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Season 3

16 Sep. 1993
Newly divorced Mr. Crawford gets Mr. Bracken as his wing-man. Herman demands to write and Mr. Crawford offers him an assignment to go undercover as a woman. Something is bothering Heddy and she opens up to Herman in drag.
23 Sep. 1993
There's a Fly Girl in My Soup
Mr. Bracken's niece Rene starts in the mail room but she's not doing a good job. She would rather be a dancer. Bracken wants Herman to talk to her. Louise becomes Heddy's buddy.
30 Sep. 1993
When Hermy Met Crawford's Daughter
The sex is great with the new girlfriend but he doesn't want more than that. She, on the other hand, wants him to meet her father. He doesn't know that her father is Mr. Crawford.
7 Oct. 1993
When Hairy Met Hermy
It's the Research Association dinner. Mr. Bracken is doing the speech and everybody has to attend. Herman falls for new assistant editor Heather but she has a hairy situation. Louise is alone and Herman sets her up with Jay.
14 Oct. 1993
Over Herman's Head
Herman is painting his apartment and Mrs. Parisi from upstairs complains about the noise. Louise is concern as Jay tries to romance her.
21 Oct. 1993
Jaybo & Weesie: A Love Story
Jay pursues Louise. He may be in love. Heddy is performing poorly and Mr. Bracken tries to reform her.
26 Oct. 1993
Herman discovers that hometown loser Craig Lumpin became a millionaire due to motivational speaker Dick Van Adams. Herman decides to give the seminar a try which changes his professional life.
4 Nov. 1993
Jay Is for Jealousy
There's an office pool of when Jay and Louise will have sex. Herman's sis Suzy Brooks wants to be a writer. Louise grows jealous over Jay and Suzy's past affair. Herman is going after a writing job but Suzy also wants in.
11 Nov. 1993
Trouble in Paradise
Herman goes away on a tropical vacation. He meets supermodel Aurora doing a shoot. Jay and Louise show up unexpectedly. Their fighting keeps interrupting Herman.
18 Nov. 1993
When Hermy Met Maureen McCormick
Mr. Bracken wants Herman to do research for his childhood crush Maureen McCormick. Bracken's sister was a teacher on the Brady Bunch. The gang all shows up.
2 Dec. 1993
An Actor Prepares
It's Herman's 3 year anniversary in the Research department. Movie star Thomas Alan Edwards wants to observe him for a role. Edwards starts copying and annoying him. Edwards gives him his hotel room which is filled with his sycophants.
16 Dec. 1993
A Decent Proposal
Heddy's college friend Heather Brookshire visits. Herman has a date with Tawni. When Heddy finds out that Heather married poor for love, Heddy competes with her by pretending to be with our pathetic loser Herman.
30 Dec. 1993
When Hermy Met Crawford's Girlfriend
Mr. Crawford is ecstatic with his new younger girlfriend Stephanie (Rena Sofer). He forces Herman and Heddy to go on a double date with them.
13 Jan. 1994
Three on a Match
Herman is rejected for another writing job. He goes to the roof and finds Bob looking to jump. Heddy and Jay get stuck in the elevator. The gang is trapped as the building catches fire.
3 Feb. 1994
You Say Tomato
Everybody is obsessed with playmate looks. Herman's date Lauren is much plainer than that and it's getting into his head.
10 Feb. 1994
Once More with Feeling
Herman's dry spell is bothering him. Heddy can't find a good man. Now, she's in his head.
17 Feb. 1994
The Herm from Ipanema
Mr. Crawford announces a company retreat to the Caribbean. The gang is joined by Bob Denver.
10 Mar. 1994
Bedtime for Hermo
Herman needs a good night's rest for an important morning meeting but his head is keeping him up. The other people aren't helping.
24 Mar. 1994
Herm-in the Time of Cholera
Herman flirts with copier repair woman Lil. Their date is going well but then she tells him that she just wants to be friends.
7 Apr. 1994
Absence Makes the Head Grow Fonder
Herman is not feeling it with new girlfriend Sarah. He breaks up with her which only makes her more attractive to him.
14 Apr. 1994
A Head in the Polls
Heddy is eager to volunteer for a political candidate. Herman is dismissive until he meets the candidate, Sandra Clayton (Michelle Phillips).
21 Apr. 1994
First Impressions
Herman gets hit by a cab and ends up in a coma. His co-workers recount their first encounters with him as a psyche takes his place.

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