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love sex murder intrigue..and Rebecca DeMornay!
goya-427 April 2001
A married older man has a fling with a younger woman leading to sex murder, suicide, gossip, cover ups and a lot of other fun stuff in this tv miniseries soap opera. Loosely based on the Bloomingdale scandal and a novel by Dominick Dunne, this movie is a typical trashy made for television fare that has a great cast and is very watchable..especially with DeMornay. a guilty pleasure. 7 of 10
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a Dominick Dunne soap opera about the lives of the rich and powerful
blanche-223 July 2005
Inconvenient Woman is a fabulous miniseries, based on the book by Dominick Dunne. Dunne took the plot partially from the Alfred Bloomingdale scandal. The movie is hot stuff, starring Rebecca de Mornay as Flo, the waitress who attracts the wealthy Jules, played by Jason Robards. Jules and his wife (Jill Eikenberry) are married in name only. Jules falls for Flo and sets her up in grand style.

As the title suggests, Flo becomes inconvenient, particularly after Jules dies suddenly.

The film is peppered with slimeballs, and they're all excellent, including Roddy Macdowell, Chad Lowell, Grant Cramer, and Alex Rocco. DeMornay is perfect casting as Flo. Peter Gallagher is the writer on whom it falls to tell Flo's story, and Chelsea Field is his love interest from a high social station.

An Inconvenient Woman is entertaining, interesting, and sad. I loved it.
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one of the all-time great trashy movies
bergsy-27 December 2002
Sure, it may be made-for-TV soap opera. But the book by Dominick Dunne was such a well-written story, and in the movie (which as far as I can remember is quite faithful to the book) all the acting is superb, the characterizations almost believable (the story is a bit too far out for really believable characters), the dialog many, many cuts above the average TV movie -- good editing and photography, great sets -- this is really a plus-perfect movie of its genre. "If this be trash, make the most of it" -- I loved it!
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Gorgeous Guilty Pleasure
sharlyfarley4 May 2006
Dominick Dunne does UpperCrust Sleaze better than anyone...Next to Dunne, Dynasty looks tinny and Judith Krantz like a social climber. Dunne KNOWS. So you've got a witty script with some fine performances, gorgeous backdrops, and - did anyone notice? - the singer on the soundtrack is Marilyn Monroe. Peter Gallagher handsomely carries the lead, and Joseph Bologna gets another chance to show that he's one of our most underrated actors. Jill Eikenberry chills as the wife of tycoon Jason Robards, and her composure while some characters expire is right out of Stanwyck/Davis territory. But it's Rebecca De Mornay's show, and she's moving and poignant as well as sexy. Paxton Whitehead does his patented snob number, and Elaine Stritch gets a star turn that won her an Emmy. So why isn't this gem of a miniseries on DVD?
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Fabulous Movie
Nal8 August 1999
This is my absolute favorite movie. Jason Robards and Rebecca DeMornay give stunning performances. The storyline was exciting, romantic, and clever. It is simply a great movie. Jason Robards really makes the movie. He is so gorgeous and such a talented actor.
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Rebecca De Mornay more beautiful than ever
mirstau16 October 2001
Warning: Spoilers
Let's admit it. There are movies you see just to look at an actress where she is just more beautiful than she already is. 'Cat on a hot tin roof' is such a movie for Elisabeth Taylor, as is 'Gilda' for Rita Hayworth.

'Un inconvenient woman' is just that kind of star-vehicle for Rebecca De Mornay (a fine actress most people will know as the evil babysitter in 'The hand that rocks the cradle'). It's obvious that director Larry Elikann loves her looks, and constantly lets the camera zoom in on her radiant face, her well-shaped hands with beautiful, (very) long red nails and her magnificent figure in perfect fitting coat and skirts. I don't object, and I bet neither will most other male viewers.

But apart from Rebecca, is this a good movie? No, not really. Firstly, it's been made for television and it's aim seems to please soap-loving people. In fact it's a lush, 'kitchy' two-part miniseries and its sentimentality is almost unbearable. Secondly, the fact that this movie's subject (SPOILER)is a waitress who because of her social status can never achieve anything in a rich men's world, but who has a heart of gold can be enough reason to leave this movie unseen.

It's a miracle that in this kind of movie all the parts are casted perfectly with remarkable performances by Jason Kobards and Jill Eikenberry. Only Roddy McDowell in his role as a gossip journalist is nothing more than a caricature. De Mornay is outstanding as waitress Flo and levels up with Kobards as her rich older lover.

Just because of the great acting abilities by veteran actors in combination with Rebecca De Mornay at her ultra-sexy best I can recommend this entertaining but shallow movie.
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