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3 Jan. 2003
Back to School/Sweet Dreams
When Didi decides to go "back to school", Angelica explains that soon Tommy will be a baby like Dil again./ Chas and Kira pursue their dream of owning a coffee shop while the Rugrats pursue their own dream - or, rather, Chuckie's dream.
10 Jan. 2003
A Step at a Time/Angelica's Assistant
The babies try and make Dil take his first steps so he can play a game with them. The adults - and the babies - reminiscence about each of the Rugrats' first steps. / Charlotte sets a play date for Angelica with bumbling pre-school classmate Harold.
28 Jan. 2003
Clown Around/The Baby Rewards
When the babies are taken to the circus, Chuckie fears that he is turning into a clown. / When Angelica watches an award show on television, the babies decide to host their own 'rewards' show.
16 Nov. 2003
Diapies and Dragons/Baby Power
The babies find a medieval themed arcade game that leads then into a fantasy to save Taffy from a fierce dragon named Gracko. / The babies try to make Dil stronger, so he can play with them, and after an earthquake strikes, they think he is responsible.
11 Feb. 2003
Bug Off/The Crawl Space
Taffy takes the babies to their first high school basketball game, and they set out to defeat the visiting team's mascot. / Angelica convinces the babies that the Pickles' crawl space is their new play area so that she can have the living room to herself.
24 Feb. 2003
Mutts in a Name/Hurricane Alice
The Finster's puppy is lethargic, and the babies believe it's because she hasn't been properly named yet./Betty's college roommate comes to visit with her daughter Alice, just as weather reports forecast a hurricane, also called Alice.
20 Sep. 2003
Baby Sale/Steve
When the babies accompany their mothers to Krudnik's annual half-off baby sale, the Rugrats think that they are being sold./The babies build a snowbaby and name him Steve.
8 Jun. 2003
The Bravliest Baby/Gimme an 'A'
Tommy temporarily loses his nerve after slipping on a playground apparatus, and Angelica challenges the babies to tests of valor to see who's the "braveliest"./Didi takes the babies to college to be part of her Child Development experiment.

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