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Season 2

1 Jun. 1992
Goodbye Michael, Hello Pinsky
Michael has contracted chicken pox and will not be returning to camp. However, Ronnie Pinsky has arrived to take his place, much to Budnick's chagrin.
3 Jun. 1992
Counselor Budnick
It's upside-down weekend, and one of the campers will take Ug's place as counselor. Unfortunately that camper is Budnick, who soon becomes a tyrant.
5 Jun. 1992
Telly and the Tennis Match
After Telly loses a tennis match to Scotty Rex, she blames her inferior racket and is given a new one by Budnick. However, this gift will come with a price.
8 Jun. 1992
Dina and the Rock Star
Dina promises to bring pop superstar Jaime Mallot Jr. to Camp Anawanna for a performance. The only problem is, she doesn't actually know him.
10 Jun. 1992
The Cursed Skull
Budnick has found the legendary Cursed Skull. While the boys form a secret society, camp falls victim to a wave of inexplicable bad luck.
12 Jun. 1992
Budnick Loves Dina: Part 1
Budnick develops a crush on Dina, and with Pinsky's advice tries to win her affection.
15 Jun. 1992
Budnick Loves Dina: Part 2
Budnick has changed his ways to be a classy guy for new girlfriend Dina. But she and the rest of camp soon find themselves wanting the old Budnick back.
17 Jun. 1992
Sponge Goes to the Movies
Pinsky's discovery of Sponge's modem leads to a double date at the movie theater, with the rest of the gang following along to spy on them.
19 Jun. 1992
The Pinskey-Sponge Gazette
When Pinsky joins Sponge's failing camp newspaper, the two initially find great success. But when stories begin drying up, Pinsky resorts to creating his own news.
22 Jun. 1992
Capture the Flag
The gang arms themselves with water balloons for a capture the flag tournament. Donkeylips has his heart set on being an attacker, but first he must pass the obstacle course.
Park Ranger Mona
Ug's girlfriend, now a forest ranger, comes to inspect Annawanna.
26 Jun. 1992
Ellan Comes to Camp
Ellen comes to camp, a spoiled brat who's always found that being the niece of Dr. Kahn gives her license to ill.
29 Jun. 1992
Anawana INC.
While Sponge and Ug build a time capsule, the rest of the gang start a birdhouse company for careers week. However, they have much to learn about running a business.

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