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2 Jan. 1993
Caught Short
Gina spends the money she's been asked to hold for a baby pool. To cover up her crime, she finds herself performing various favors for her coworkers.
9 Jan. 1993
If I Were a Rich Man
Hank attempts to change his life when Jack dares him to be rich. Meanwhile, the nurses try to figure out if Luke is calendar pinup boy "Dusty Bottoms."
16 Jan. 1993
Gropes of Wrath
The nurses are sexually harassed by a supply man, and Paco finds himself being accused of harassment when he gets tongue-tied while talking to a beautiful candy-striper.
30 Jan. 1993
Super Bowl
Hank throws a Superbowl party for his coworkers, but complications arise when his cable gets cut and it ultimately results in Paco getting injured.
13 Feb. 1993
Love and Death
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20 Feb. 1993
Family Outing
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27 Feb. 1993
When Hank Met Gina
Hank and Gina get together while Paco quits the hospital after winning the lottery...or so he thinks.
3 Apr. 1993
Sting of Hearts
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10 Apr. 1993
What Are Friends For?
After Annie sets up Sandy on a date, the two decide to spare each other's feelings and not reveal that the date went horribly. Meanwhile, Jack blames Paco for killing a patient, whom he himself thinks that he killed.
1 May 1993
Smokin' in the Boys Room
Jack and Paco's secret hiding place is discovered when they have to save a construction worker. Meanwhile, Luke reluctantly tends to a disgruntled nun and Hank tries to worm his way back into Gina's bed.
1 May 1993
Jumpin' Jack Flash
Jack gets electrocuted and dies. As the staff works to revive him, Jack tries to cheat the angel of death in order to live.
25 Sep. 1993
The Eagle Has Landed
Whiny patient Casey MacAfee is revealed to be a spy from the corporation that bought the hospital -- and she quickly is promoted to hospital administrator. Meanwhile, Gina announces to her coworkers that she's pregnant, Hank proposes to her, and Jack begins lusting after Casey.
2 Oct. 1993
Send in the Gowns
When it's discovered that the new gowns Casey ordered are flammable, Jack takes the fall. Meanwhile, Hank tries to re-propose to Gina, and Annie finds herself unable to confront Casey, who keeps politely brushing her off.
9 Oct. 1993
Casey installs a security camera in front of the nurse's station, Jack poses as a doctor and winds up in surgery, and Hank tries to prod Julie into revealing where Gina is staying.
16 Oct. 1993
Jack's Indecent Proposal
Jack offers Casey a million dollars to sleep with him and Hank tries to find a way to get to San Pokeno to see Gina.
30 Oct. 1993
Snowball's Chance
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6 Nov. 1993
The Bridges of Dade Country
Annie becomes attracted to a patient; Jack tries to sabotage Casey's date with Harry Weston by throwing Hank's bachelor party in the same restaurant.
13 Nov. 1993
No, But I Played One on TV
A group of TV doctors are on hand for a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Jack saves a choking woman, but she credits Chad Everett as the hero, further fueling Jack's hate for the actor.
20 Nov. 1993
Temporary Setbacks
Jack attempts to get a New York cheesecake and a liver for a transplant delivered to the heliport, while Hank and Gina bump into Carol Weston and Sophia Petrillo in Lamaze class.
27 Nov. 1993
The Birth of a Marriage
Hank and Gina argue over their wedding when Gina goes into labor, so the hospital chaplain has to wed them.
18 Dec. 1993
The Shift of the Magi
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