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A Great Cartoon and a Link to Website Devoted to It
squishytwig6 April 2004
This was a great cartoon based on a long-running comic strip that presented an intriguing look at Arthurian legend. It had great continuity and realistic characters that developed over the course of its 65 episode run. Adventure, romance, humor, and family themes were all part of the show - in other words, something for everyone. Personally, Merlin was my favorite character because of his wisdom and his humor. Merlin was always on top of the situation, and there wasn't a character on the show who did not respect him as a friend, mentor, or adversary. >
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Excellent Cartoon for Children And Adults
Lisa1 May 2005
An excellent cartoon for people of all ages. The Legend of Prince Valiant follows the adventures of an exiled prince and two of his friends as they strive to become knights of the round table. The animation is simply wonderful. Very different from what you would find on a typical Saturday morning. The story lines were good enough that an adult would not be bored and even contained a moral for children and helps them to develop an appreciation for Arthurian legends. The voices of the animated characters were well done and included some notable guest appearances. The episodes often built upon one another and the characters seemed to grow and change as they matured. Possibly the most underrated cartoon of all times!
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"The Legend of Prince Valiant" : The Most Overlooked Series of Animation!
musicboxfaery26 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Not many have heard of "The Legend of Prince Valiant" and an equal amount missed seeing it when it aired on heavily censored, Pat Robertson controlled, Family Channel, {for which the series was created} back in the the 90s. So it's no wonder that the adventures of young Prince Valiant and friends has been overlooked the past decade. Overlooked by many, yes. Forgotten by the viewers who grew up with it, no.

"The Legend of Prince Valiant" dared to submerge into social issued plots lines ranging from child abuse, and racial discrimination, to moral lessons about coming of age. {Not your typical 'Saturday Morning Cartoon' material!} The program strove to teach and entertain at the same time, without rose coloring it's story lines. Many talented writers penned the series' 65 episodes {among them fan favorites Brooks Watchel, and Frank Karr} and the plots were brought to an excellent hight of drama, comedy, and adventure by the voice cast, including Robby Benson as "Valiant" Michael Horton as "Arn", Noelle North as "Rowanne", and Alan Oppenheimer as "Merlin". Much to the series' credit, the plot content and deeply developed characters overthrew any questions with the perfection of the animation techniques. {Which in my opinion remains above the likes of Cartoon Network's Productions to date} The series also has an excellent soundtrack by 'Exchange', and very memorable theme titled "Where the truth lies" { That knocks the "Captain Planet" theme into a musical abyss.} The time, work and talent that was put into this series did earn it a few awards, but in the end Pat Robertson and The 700 Club cut it, finding it too "adult" and not sensitive enough to their Network Politics. A sad end for a hero like Valiant..............And yet the fans of the series continue to uphold their interest even after a decade of it's demise. With the BCI release of the the entire series {65 episodes} in two volume DVD sets, "The Legend of Prince Valiant" is now available to a new generation of viewers, as well as die-hard fans of Camelot's most honored {yet overlooked} hero, Prince Valiant.
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Good show, great voice
grayson10617 December 2005
I respectfully disagree with the poster who had issues with the female lead's voice. On the contrary, Noelle North's voice was among the highlights of this series, which this long-time Prince Valiant fan heartily enjoyed from start to (*sigh*) finish. Thanks, Noelle, for making this Legend all that much better.

I do agree that the animation at times wasn't the best -- especially when characters and horses and such were walking. But I suspect that this had more to do with the budget and deadlines than the talent of the animators. More important, isn't it great that people still hold the Arthurian legends near and dear to their hearts? I can't help but think that this was a labor of love for most of those who contributed to The Legend of Prince Valiant.
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One of the most overlooked series in the history of animation!
TheLittleSongbird28 October 2009
Along with Peter Pan and the Pirates, Pirates of Dark Water and Fish Police, The Legend of Prince Valiant gets my vote as one of the most overlooked animated series ever. Why so? Being a 17 year old girl, I thought this wouldn't be my style, but how wrong I was. This series is a gem, and is a animated series that is seriously needed to get animation back on track. There is something for everyone, boys will love the action, girls will love Rowanne and adults will be able to guess who voices which character, admire the detailed artwork, the beautiful theme tune and the messages it tries to convey.

The animation is simply wonderful, as well as colourful and vibrant it is also very detailed, especially the crisp backgrounds. The title song is stunning, not only does it have a gorgeous melody, but also I think a powerful message in a spiritual sense. And the incidental music is truly beautiful. I loved the characters, Prince Valiant and Arn aren't portrayed as selfish but instead courageous, and Rowanne is a beautiful engaging character. And who better to voice these characters other than Robby Benson, Michael Horton and Noelle North. All three of these talented actors brought appeal and earnestness into characters that could easily have been nothing special.

The other members of the voice cast also do brilliantly, particularly Efrem Zimbalist Jnr, Alan Oppenheimer, Jeff Bennett, Samantha Eggar and Tim Curry. And their characters were just as fully fleshed as the three title characters. I especially liked the fact that Merlin is very wise here, and often seen as the voice of reason. When I think of King Arthur, I have always thought Merlin as wise, clever, well looked up to and well-meaning, and that was exactly how he was portrayed here. The story lines are also outstanding, bringing sophistication, humour, depth and even poignancy to the series, and the writing is first-rate. This is definitely one of the in-depth animated series I have had the privilege of watching. The amount of depth involved was one of the main reasons why I love Peter Pan and the Pirates so much.

All in all, a very deep, in-depth and detailed animated television series. This is an amazing series, that deserves to be watched again, even if it's just on YouTube. Not only does it entertain, but it also teaches without preaching. My younger brother, who's 14 absolutely loves this, and so do I. I thought it wouldn't be my thing, and you know what I am so glad I gave it a chance, because it is really as amazing as people say it is. 10/10 Bethany Cox
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The legend of Prince Valiant
dollarsurv018 September 2005
I discovered this cartoon when my son was three years old and he remembers it to this day. It came on t.v. on Monday nights and it entertained us adults too. The voices were more human like than cartoon style so it didn't have the hyper quality like typical cartoons of the day.

One of the most fascinating and unique qualities, however, was the level of music that you found only in movies in the 1990's. That gave this cartoon a sophistication no other had.

No t.v. cartoon gained that movie quality music until the sophisticated and beautiful colored Batman series began years later.
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i liked this show plain and simple it was good
ace28usa14 March 2001
but i am currently looking for vhs or dvd releases or recordings of every episode of this show i am very much interested in it and would pay money to anyone who could find them but anyway im supposed to comment on this show what more can i say it was awesome i dont remember a better show or movie it is a must see sadly i missed most of the episodes but what i did see which was all of season 1 and some of the other seasons were the best shows i have ever seen.
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An Addition To The Arthurian Legend.
Dawalk-127 September 2015
I, too, remember this show. That is, at least I remember hearing and knowing of this due to the commercials advertising it actually. But it wasn't among the shows I watched when I was younger and smaller, and I didn't grow up on it. I recall it airing on what was then known as the Family Channel, but I don't recall the exact day(s) nor night(s) it aired, nor that it aired during prime time. Began getting into it after finally deciding to check out very few of the episodes I've seen so far on Youtube this past summer and now I'm hooked. Another one I'd add to my list of past shows that aren't a waste of time and actually are worth watching.

If I had seen this sooner, I'm not quite sure I even would've been appreciative of it at that time. But if I wouldn't have, I am now. It's an animated series set in medieval times that has since been added to my favorites. With the majority of T.V. cartoons airing these days unfortunately being less than impressive than ever before, finding and viewing something great that's new to me is such a breath of fresh air. I didn't know there was a comic on which this is based for the most part either, after reading about it on Wikipedia. However, even though I never read the comic, I still like the T.V. animated series adaptation despite whatever few, minor differences there are from that. What else I like about it is how it's a semi-original spin or twist expanding on the Arthurian legend. Although King Arthur may not be the lead character nor focus but rather makes appearances, there still is a connection made to it.

No, instead of him, this is the story of a young prince named Valiant who goes traveling on a quest to become a knight, along with two companions, Arn and Rowanne, who join him, sharing the same goal and aspiration. But not without having to get passed some obstacles and protecting their kingdoms or realms along the way. As I had overlooked the series myself for one reason or another, the other reviewers here are right about that. It's among the best for a variety of reasons, one of which is being the kind of cartoon that manages to be appealing enough for a middle ground or middle-of-the-road audience/demographic: It's mature enough and isn't too dumbed down for adults, and teens, but it also has plenty of exciting, entertainment values enough for kids to be kept engaged as well. Another reason would be the themes covered here, such as friendship, and lessons. Upon seeing this, one may get the idea, impression, or consideration that this is basically the previously untold story of another knight, as the Arthurian one is the more well-known of the two. I haven't seen the whole series, but I will continue to watch as it's refreshing, especially to me and anyone else who may be new to it also. It's now one of my most beloved shows. I recommend this, because it's amongst the strongest that one will find. It deserves so much more accolades and attention than it got. Everything about it is fine: The writing, the animation, the characters, the voices are all just fine. Some reviewer on here or another site claimed the animation isn't always perfect, I have yet to notice. Nonetheless, the animation might be inconsistent sometimes, but it's still among the better animated programs. One of the greatest ever made, I simply love it.
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Valiant The Legend Lives! You've Gotta Watch This Series!
wavekillerdude7 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
i grew up reading Hal Foster's {yes, i mean "Foster's" }Prince Valiant and as a kid it was something i liked and followed, this was the main reason i started watching the TV series when it first aired in the 1990s. i was struck at once how totally different the two {comic strip & TV series} were. the series was so cool though, that there was no deal for me to even consider them as the same thing. i kept reading the strip {i actually owned many Foster comic books at the time} and i started recording the series on VHS. it wasn't too long before i began to become a bigger fan of the series v.s. the comics. why did this happen? first the character of Valiant on the series is more satisfying than his one-dimensional source character. losing the entire 'christian viking' backstory was another good move, as i never could quite understood why a Viking Prince would have a page-boy of jet black hair? Also the TV Valiant has two friends who serve as co-stars throughout the series. Arn {who in the strip is actually two characters, 1 Prince Arn of Ord who rivals Valiant for Ilene, 2 Valiant first born son} wasn't some rip-off of Valiant, he has his own personality and own issues to deal with, and Rowanne a totally un-cannon character who is the series' sweetheart. later comic character Aleta shows up, also given a warrior-princess make-over. my personal favorite character on the series is Merlin, he is about the greatest character ever created in animation form. the stories within the series are different from their comic book source the comics due to not hanging around in history and the discovering of America, but rather they stay in the mythical world of Camelot bringing a few modern issues along. Robby Benson's voice blended perfectly with Prince Valiant, as did Michael Horton as Arn and Noelle North as Rowanne. The entire voice cast has never been matched to date, not even by Disney.

in the past few years my interest in Foster's Valiant faded a bit {i still like the strip for what it is }but through the years my fandom for the TV Valiant has grown. at the end of the day, Foster's strip was another well-drawn comic strip, that told a story of a young prince who grew up and lived in the days of king arthur. the series on the other hand, brought to life a young prince who embodied the spirit of his name 'Valiant'.

anyone who dislikes "The Legend of Prince Valiant" is missing out on a series with awesome characters, deep plot lines, and amazing animation set to a wonderful soundtrack.the ideals of truth, and justice have become outdated to people now days, so this excellent example of 'everything that's good in the world' is not going to gain anything in this crazy age.

what else can i say, i'm a die-hard Prince Valiant fan, and a loyal member of The Legend of Prince Valiant Fan Club, i love bring part of the cool fan forum "Valiant-Arn-Rowanne-Forever!" the fans of this series are the best, and their favorite series is too!
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Well-done adventure series
Lumbering_Jack22 January 2000
While the animation wasn't always the best, I usually enjoyed the storylines. One thing I didn't like was some of the voice casting, especially the female lead role. I don't think it lasted very long because it was pretty tame for the younger set. I'd bet it was watered down by the "700-Club"/Pat Robertson-controlled Family Channel censors.
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