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Season 2

6 Sep. 1992
Toy Palace/Sand Ho
First Half: Tommy and Chuckie get lost in a toy store. Second Half: The Babies pretend to be pirates
13 Sep. 1992
Chuckie vs. The Potty/Together at Last
When Chuckie spends a weekend at the Pickles house, he tells Tommy that his father is trying to potty train him.
20 Sep. 1992
The Big House/The Shot
Tommy gets put in a care center that seems an awful lot like a prison./When Tommy has to go to the doctor to get a shot.
27 Sep. 1992
Showdown at Teeter-Totter Gulch/Mirrorland
In the first half, Tommy and Chuckie help save a playground from "The Junk Food Kid", a candy loving, gum chewing bully. In the second half, Didi buys an antique French mirror, which Tommy and Chuckie think is a portal to dimension called "Mirrorland".
4 Oct. 1992
Angelica's in Love/Ice Cream Mountain
Angelica gets a crush on a 4 year old boy who wears a leather jacket./While driving to the ice cream place, Stu and Didi take a detour to a mini-golf course.
11 Oct. 1992
Regarding Stuie/Garage Sale
When Stu is hit on the head by his latest creation, he suffers amnesia and starts acting like a baby./When the Pickles have a garage sale to get rid of all of their extra junk, the rugrats lend a hand by gathering up all of the adults' belongings.
18 Oct. 1992
Let There Be Light/The Bank Trick
While Stu is testing a new electrical toy, he accidentally blacks out the entire city. The rugrats surmise that the light is trapped in the refrigerator./While running errands with Didi, Tommy and Chuckie mistake the "ATM" for the "M&M" machine.
25 Oct. 1992
Family Reunion/Grandpa's Date
En route to the Pickles family reunion, Angelica explains to Tommy that all parents give their children away to other parents at family reunions.Stu and Didi leave Tommy and Chuckie with Grandpa Lou for a night.
1 Nov. 1992
No Bones About It/Beach Blanket Babies
At the Natural History Museum, Tommy and his pals see their first giant dinosaur skeleton. On the prowl for a souvenir for Spike who had to stay behind, Tommy leads the rugrats on an expedition to get a bone out of the big pile.
8 Nov. 1992
Reptar on Ice/Family Feud
Stu, Didi, and Grandpa decide to take the babies to the show Reptar on Ice. The babies find a lizard and want to give it to Reptar because they think it is his baby.
15 Nov. 1992
Superhero Chuckie/The Dog Broomer
After watching the 1950's TV hero, Captain Blasto, the rugrats convince Chuckie that he can become a superhero when he dons a purple cape./When Spike begins to smell just a little too stinky, Didi hires a dog groomer to clean him up.
22 Nov. 1992
Aunt Miriam/The Inside Story
Tommy and Chuckie think a visiting relative is actually an evil alien. Chuckie swallows a watermelon seed, his friends shrink themselves to get it out.
29 Nov. 1992
A Visit from Lipschitz/What the Big People Do
Didi meets the world famous child care expert, Dr. Lipschitz, at a book signing and promptly invites him home for dinner.The rugrats fantasize about what it would be like to be adults.
6 Dec. 1992
The Santa Experience
The families escape to a mountain cabin in search of "the perfect Christmas". Things get a little crazy when Tommy and Chuckie lay traps for Santa and Chuckie's dad dresses up as Santa and tries to squeeze his way down the chimney.
13 Dec. 1992
Visitors from Outer Space/The Case of the Missing Rugrat
When Grandpa accidentally loses Tommy, he must resort to his old private-eye skills learned in the thirties to track the boy down.
20 Dec. 1992
Chuckie Loses His Glasses/Chuckie Gets Skunked
Angelica steals Chuckie's glasses during a game of hide and seek. Chuckie is sprayed by a skunk.
3 Jan. 1993
Rebel Without a Teddy Bear/Angelica the Magnificent
Tommy decides "go bad" after Did takes away his favorite stuffed animal. Angelica thinks she has magical powers.
10 Jan. 1993
Meet the Carmichaels/The Box
The Carmichaels, a new family move into the neighborhood. Tommy meets Susie, the youngest member of the family and helps her find her room; Stu buys a new toy that's needs some assembly, the babies have fun playing with the box it came in.
7 Feb. 1993
Down the Drain/Let Them Eat Cake
Tommy and Chuckie worry about taking a bath, because they think they will sucked down the drain. During the Wedding of Didi's brother, Tommy and Chuckie look for cake.
14 Mar. 1993
The Seven Voyages of Cynthia/My Friend Barney
While Stu and Drew are cleaning Drew's boat, Chuckie and Tommy shanghaied Cynthia so she could be captain.
21 Mar. 1993
Feeding Hubert/Spike the Wonder Dog
The babies think the garbage truck is a monster called Hubert that eats trash.; After watching a show about a talking dog on TV, Angelica tricks the babies into thinking Spike can talk.
28 Mar. 1993
The Slide/The Big Flush
Chuckie is afraid of going down the slide.; The babies think a public pool is a giant toilet.
4 Apr. 1993
King Ten Pin/Runaway Angelica
Grandpa competes in a bowling tournament against an old rival.; Angelica runs away and goes to Tommy's house after she gets into an argument with her father.
11 Apr. 1993
Game Show Didi/Toys in the Attic
Didi competes on a game show; Tommy and Angelica send the weekend with Didi's parents.
2 May 1993
Driving Miss Angelica/Susie vs. Angelica
Angelica saves Chuckie's life, so that means he has to be her slave; Susie and Angelica compete against each other to see who is the best.
9 May 1993
Tooth or Dare/Party Animals
Angelica learns about the Tooth Fairy and thinks she will be rich if she puts a tooth under her pillow; The adults throws a costume party.

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