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6 Sep. 1992
Episode #2.1
It's now the spring of 1924 and the Eliott sisters are still basking in the glow of the successful launch of their collection. When they learn that a famous French clothing designer, Gilles Caragnac, is visiting London they make sure they get the opportunity to meet him. He shows great interest in their work and it turns out that he clearly has his eyes set on recruiting both of them for his own House in Paris. Jack is worried that Bea may never return from a visit to Paris and decides to pursue her. Both Bea and Evie adore Paris and must decide if they are going to ...
13 Sep. 1992
Episode #2.2
Now back in London, newlyweds Jack and Bea must decide on their living arrangements. Jack wants her to move into his flat and away from the House of Eliott. Jack is visited by an old friend, Clara Rhoades, who clear wants more than her photograph taken. She also recommends to Bea that the House of Eliott needs a full-time vendeuse - an experienced saleswoman - who has an established list of clients. She recommends Alice Burgoyne and Bea spirits her away from her current employer to work for her. Turns out that Clara doesn't exactly have Bea's best interests at heart. ...
20 Sep. 1992
Episode #2.3
Bea and Evie are still suffering the aftershocks of Sir Desmond Gillespie's death when his partner, Ralph Saroyan, tells them their money is invested and cannot be accessed without incurring huge losses. Jack is having a difficult time on the set of his new film having to deal with a drunken actor and a prima donna as the lead actress. He does get get good news from the studio, however. Evie is asked to design a gown for Frances Duglass' coming out and is invited to spend a weekend at he family estate. The girl is at a rebellious age and her father is quite withdrawn ...
27 Sep. 1992
Episode #2.4
Evie continues to see James Duglass, but his love of fast cars and racing worries her greatly, all the more after he has a serious crash. Bea finally gets to meet Jack's parents after they return from visiting Penelope in Africa. All goes well, but Bea's views on the social responsibilities of employers vis-à-vis their staff does not agree with that of her new in-laws. She begins to re-evaluate her opinion when she learns that one member of staff has a particularly demanding home life. The workroom is aflutter with the news that Tilly is engaged. Bea and Evie are ...
4 Oct. 1992
Episode #2.5
Jack and Beatrice spend their first wedding anniversary at their cottage but things don't go well when the issue of children comes up. Jack is also tired of always taking second place to the House of Eliott. The missing earring from the presentation of their last collection suddenly turns up and it is traced to one of the seamstresses. The sisters become concerned when they realize the extent of their outstanding invoices but Ralph Saroyan suggests they use the line of credit his predecessor arranged for them. They are also excited at being commissioned to design the ...
11 Oct. 1992
Episode #2.6
The sisters challenge their accountant Joseph Wint over his dismissal by Ralph Saroyan but he claims that it was because he was in a position to expose Ralph as a fraud and promises to find out more. Jack's film is premiered at Montford Hall, owned by M.P. Alexander Montford and his wife Elizabeth who becomes a regular Elliott client. However Evie and Alexander get dangerously close whilst Bea and Jack argue about everything. A dispute in the work-room between head cutter Florence and seamstresses Tilly and Madge leads to Florence resigning and rushing out of the ...
18 Oct. 1992
Episode #2.7
Florence's embittered widower accuses the Eliotts of her death at her funeral but Tilly and Madge tell him the truth. Joseph steals Ralph's portfolio and brings it to Jack but Bea and Jack continue to argue as Bea thinks that Jack is defending Ralph. The Duchess of Bridgewater patronizes the house but after seamstress Agnes has overheard gossip about her and sold it to a journalist she is angry and withdraws her patronage. Eventually Agnes comes clean and is allowed to keep her job. Evie confides in Jack about her affair with Alexander, who comes to see her at the ...
25 Oct. 1992
Episode #2.8
The house employs widowed tailor Charles Quance as the replacement for Florence. Ralph's fraudulent activities in his efforts to bankrupt the Elliotts and take control of the business are finally exposed, as is the fact that he killed Sir Desmond, but he flees to Germany to avoid arrest. Alexander confides in Jack that he spent the week-end with Evie. Unaware of her husband's adultery, Elizabeth invites Evie to a function, which she apprehensively attends. Bea eventually finds out from Alice about her sister's affair and the women have an angry confrontation. The ...
1 Nov. 1992
Episode #2.9
Elizabeth tells Bea - who has moved in with Evie, following her separation from Jack - that she will never give Alexander a divorce but Alexander himself tells Evie that he intends to eventually marry her. The General Strike takes place and, coupled with the aftermath of Ralph's dishonesty, business is bad for the house. Wages are temporarily reduced, causing inevitable resentment among the workers, particularly from the vocal Betty. Jack is persuaded by a film director friend to make a movie about the strike in which actual footage will be used, alongside dramatic ...
8 Nov. 1992
Episode #2.10
The sisters' problems are increased when rival couturier Maison Gille opens in competition to them, poaching some of their customers and resulting in Agnes and Betty being laid off. Evie and Alexander are seen in public and plastered all over the papers, forcing Alexander to resign his job at the treasury. Jack is becoming drawn to Emma but still feels some responsibility towards Bea and offers financial help, as does Alexander, who feels his indiscretion has contributed to the sisters' misfortune. However, with the scandalous publicity attracting a new, theatrical ...
15 Nov. 1992
Episode #2.11
The fortunes of the house improve as the sisters design day wear and are commissioned to provide the costumes for a new theatrical production starring the famous actress Caroline Troy, enabling them to reinstate their workers. Bea accepts Jack's investment offer though it causes friction with Evie. The sisters attend the first night of Jack's film 'The Striker', from which Emma is absent. Jack is offered work in Hollywood though he turns it down as the director will not give him artistic freedom. The House of Elliott, however, is invited to design costumes for the ...
6 Dec. 1992
Episode #2.12
The house employs a new mannequin, Liddy Hansen, whose husband Peter was in the war with Jack, saving his life. A reunion is arranged and Peter also gets involved in Jack's latest film, beginning an affair with leading actress Fay. The sisters have been invited to America on the strength of their successful film costumes, to contribute clothes for the Sears-Roebuck catalogue. Peter tries to coerce Jack into letting Fay accompany them as their model but Jack later discovers that another colleague, George, saved his life and Peter was a deserter, so it is agreed that ...

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