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Great post-WW2 based drama that ABC killed
Fangs_McWolf18 January 1999
Based on the time period after WW2 ended, different families, all somehow connected, strive to get on with their lives despite personal losses. The show provided proper humor while showing how people were still biased and judgemental and how it affected everyone around them. A very well written, directed, acted and produced show that kept audiences returning each week to see each new episode, only to be canned by ABC. It returned for a short time (viewer protests), again with ABC abusing it to cut back the ratings so that they could cancel it again without any complaints since no one knew when it came on anymore.
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Wonderful Post WWII Drama
tarataylor196722 July 2004
Homefront was a wonderful post WWII drama. It showed the viewers what life was like after our "boys" came home from the war. It was a great character study of the post war era, and how things had changed for America and her people.

We saw women who had worked as "Rosie the Riveter" lose their jobs to the returning soldiers. We saw a factory Unionize. We saw immigrants from abroad try to make a life in America. This was the story younger people had never seen before, because our grandparents and parents couldn't capture it quite the way this series did.

This definitely needs to be on DVD
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Simply the finest TV show worthy of ten stars*********
mojo200420 September 2004
Homefront is powerful television that simply is not seen on TV today.Yes it was a soap opera but it covered all the bases like no other soap ever did.It takes place right after WW II ended in a small town, River Run,Ohio. Not one actor or actress is miscast, the African-American race is neither ignored nor invisible as so many shows do yet the writers don't beat you over the head with good or bad race relations.Housing shortages,labor problems,foreign war brides,loss of jobs all these topics are covered beautifully in a show that was only on two lousy years!The pairing of couples was also well done with a few pleasant surprises.Kyle Chandler(jeff)& Tammy Lauren(ginger)were only supposed to get together one time with a pregnancy scare involved.They became a breakout super couple that stole the show and whose love affair had us all laughing & crying til they wed on the very last episode.In the meantime an older actor came aboard as a love interest for Jessica Steen(linda) who is Jeff's sister.He immediately clicked with the actress playing her mother and they were paired up and also married and had a baby on the show.Two great surprises.ABC totally mishandled this show and never appreciated the audience that was watching.However ten years later folks still say this was one of the great ones and I'm glad I have my copies of the show to take me back down memory lane.Now if only we could get the show on DVD!!!!
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Too short lived
Big Cat 1216 November 2003
Home Front was one of the few shows I looked forward to seeing when it was on TV. My comments echo most of the other comments I read. A short lived classic-I wish the show would have lasted more than two seasons.
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An excellent show
angelaboyko13 April 2004
I really love a lot of the musicals that came out in the late '40's, and this show was a great series set in the same time period.

It showed the toll of waiting, that was experienced by the families of WWII soldiers. In the pilot, WWII had just ended and the soldiers were coming home. The Metcalf family included widowed mother Anne, whose eventual love affair with a Jewish union organizer shocked her grown children. Linda Metcalf worked in a factory during the war, and her future was undecided when the men came back to reclaim their jobs. Older son Hank was a returning solider, and younger son Jeff was an aspiring baseball player.

The Sloans were a rich couple mourning the loss of their only son in WWII - and dealing with the arrival of his pregnant Italian war bride, Gina.

Caroline Hailey was a British war bride, far more ambitious than her American husband, who was content with his life the way it was.

The fashions and hairstyles were wonderfully accurate - I remember one of the actresses griping in an interview that they had to wear vintage underwear, and it was uncomfortable!
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An exceptional series!
hellecat12 October 2004
It seems as though this wonderful series received the same cavalier treatment in Australia as it did in the States. It scored a terrible late-night timeslot which chopped and changed from one week to the next - you never knew if you'd be sitting up until 1am on a weeknight in order to see it... BUT, such was the quality of the storyline, script and actors that I DID sit up until all hours to watch it (I couldn't risk setting the vcr to tape it in case they did change the start time that week!).

It's now been 10 years since it has screened here and yet I still hold it fondly in my heart as one of my favourites.

PLEASE Warner Bros, release this fine series on DVD!!
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One of the best, yet died like the rest
scyzgy12 December 2000
I cried when it was cancelled. I had to wait 9 years for TVLand to fill my need; this time I taped every episode! The writing, acting and overall production value of this show was outstanding. Too bad that ABC did not give it the support it needed. Look how long it took "Seinfeld" and 'Cheers" to become ratings hits. "Homefront" offered fully developed, three dimensional characters, gripping storylines that gave different points of view to the same situation. From the town's wealthy affluent family, to town's poorest occupants, we were able to see the different effects of racial descrimination and labor unions disputes. If TVLand ever runs another marathon, make sure to tune in; one episode will make you a believer!
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Slice of post WWII life, served with grace, humor and heartwrenching honesty.
jmharter2330 April 2000
One of the best ensemble cast to ever work together. The talent of the actors, writers and directors married well and produced a wonderful show. Shame on ABC for not appreciating and continuing this fine show, especially after the many pleas of Homecoming fans. The storyline was well woven and executed with style and finesse by all cast members. Focused on 3 different families and friends all intertwined in carrying on and rebuilding their lives after WWII. What a treat to discover it being showcased this weekend as a prequel to its being re-aired. Find it, watch it, and enjoy it.
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Overlooked and undervalued
love747628 April 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This had to be my favorite series back in the 90s. The story between Kyle Chandler's character and his brother's fiancé was heartbreaking at most. The character of Linda rocked, she was so outspoken and a true feminist. She was a lot like her mother who worked when it was looked down upon. When her mother lost her job, the employer told her to "Go find yourself a husband, lady." It was a testament to the harsh times they lived in. Linda weeping over her deceased, boyfriend Mike, who was the golden boy who went off to war....the subplot of the Black family that worked for the Sloanes. The mother and father were terrific, and played with such dignity. I could go on...it was a classic show...not given a fair chance. I'm glad Kyle Chandler found some success on "Early Edition," "the Lyon's den," and now King Kong (2005). I totally agree with the first post...I pretty much boycotted the network for awhile. It was like seeing "My So-Called Life" end...just terrible. Please release this awesome series on DVD.
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Jazz-J15 August 2004
Bring the Home Front on DVD!

Very interesting to follow the core values of the people in the series, and to compare them to values depicted in many of present day TV series... By the way, if this change in the values continues for another 50 years, where do we end up..? The values in the Home Front are very much the same most people shared here also those days.

The changes in our societies have been very rapid since late forties, and this series shows many nostalgic scenes of that good old time.

The music track matches this series 100%.

This needs to be done DVD !
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i'll be seeing you...at last!
mikaj-12 July 2004
I'ts been ten years since Homefront aired here in the backside of Scandinavia, and coincidentally i've been kicking myself that same amount of time for not taping it when i had a chance. Fortunately someone in our notorious channel 3 got a brainstorm and now i have a second chance to appreciate one of the very best dramasoaps ever made. Period dramas are quite tricky and i'm still baffled that ABC ever showed green light to this one, and two seasons ain't bad in that context. If somebody would try to launch Homefront nowadays i wouldn't bet a nickel for it lasting even one full season, the times surely have changed that much since early 90's. Anyway, if you haven't visited River Run Ohio circa 1946, please do, you don't regret it! This series offered best production values, damn good drama and ensemble cast that was just amazing. Being male i must give special commendation for Kelly Rutherford portraying babelicious Judy Owens, that girl could compete with the original femme fatales any day. Let's hope that somebody somewhere will get another brainstorm and get this series in DVD format, like the man says in the song, gotta ac-cen-tu-ate the positive. Fore Daddy-O!
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superbly written and acted. Of course, it was canceled.
Joseph Harder25 June 2010
This show was one of my all time favorites and one of the best shows ever. Of course, like a number of past shows on the big three networks, it was rewarded for its excellence by cancellation. This show was a wonderful portrait of mid American life in the post world War 2 period. Not a single performance hit a false note, and the scripts captured all of the social changes and cultural trends of the time. I still remember one episode about labor-management conflict. There was a fascinating montage at the end, showing a meeting of managers and business owners in one room and of labor organizers in the other. In each room, there is just one woman present-to serve coffee. Let me speak frankly. It has been said before, but the collective intelligence of most TV programmers and executives is roughly equivalent to that of gnats. A whole TV network could be fashioned just out of brilliant, but canceled shows. The Westerner, Slatterys People,Channing, My Wotld and Welcome To it, The John Larouquette Show, Nichols, East Side West Side, the Rogues, I'll Fly Away,The Adventures of Briscoe County Junior, T.H.E. Cat, and this- and that is only the tip of the iceberg. Sometimes, I think TV is a device to make us dumb,and that whenever a good show briefly slips through the cracks, and actually tries to , God help us, provoke thought, it is rapidly canceled, unless the writers come up with a clever enough gimmick, like a mysterious Island, or a suburban Mafia family, or a father and son team of defense attorneys. Ah, there are a half million stories from the annals of network stupidity, and this was one of them.
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Homefront - An excellent series from the golden age
stofre3 December 2006
I remember the first time I saw "Homefront". It aired on Norwegian television back in 1994-95. Unfortunately I never got to see all the 41 episodes. I really hope I get the chance to see it all one day. This is one of the greatest series I've ever seen. I have been interested in the music from the WWII-era since I was a little kid (still do) but I really got a close look at the 1940's through this series and it made me even more fascinated by this era. I felt that this series gave me a more easier and gentle introduction to the life in the 1940's then the old black and white documentaries do. I love the music, the way people dressed, the cars and most importantly the morale among the people back then. Much more politeness and respect among people. Unfortunately this is getting more and more rare these days. I think this series could also be very educational for other generations in the same way it affected me. I really hope this series is launched on DVD really soon so I can show it to other people I know so there will more fans in the future. NB! Did I tell you that I learned how to knit my tie through this series? Big thanks to Mr.Al Kahn doing his tie on the Pearl Roadhouse!
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Television at it's very best
slou617 September 2006
Homefront is one of those shows that rang true from beginning to end. The casting was perfect, the writing was superb and, visually, the show was spot on. Tammy Lauren and Kyle Chandler's performances as Jeff and Ginger were wonderful. The rest of the cast, which included Wendy Phillips, Mimi Kennedy, Ken Jenkins, Hattie Winston and several other lesser known but equally talented actors, turned in performances that made you genuinely care about their characters. Why this show has never been released on VHS or DVD is "beyond my ken" as Ruth Sloan would say. Thank goodness someone was smart enough to start a petition at a site called homefrontondvd.com. Now lets hope they get a ton of signatures and that Warner Bros is smart enough to listen to them. This release is long overdue!!!!
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Wonderful flavor of America just after WW2
danetta cordova4 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I waited each week for this show to come on. The characters are so real the stories so well written-please put this on the air again! It has such a wonderful flavor of America just after WW2, which is a special historic period of interest for me, although I was in my 30's when this show broadcast. I remember the 1st episode and 1st scenes, which just held me spellbound. The "sweetest girl in town", runs to meet her fiancé, she is already in a wedding dress (to waste no time) as he steps of the train . Her world shatters as he introduces the English girl he has just married. This gorgeous English war refugee (much later in the series) reveals that when you have thrown up for 2 days from eating rotted food, the only food you could find, you will surprise yourself as to what you will do to never be hungry again. Poignant glimpses into the personal pains of war, and humorous observations of the human condition in a small town.
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An Awesome Show
EmilyLove10 April 2004
A truly great show that was prematurely taken (yanked) off the air. I quickly grew to love the characters and the lives they lived. At the end of each episode I would feel saddened by the fact that I had to wait a whole long week until I could be with them again! It's a sad thing when the 'suits' decide to cancel quality programs that have been given a lousy time slot, without attempting to move the show to a night when they wouldn't be competing with one of the top 5 highest rated TV shows on air at the time. I wish one of the cable channels would rerun "Homefront". Even after 13 years, I still miss that fine program!
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I miss this show !
amyfuller200128 August 2002
I was completely shocked when they canceled this show ! I was a college freshman and it seemed everyone in my dorm was watching ! I remember the petitions trying to keep it on the air ! BRING HOMEFRONT BACK !
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A Unique Television Series of the Highest Quality
goodwin-22 June 2000
I was so pleased to be able to see "Homefront" again. I remembered it with fondness, especially the Jeff and Ginger storyline. But watching the 48 hour marathon in May raised my opinion of the show--I had forgotten (or didn't appreciate in 1991) how it drew the viewer in to River Run and the Post War world. The writing was simply excellent; the social issues delineated so clearly without getting too preachy and the characters so "touchable." In a cast of compelling actors, Kyle Chandler was a standout--very endearing as Jeff Metcalf--heartbreakingly sweet, funny, passionate, AND drop dead gorgeous.
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When this show was canceled i was heartbroken.
fusskins8 February 2000
Homefront was on when I was in junior high and i loved it. It was a soap opera, but it was sweet, funny, and above all, well-acted. I especially loved the Ginger and Jeff relationship. Tammy Lauren is one of the best television actresses and Kyle Chandler was too cute for words (he's still pretty cute on Early Edition). This show was well-written and did not deserve its untimely death. Hopefully, AMC will have the good sense to rerun it!

Traci B.
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One of the most moving TV series ever
rebecca-204 February 2000
Homefront was one of the all-time greatest TV series. It lacked the bed-hopping, curse-strewn immorality which seems so prevalent on modern TV and took us to a time which seemed simpler in some ways, yet was actually a much more difficult time in which to live. Post-war life had to have been heart-breaking--learning to live without the son/brother/boyfriend who never came home, and this show managed to convey the hope and optimism which were all some were left with. It showed a time before unions had become commonplace, and work conditions were often unfavorable to workers. It showed a time when womens' roles in the workplace had yet to be broadened, and sexist employers were not eager for change. Amazingly, the show was never depressing and offers a glimpse of the side of war rarely depicted on TV--the effect it had on the Homefront. I was terribly disappointed when this series was canceled and often wish it were available for purchase on tape or DVD.
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Recalls a time we hear too little about nowadays...
AlAnn11 May 2001
Like other viewers who commented on this show, I felt that it did not have a proper period of time to settle in and become part of people's viewing patterns. I was almost ten years old when the war ended, old enough to know that much of what "Homefront" depicted was pretty accurate. I think it tried to move too fast, charging full-speed into soap-opera-ness, with the characters becoming too involved, too fast, in things like union riots, premarital sex and pregnancy, the polio scares of the period, and so on. These things did happen, but not so rapid-fire to all the same people. This is another example of how American comedies could profit by the example of British comedies, by letting human interactions take their natural courses. There wasn't time for us to get a feel for life on the homefront during and immediately after the war. Still, it was one of our favorites, and recalled a time we hear too little about nowadays.
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Network kills another
ekimap20 May 2008
This is a show that has stuck with me for years. I still miss it. And I totally agree with other comments, the network KILLED it. I loved it, I wanted to watch it, but for the life of me, I could never figure out just when or where to watch it. Even the fans couldn't find it how could it find new viewers? It seems to be a trend in the networks, killing off the good ones because it doesn't meet their demographic, or they monkeyed with the time slot till it died. Especially this year with the writer's strike, so many shows got cancelled, not because they weren't good, but because of mismanagement. I would buy Homefront on DVD if I could find it. Anyone out there have it on tape and willing to share?
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What an amazing show!
ll-rayne-ll20 November 2007
This was a fabulous show that was cut short in it's prime! To add to that horror they are claiming that it isn't financially prudent to release it on DVD! Now is the time! First of all it has a large fan base, made up of original watchers of the series. They are crying out, calling, and petitioning their hearts out! Secondly, there has been a renewed interest in this time period. This has been made possible through the release of time period marketing for many products used today! It has also been helped greatly by other period movies that have been released, including but not limited to: The Notebook, Pearl Harbor, The Black Dahlia, and The Aviator! All well marketed, successful films, with big star names acting in them! Finally you add in the war buffs and those that are currently on the homefront and waiting to see when and if their loved one's will come home, and wondering what will it be like when they get here! This series fulfills all of that! It is a story of tragedy, hope, failures, and successes, as well as showing everyone that we would all be better off if we looked out for each other instead of back stabbing and climbing over them to get ahead! I hope for everyone that they finally agree to release this on DVD. As for the claim that the music royalties are pricey... well it must not be too bad, because there sure seem to be a lot of new "hep cats" that are remaking and releasing the same songs! The interest is there... they just need to fill it and we will fill their pockets!
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great show being treated shabbily
irgoofy8 July 2006
this was a great show that ran on ABC. it is a shame that it has been treated so shabbily twice. first ABC could not find a night to give this show a permanent home to gain an audience. second it has not been released on DVD when all kinds of other less deserving shows have been released. come on will somebody please give the OK to release this show for DVD. the story lines were great, the acting was great, the setting is priceless. small town America right after WWII. i often wondered what it was like to live in America after WWII. this show gave me a chance. come on give the metcalf's and the people of river run a chance to shine again. please put this show on DVD it deserves better.
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One of the best shows of all time!!!!!
sarahkurz25 June 2006
Set in small town River Run, OH just at the end of WWII this show had it all: drama, comedy, romance, and history. Homefront was a show that not only entertained, but educated about life in the 1940's with issues such as racism, feminism, polio outbreaks/scares, & worker's rights, not to mention the lifestyle of the men & women and how they dealt with each other. We even got to see what it was like to see a television set for the first time, to jitterbug, to try to make it as a starlet in Hollywood, and what radio shows were like.

I just have to say that Homefront is one of my very favorite shows of all time (and I only have 3)! It was beautifully written, well acted, and the authenticity of the props, sets, & fashion were right on for that era. This show just never got a good chance to find an audience due to ABC moving it around so much...too bad. This show was truly one of the greatest ever made. I hope Warner Bros. releases it to DVD soon so that more people can enjoy it. If you want to see it released as well then go sign the petition at www.homefrontondvd.com! Or you can just come watch our clips of Homefront and see for yourself what a wonderful show this is.

Happy Homefronting!
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