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Season 2

16 Sep. 1992
Read My Hips
In Tool Time: It's "Salute to Safety" week. The Guys from K & B Construction are back for a safety demonstration. Tim reads a letter from a viewer who thinks Tim has taken the show too far with all the macho grunting stuff. Tim burns the letter with a construction-use flame thrower. At home: Randy teases Brad about Jennifer wanting a kiss. Jill has prepared a surprise romantic evening for two, but Tim goes from Tool Time to a bar with the construction workers. And Tim is so thick he can't take a hint when he calls home and Jill says that she is "really looking forward...
23 Sep. 1992
Rites and Wrongs of Passage
In Tool Time: Tim's guest, Angus McLain, has come to tell about The Highland Games in Detroit. Tim and Al will be participating in the games. At home: Tim has bought tickets to the biggest monster truck rally in the history of Detroit, which means that Jill will get the house all for herself on Sunday. Brad's principal calls the Taylors and tells that Brad hid a dissected frog in her food. Turns out that Brad's schoolmate had dared him to do it. Brad gets grounded and Jill says that means no truck rally for him, but Tim wants to allow Brad to go. They have an argument...
30 Sep. 1992
Overactive Glance
Tim and Jill are going out for a dinner. Tim glues his hands together. Jill has asked Karen to babysit for the boys. Jill watches a Tool Time on tape and sees Tim checking out a woman's behind. Tim is then accused of having the wandering male eye with no control. Tim guarantees he's not going to "check out babes" while on dinner with Jill. Then he is approached in the restaurant by an ardent fan, Kiki Van Fursterwallenscheinlaw...
7 Oct. 1992
Groin Pains
Tim lifts a heavy load of books after Jill tells him not to and pulls a groin muscle. He tries to hid the injury from Jill. Also, Randy has the lead in the Peter Pan show at school, but there is no apparatus to help him fly; Tim builds one.
14 Oct. 1992
Heavy Meddle
It's weekend. Tim reveals to Al that he is going to put the 350 Chevy engine in his hot rod. Tim has invited "some friends" to help him. Al wants to come too. Tim thought Al would be spending the weekend with Greta (last seen in season 1 episode 21, "Al's Fair in Love and War"). But Greta broke up with him. So Tim invites Al. Karen has broken up with Greg and is visiting Jill. When Tim tells that Dave Gibbons is coming, Jill wants to introduce him to Karen. Tim can see what Jill has in mind and protests - he needs Dave in the garage. Another friend of Tim's, Bob, ...
28 Oct. 1992
Haunting of Taylor House
On Tool Time: Tim is demonstrating how to make a brick wall. Since it's Halloween, he also dresses up as a monster in an attempt to scare Al. Together, they carve jack-o-lanterns. Except that Tim has invented a new method for achieving the same result - with, you guessed it, more power! With predictable results. At home: Tim has turned the basement into a "haunted house" for Brad's Halloween party. Brad has agreed to dress up as "Raggedy Andy" because Jennifer is coming as Raggedy Ann. But Brad is stunned when she comes as a biker chick with another boy, having ...
4 Nov. 1992
Roomie for Improvement
In Tool time: It's Tool Time's salute to lubricants. Michael and Mario Andretti are going to make an appearance in the show. At home: Mark has chicken pox and Tim's never had it, which means that Tim has to move to Al's place for a while. Which means Tim finds out the answers to questions he never wanted to ask...
11 Nov. 1992
May the Best Man Win
In Tool Time: Tim has a huge project: renovating a house from top to bottom. Mr Binford's daughter arrives to announce that she is now the show's producer, which means Tim is no longer in charge. At home: Jill gets a week's job at Inside Detroit magazine. She has to be at work 8 o'clock the next morning and Tim has to be at the project house at the same time. Who's going to get the boys off to school?
18 Nov. 1992
Where There's a Will, There's a Way
At home: Jill has been trying to get Tim to go to see a lawyer with her in order to update their will. Tim finally agrees to do it. In Tool Time: Al has been building a cabin for 4½ months without any power-tools. Naturally, it is Tim's opinion, that Al needs... yep, more power. He then demonstrates log-cutting with a dangerously powerful Binford chainsaw nicknamed "widowmaker"...
25 Nov. 1992
Let's Did Lunch
On Tool Time: Al claims he can distinguish types of wood by their smell, even blindfolded. Tim agrees to set up a test for Al. At home: Brad and Randy decide to build a catapult. Tim has tuned up his weed whacker - with predictable results. Karen and Dave stop by on their way to the opera. Dave asks a favor from Tim; should Karen ask, Tim is to say that Dave was at lunch with him the previous day. He's actually seeing another woman, but doesn't want to hurt Karen.
2 Dec. 1992
Abandoned Family
Jill is going to work and hasn't got time to look after the house. Jill was supposed to make a gingerbread house for the school PTA meeting but as she doesn't have time, Tim says he'll do it.
16 Dec. 1992
I'm Scheming of a White Christmas
Tim decorates his house in typical "more power" fashion. Brad and Randy collect money for charity but decide to keep a portion of the money for themselves. Jill & Tim find out, and tell them they have to return the money to charity.
6 Jan. 1993
Bell Bottom Blues
Tim wants Jill to throw out some of her clothes or he will remodel the closet. Brad has punched a boy in school who called him names after hugging his Dad.
13 Jan. 1993
Howard's End
At home: Jennifer is going away for a while and leaves his goldfish Howard in Brad's care (the episode title might be a clue as to how that ends up). Jill complain's about Tim's reckless driving on her car. Tim decides to tune up the car. Next, Tim learns Jill has opened her own bank account and Jill overhears Tim say to Mark that Jill's car is really his car because he paid for it. They then get into a huge argument about whether possessions belong to one of them or whether they are mutually owned. Once again, Tim has to consult Wilson on how to make up with Jill. In...
20 Jan. 1993
Love Is a Many Splintered Thing
Jill takes a compatibility test that shows that she and Tim are not compatible. Randy gets a chance to do a ventriloquist act, but his lips keep moving while he's practicing.
3 Feb. 1993
Dances with Tools
At home: The boys pull a prank on a sleeping Tim. Tim and Jill's wedding anniversary is coming up. Tim bribes the boys to reveal Jill's surprise gift for him. When he finds out how cool it is, he realizes he has to give Jill something she really wants - ballroom dancing lessons with him! The problem is, Tim can't dance at all. The boys try to pull a prank on a sleeping-as-far-as-they-know Al. In Tool Time: Tim demonstrates a nail gun. With disastrous effects.
10 Feb. 1993
You're Driving Me Crazy, You're Driving Me Nuts
In Tool Time: Tim and Al have built a wooden home entertainment center rack. To which Tim has made "a little adjustment" that was not in the original plan. At home: Tim and Jill are going to Sheila's wedding. Karen is babysitting the boys. Tim has tossed the driving instructions away since he is confident that he knows the area and how to find the church. However, it is not so easy when it is dark and snowing...
17 Feb. 1993
Bye Bye Birdie
A woodpecker keeps Tim awake at night. He's trying hard to get rid of it, but Mark has been feeding it and named it Pete. Brad tries to fake being sick in order to be able to stay home because his math homework is not done since Jennifer used to do it until she refused and Brad broke up with her. When Brad flunks in math Randy suggests that he tell Jill that Jennifer left him and he's depressed because of it. This works, until Jennifer turns up and Jill learns the truth. Tim and Jill have to teach Brad and they find out that multiplying compound fractions is not as ...
24 Feb. 1993
Karate or Not, Here I Come
On Tool Time: Tim has invited an expert to demonstrate how to cut wood using karate. Al believes he can do it too - and he does! Tim's ego can't take this and he tries it too - with predictable results. At home: Brad and Randy won't let Mark play football with them. They say Mark is a geek and a chicken. Tim and Jill agree that Mark should find a way to improve his confidence. Tim suggests karate, Jill gymnastics. Naturally, Mark chooses karate. In karate class, Mark's partner is a bully, and the boy's mother gets into a fight with Jill and Tim.
3 Mar. 1993
Shooting Three to Make Tutu
Tim gets Pistons tickets, but Jill says he has to take Mark to the ballet. Making everything worse, Brad and Randy test out a cigar.
17 Mar. 1993
Much Ado About Nana
On Tool Time: Tim and Al are building a deck. Surprisingly, there is NO catastrophe! At home: Tim's mother-in-law comes for a visit from Texas. To everyone's surprise, she is no longer super-fat; in fact, she is slim. Since Jill's parents are moving to a new condo, her mother has decided to give some items to her daughters. Jill wishes for their antique wooden clock, but her mother has chosen a tea set for her. Jill is unable to tell her mother about how she feels about the clock, and Tim fails to understand what's the problem.
14 Apr. 1993
Ex Marks the Spot
Tim runs into his high school girlfriend, Stacey Lewis. When she meets Jill, Jill is upset when she finds out Tim never told Stacey that they were through.
5 May 1993
To Build or Not to Build
At home: Mother's day is approaching and Tim wants to prove to Jill that he and the boys can actually buy something from the heart. In Tool Time: Tim presents Binford products that clear drain and toilet clogs. Surprisingly, there is no catastrophe. Tim demonstrates how to pour a concrete foundation. Sadly, again no catastrophe.
12 May 1993
Birth of a Hot Rod
At home: Tim's project hot rod is finally in the stage where he can see if it starts up. It doesn't. Tim takes a break. Jill wants him to fix a doorknob, the burner on the stove, the gas line and the ice dispenser. Tim keeps postponing them all because of the hot rod. Jill declares that she will fix the stove and the ice dispenser. Tim forbids that and promises he will fix everything, "soon". Jill becomes tired of waiting and calls a repairman to fix the stove. Tim does not approve. Then the repairman sees the hot rod and in an instant forgets all about the stove... ...
19 May 1993
The Great Race
In Tool Time: Tim announces the poll winner of The Most Popular Guest on Tool Time. The winner will be returning for another episode - despite Tim's attempt to rig the vote. Tim ends up in a lawnmower racing contest against the guest in question. Lisa finally gets more than one scene! At home: Karen has won a day at a spa for two and plans to take Jill with her. Brad and Randy say they won't exclude Mark from their activities if he passes a non-squealer test: he has to hold a tadpole inside his mouth for three seconds. unfortunately, Mark swallows it when Randy gives ...

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