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Season 4

6 Dec. 1996
During Chanukah, the babies try to help Boris deal with a childhood rival, he is appearing with in a Synogouge pageant. Angelica tries to watch a Christmas special.
6 May 1997
Mother's Day
It's Mother's Day and Chuckie learns that just because his mother is gone doesn't mean she won't always be with him.
8 Jul. 1997
The adults decide to bring the babies and Angelica to Las Vegas on vacation. Tommy convinces the babies to help him find the tigers. Angelica hopes to sing while in Las Vegas.
23 Aug. 1997
Spike's Babies/Chicken Pops
Spike adopts a litter of orphaned kittens. Chuckie gets chicken pox.
30 Aug. 1997
Radio Daze/Pyscho Angelica
The Rugrats pretend they are characters from one of Grandpa Lou's old-time radio serials. / Angelica pretends to be a psychic as a way of getting the babies to do her bidding.
6 Sep. 1997
America's Wackiest Home Movies/The 'Lympics
Stu and Drew get into a competition, trying to catch the antics of their respective children on tape to win a prize on a video show. / The Rugrats have their own Olympics. They compete against the McNulty clan.
13 Sep. 1997
The Carwash/Heatwave
Oh, for peeps sake! Crawl on over for some pint-sized adventures in Rugrats Volume 5! Join the gang as they try and stay up through naptime, cure Tommy's baldness, and help Chuckie manage his newest fear--the carwash! Plus much more!
20 Sep. 1997
Faire Play/The Smell of Success
The babies go on an adventure at a renaissance faire/Chuckie is finally cured from his nasal problems.
27 Sep. 1997
Dust Bunnies/Educating Angelica
It's time for Spring cleaning and the Rugrats are concerned about Didi's quest to get rid of the dust bunnies. / Angelica is sent to a new age preschool and the teachers tell her parents that Angelica has "sharing issues".
4 Oct. 1997
Angelica's Last Stand/Clan of the Duck
During a very hot day, Chuckie and Phil decide to wear Lil's dresses after noticing that Betty is wearing pants like boys wear. They are happy with their cooler attire and the fact that dresses make great parachutes and make going to the bathroom a lot easier. But when they go to the International Food Faire, things get interesting as they are mistaken for girls. Chuckie and Phil are saved by a group of Scottish boys who are wearing kilts. Since Chuckie and Phil are wearing dresses with ducks on them, they name them "The Clan Of The Duck".
11 Oct. 1997
Potty Training Spike/The Art Fair
The Rugrats decide that Spike Needs to be Potty Trained. After the Rugrats mess up AngelicaÃ+s room with art Supplies, AngelicaÃ+s mother sees the mess and, thinking it is Angelica, declares her an "artiste".
18 Oct. 1997
Send in the Clouds/In the Naval
The Rugrats get confused when they see fog outside for the first time. / Angelica is heartbroken when she sees her new Cynthia doll has been eaten by a marlin.
10 Nov. 1997
The Turkey Who Came to Dinner
The babies make friends with a wild turkey on Thanksgiving.
1 Nov. 1997
The Mattress/Looking for Jack
The Rugrats are convinced that there is a monster in Grandpa Lou's mattress. / Charlotte's minivan breaks down on the way to taking the Rugrats to the Dummi Bear concert.
8 Nov. 1997
Ransom of Cynthia/Turtle Recall
Angelica schemes to get candy from the babies by pretending that her doll Cynthia had been "kidlapped". / The babies run amok in a department store, trying to return a turtle to it's "daddy" in another part of the store.
15 Nov. 1997
Angelica Orders Out/Let It Snow
Stu's new invention, "The Pickles Voice Frequency Modulator 5000" - a toy which deepens children's voices - falls into the wrong hands. Posing as her mother, Angelica racks up a gigantic bill at Zippy's Snappy Home Delivery Deli.
22 Nov. 1997
Angelica Nose Best/Pirate Light
First Half: When Angelica constantly lies to the adults, the babies warn her, that her nose will grow like Pinnochio's if doesn't stop. Second half: When pilot's light (or the "Pirate's light" as the babies misinterpret it) goes act in the Pickles house, the kids think the repairman who has come to fix it is a pirate.

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