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Season 1

2 Sep. 1991
The Dream
When his father's kingdom of Thule is conquered by Cynan, Prince Valiant dreams nightly of two men, Arthur and Merlin, discussing the just New Order to be established in a place called Camelot and calling him to be a knight there. He decides to journey out to find this realm to become a Knight of the Round Table and return to overthrow Cynan and reclaim his homeland.
9 Sep. 1991
The Journey
While traveling toward Camelot, Valiant encounters Arn, a young man living in the woods who helps him but is distrustful of signs of wealth amidst his poverty. He has never heard of Camelot but goes after Valiant when he enters the dangerous swamp nearby to ensure he comes out alive. Valiant encounters a wild man and ends up fatally wounding him in self-defense, and when he takes his body to his mother with Arn, she is ready to make them pay...
16 Sep. 1991
The Blacksmith's Daughter
Valiant and Arn stop in the village of Bridgeford and meet Rowanne, a young spirited woman spurning the advances of the immoral sheriff, Robert Draconarius, whom Valiant defeats in combat. He and his men try to damage the forge owned by Rowanne's father Cedric, and frame Valiant and Arn for it. When it fails, Robert goes to his elder brother the baron and tells him that the two travelers seek Caaelot - whose ideals Duncan Draconarius forbids mention of. The next day Valiant and Arn are wrongly accused and forced to flee while Rowanne is taken by Robert.
23 Sep. 1991
The Kidnapping
As the journey to Camelot continues, Rowanne is captured by a Bridgeforder seeking to earn some money by returning to the village with her and collecting the reward Duncan offered to a bounty hunter to return with her. But the real bounty hunter is also seeking Rowanne, giving Valiant and Arn twice as many enemies to worry about tracking down and fighting off before freeing her.
30 Sep. 1991
The Trust
While giving chase to a not-quite-dead wild boar, Valiant stumbles into a booby-trapped cave occupied by a mad Viking named Tor who seems convinced Valiant wishes to attack him. Valiant learns Tor himself was seeking Camelot on a mission for peace but is the sole survivor of an act of treachery. As they try to evade the same traps to locate Valiant, Rowanne learns Arn is hiding a dark secret.
6 Oct. 1991
The Finding of Camelot
Valiant, Arn, and Rowanne finally reach their destination and are prepared to present King Arthur with Tor's ring to announce the Vikings' offer of peace. But they have the ring stolen from them and are locked up by a guard. Upon escaping, they hear someone making plans to hide the ring from Arthur for his own reasons, and try to reclaim it and stay ahead of the man's supporters attempting to prevent their getting the message out.
13 Oct. 1991
The Gift
20 Oct. 1991
The Singing Sword
After Rowanne has a series of troubling dreams she interprets to mean all is not well at Bridgeford, she returns followed by Arn. Eventually, Valiant pursues them and learns that Duncan's attempting to suppress the spreading ideals of Camelot is causing oppression, including to the other two whom he is captured and will kill like many before them. All three are determined to fight their old enemy, but have a more difficult time arousing the locals' support. Cedric finds something which may prove of use to Valiant: The Singing Sword.
27 Oct. 1991
The Trust Betrayed
King Arthur's half-sister Lady Morgana is in Camelot for Sir Mordred's return with yet another story of victory (against the Vikings), but Valiant senses something evil about him and is struck by his insistence that Camelot will fall if not constantly in battle with the enemy. Merlin helps Valiant remember why he recognizes his shield: it was lost in the cave by the one who led the attack on Tor, destroying the Viking ambassadors so he could continue to fight them. But King Arthur is not ready to believe this and, after Morgana attempts to poison Valiant so no one ...
2 Nov. 1991
The Secret of Perilous Garde
Sir Gawain surprises everyone by announcing his engagement to Queen Ilene of Perilous Garde. With King Arthur abroad and Queen Guinevere needed in remain in Camelot, Valiant, Arn, and Rowanne are chosen to attend his wedding. While the land bordering it suffers terrible drought, Perilous Garde seems to be the ideal kingdom Arthur himself plans to make Camelot. But the three visitors notice confusing events and actions, and learn of the price of such prosperous living. But it seems unlikely they'll get to discuss it with Gawain before his wedding.
8 Dec. 1991
The Return
The Draconarius brothers visit Camelot at the same time as the fierce King Ian of Kengary. Valiant is disgusted to have them there - and so is King Arthur, whose relationship with Guinevere his former friend Duncan was jealous of many years before to the point where he made advances to her after it started and became his enemy. Planning to make things more complicated for his old rival, Duncan plans to present his own story to King Ian as one of being robbed unjustly as his power so the potential alliance between Kengary and Camelot will crumble. But things don't go ...
16 Dec. 1991
The Visitor
Camelot hosts a tournament for many knights from abroad to choose new members for the Round Table. One knight with many famous stories of his exploits to tell, Sir Harold, gives Arn encouragement that he can indeed become a knight someday despite his low status, and Arn comes to see him as a father figure whom he considers leaving and squiring for. But Rowanne and Valiant grow suspicious that Harold has a secret about his identity, and try to break it to Arn but are met with a refusal to believe it. Arn has to question who speaks the truth and what his own destiny ...
23 Dec. 1991
The Awakening
While King Arthur and Queen Guinevere are away, Morgana slips a potion into Merlin's drink that causes him to fall asleep...but will eventually cause death after he lingers for a short time dreaming of the life he always wanted to live with his lover, Lynette. Valiant, Arn, and Rowanne look through Merlin's study for an antidote and find the name of one of his friends, "The Mighty Om", whom they approach for help. The short but clever if odd scholar concocts a potion that he says may either restore or exterminate Merlin. Rowanne tests it, but Valiant and Arn soon ...
30 Dec. 1991
The Guardian
Valiant and Arn go to a mission led by a reluctant Sir Gawain to meet Sir Percival near an old Roman fortress guarded by a supposedly-mad man after King Arthur receives a threat concerning the area's security. Gawain wants to rest and revel with his old friend, forcing Valiant and Arn to take matters into their own hands when one of their men is murdered, and discover Lord Cynan has masterminded the attack on Camelot.
28 Jan. 1992
The Road Back
Word has reached Camelot that since Derek's death which Duncan was responsible for, Kengary is locked in civil war with Derek's clan fighting King Ian's for his not killing him. King Arthur has Valiant lead a party, including Rowanne, escorting Duncan there, not really caring that Valiant doesn't care for him either. But after chasing down Duncan on a crumbling bridge, Valiant is carried downriver with him and both are presumed dead. Valiant has to make the rest of the journey alone with Duncan to see that justice is done, meaning his enemy is the only one there who ...
4 Feb. 1992
The Fist of Iron
Giles is in love with Lady Megan, the fiancée of another knight, Sir Gideon. But then he sees Sir Gideon acting suspiciously, making excuses even to Lady Megan, and hears him having a conversation which implies he may have something to do with the threat on a village. He admits to Valiant that bringing up these suspicions himself could cost him his knighthood, and Valiant has to consider whether his speaks out of jealousy. He doesn't have any luck passing on the message for Giles, so decides to assist him in his investigation instead.
11 Feb. 1992
The Waif
While running an errand, Valiant witnesses a young boy being beaten by his master for returning a poor man's money the master stole, and intervenes but doesn't have the chance to subdue the man who flees from passerby. The boy, Denys, hides in Valiant's wagon and begs to allow him to stay with him rather than return, and offers to work for Valiant. He proves himself hardworking and intelligent, and has a great deal in common with Valiant since he too has had the dream of Camelot. But when his master arrives attempting to reclaim him and Valiant stands up to him, King ...
18 Feb. 1992
The Dawn of Darkness
While carrying out a message for Merlin, Valiant, Arn, Rowanne, and Sir Bryant encounter destroyed forts whose neighbors describe something like a dragon being the cause. They approach the bellmaker son of one of King Arthur's disposed enemies who lives nearby, Lord Maldon, who houses a Chinese guest who seems to want to distance himself from those from Camelot. Valiant learns that Lord Maldon's invention, "Gun-powder", destroyed the forts and he intends to use it to attack Camelot next with the help of the help of the visitor he tricked into distrusting Camelot. King...
25 Feb. 1992
The Battle of Greystone
Graystone is under attack by none other than Cynan's son Dylan. Sir Gawain is instructed to lead the defense, but is secretly struggling to deal with a mild chest-wound after his horse rammed him into the stable wall. Valiant, full of passion for seeing those who took everything from his family destroyed, is asked to lead the defense in his place.
2 Mar. 1992
The Reunion
Valiant goes to announce to his parents that he and the forces inspired by his recent victory will soon be attempting to reclaim their home. On the way, they come across Arn's former home of Warringham, and he chooses to leave the others to stay and help his people fight against a group of invaders, and possibly find his own destiny in the process. And it turns out he isn't the only one overwhelmed by Valiant's glory; his father is reluctant to join the attack.
9 Mar. 1992
The Choice
Valiant, Arn, and Rowanne regroup with the army and set sail for Thule to defeat Cynan and win back Valiant's home. But Valiant wonders if, when the battle is over, he should live once more with his family in their reclaimed kingdom or return to Camelot to become a Knight of the Round Table and serve King Arthur. And he only has so long to decide before plans for the battle will take up his thoughts and energy...
16 Mar. 1992
The Triumph
Valiant leads the army into Thule to regain it from Cynan's power. His enemy plans to lure them in and attack them at the last moment, but Dylan defies his father's orders and charges ahead and is captured. But Valiant has a similar problem with his father's impatience to attack the castle since he is confident in his familiarity with his home's entrances. King William enters secretly - and is captured by Cynan, forcing Valiant to look for an effective method of battle that will not see his father killed in retaliation.
23 Mar. 1992
The Dream Come True
Valiant has successfully driven Cynan out of the power he stole from his family, but he and his father lose the support of Owen, Thule's weapons master who wants to see Cynan dead rather than stand trial for his crimes, including the murders of Owen's family. Valiant gets Williem's approval to return to Camelot and be knighted, and when he returns to Camelot with Arn and Rowanne, they are overwhelmed at the thought of him achieving his knighthood before they do. Valiant himself is overwhelmed as the time draws near for him to fully pledge all his services to King ...

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