgotten it. In the event both Faith and Liza have planned surprises for him but he rejects Liza's party for a date with Faith.
22 Jan. 1993
Bill is diagnosed with stress brought on by Liza's crazy ideas and his adjustment to domesticity - which annoys Faith. Mercenary Liza, still believing that Callum is to inherit a vineyard, takes him as lover and chauffeur and persuades Richard to make him manager. Richard also employs Hannah, who has finally got over her on-off relationship with Kevin and starts to get close to Callum.
29 Jan. 1993
Faint Possibility
Liza is being interviewed for radio's 'Woman's Hour' but her snobbish, condescending attitude and the fact that she takes a call from Callum on air makes Bill cringe. Hannah faints at work, prompting fears of pregnancy though she is actually on a diet and the real shock comes when Joe announces that he is engaged. Marjorie and Richard however seem closer to a reconciliation.
5 Feb. 1993
Otherwise Engaged
Faith is shocked when Joe announces his engagement to the very proper Louise, planning an early wedding with no pre-marital sex and eschewing all his erstwhile laddish behaviour. However when exchange student Gina comes to visit and he escorts her to a football match rather than accompanying Louise and her nephew to the Sooty Show the old Joe starts to return and, to Faith's relief, the engagement looks in doubt.
12 Feb. 1993
Management Decision
Faith gets a letter from old client Karel inviting her and Bill to stay with him in Prague but Bill has to attend a weekend management course with Liza. It involves quelling a mock picket line but Liza's solution is to injure the other group leader, as a result of which she is sent home early and catches Hannah kissing Callum, so she finishes with him. Faith returns from Prague having turned down Karel's advances and goes to tell Bill, who has just spurned Liza's attentions though Faith gets the wrong idea when she sees them together.
29 Oct. 1993
Last Words
Having wrongly assumed that Bill was getting back with Liza after finding them late at night in the office Faith is far from happy - and a mugger does not help. Despite Hannah's efforts to calm her down she decides that the only way to get Liza out of her life is to finish with Bill for good.
5 Nov. 1993
Into the Fire
Bill decides to move in with Richard so that he can relive his days as a carefree bachelor. However the old magic has gone, Richard's obsession with Liza makes him a less than compatible flatmate and - most of all - he is missing Faith - who is missing him as well.
12 Nov. 1993
One More Time
Unable to stay apart for any longer Bill and faith decide that they must get back together, to the relief of Hannah and Joe. Bill wants to start exactly where they left off but Faith insists that he romances her - as if they were meeting for the first time.
19 Nov. 1993
Auld Acquaintance
Bill takes Faith up to Scotland to stay with his mother. He is anxious to show her all the old haunts that he knew before coming down to live in England but is dismayed that so many of them have either been demolished or are completely unrecognizable. Ultimately both he and Faith are relieved to return home.
26 Nov. 1993
Mr. Fixit
Faith decides that it would be nice to have a conservatory in which she can work and Bill agrees. However neither he nor Callum are exactly tip-top when it comes to DIY and so Faith engages workmen Barry and Jay. Bill is less than pleased with their progress, leading to arguments and a question mark hanging over whether or not Faith will get her conservatory.
3 Dec. 1993
Whose Birthday Is It Anyway?
Joe 's eighteenth birthday is coming up and Faith is anxious to provide a celebratory family lunch though he is not enthusiastic and Bill and Hannah agree with him. However the day dawns and the lunch is about to go ahead but Faith and Bill are both called away on apparent emergencies. On return they discover who was behind them and discover Joe wants to celebrate in his own way.
10 Dec. 1993
Playing Away
Richard engages Max, an attractive young man, as his new pianist at the wine bar and the girls all fall for him, particularly Hannah. She starts going out with him but unfortunately learns that he is already married and that his wife is well aware of the effect that he has on the ladies. Cue Faith to offer her daughter a little consolation.
17 Dec. 1993
What's New?
When Joe refuses to go work Faith is concerned, especially as he claims that he is starting to feel depressed about work and about life in general. Faith suspects that it may be down to a change in his hormones and persuades a reluctant Bill to have a pep talk with him - which gets to the real reason for his reluctance to turn up at work.

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