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Season 7

15 Jan. 2001
Angelicon/Dil's Binkie/Big Brother Chuckie
Angelica turns into the giant creature of the jungle called "Angelicon"./When Dil's binkie pops out of his mouth, it takes a quick trip around the neighborhood./Chuckie is afraid he'll never be a good "big brother".
16 Jan. 2001
Dil Saver/Cooking with Phil & Lil/Piece of Cake
Tommy is the victim of mistaken identity when a one-toothed baby who is dressed like him wreaks havoc on the kids at the park.
26 Jan. 2001
Sister Act/Spike's Nightscare/Cuddle Bunny
Angelica realizes she's the only one without a sibling and auditions each of the babies for the role./When the babies see a sleeping Spike having a "nightscare," they try to help them through their nightmares./Kimi falls in love with a donkey pinata.
15 Jan. 2001
The new family of Finsters at home. After reading "Cinderella", Angelica tells Chuckie that he may have a mean step mommy.
19 Jan. 2001
Bad Shoes/The World According to Dil & Spike/Wash-Dry Story
Tommy and the babies save Stu from the world's most obstinate pair of shoes. / Tommy and Chuckie wonder what Dil and Spike think about / The babies hear there are going to be falling stars and "travel" into space.
22 Jan. 2001
Dayscare/The Great Unknown/Falling Stars
Tommy is rattled when he gets his first cut, but eventually learns that cuts do heal.
23 Jan. 2001
Changes for Chuckie/The Magic Show/A Lulu of a Time
With Kira and Kimi in his house, Chuckie sees changes everywhere and is sure life as he knew it is over. / Backstage at a magic show, the Rugrats discover real magic. / Lulu babysits the Rugrats at the retirement community.
24 Jan. 2001
Cat Got Your Tongue?/The War Room/Attention Please
Phil and Lil hear Lulu ask a hoarse Howard if the "cat's got his tongue" - they enlist the help of all the babies to hunt down Fluffy. / Tommy attempts to rescue Dil's bottle / Kira and Chas accidentally leave Chuckie feeling like the Odd Baby out.
9 Mar. 2001
And the Winner Is.../Dil's Bathtime/Bigger Than Life
Tommy Pickles and his pint-sized pals discover magic, danger and great comic adventure in a world we often take for granted. Tommy is joined by the twins Phil and Lil DeVille, his best friend Chuckie and Angelica, his three yea
13 Mar. 2001
Day of the Potty/Tell-Tale Cell Phone/The Time of Their Lives
During a visit to Home Wonderland, the babies become convinced an army of potties is after them. / Angelica accidentally breaks Charlotte's cell phone / When Kimi hides Angelica's watch, the Rugrats feel compelled to find it.
30 Mar. 2001
My Fair Babies/The Way Things Work/Home Sweet Home
Susie tries to make the babies into "growed-up kids"./Tommy explains life's inside to Dil./When Chuckie fears Kimi's going to be mailed back to Japan, he and the other babies try to make her "last day" the best possible.
22 Apr. 2001
Adventure Squad/The Way More Things Work/Talk of the Town
Phil has increasing trouble tearing himself away from his favorite TV show, so the babies intervene./Tommy explains life's backyard basics to Dil./Angelica stages her version of a talk show, using it to find out who broke Kimi's new toy.
22 Apr. 2001
A Rugrats Kwanzaa
When Aunt T. visits the Carmichaels to celebrate Kwanzaa, she tells Susie the holiday is a time to honor the legacy of our great people.
31 Dec. 2001
Pre-School Daze
Angelica and Susie break Miss Weemer's coffee mug. Then, along with Harold, they go on an adventure to repair the mug and realize that they make a good team.

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