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6 Jan. 2008
Only Make Believe
It is Peggy Armstrong of all people who makes Gina realize that life goes on after Phil's death and that Aidensfield is her home with or without him. But she does not want to stay in their house no more and moves back to the Aidensfield Arms. Ralph Spurling has been burgled and wants Oscar Blaketon to find out which employee at the hotel he was staying at is involved in the burglary. PC Wetherby helped Lesley Ashton in a case back in Northallerton and now she is obsessed with him and turns up in Ashfordly with a suitcase. When he turns her down she accuses him of ...
13 Jan. 2008
The Devil Rides Out
Somebody paints a pentagram on the church door in Eltering and Rev. Peggotty is convinced that the church has been targeted for black Masses by followers of the dark arts. And he may be right because a few days later Kord Ashfordly's godson Charles Enderby is found beaten up and terrified in the church, and in the churchyard gravestones sprayed with red paint and overturned. Almost like the record cover of a band, Enderby once managed. Doctor Oakley has invited some colleagues over for dinner and Nurse Cassidy asks Gina to cook for them. One of the guests the ...
23 Mar. 2008
Changing Roles
Derek Gorman is mad at the police because he has lost his drivers licence for drunk driving. He claims that they set him up and he swears revenge to Sergeant Miller. The next morning the police station has been broken into and rummaged through. Later somebody steels a patrol car in front the very eyes of PC Younger. Is it Gorman or the Leeds gangster Jimmy Faye looking for Alec Fletcher, whom the police is hiding because he wants to testify against him? Lord Ashfordly is looking for a new game keeper. Oscar Blaketon and Gina suggest to Aunt Peggy in fun that she ...
30 Mar. 2008
A Brush with the Law
Gordon Radford and Lord Ashfordly are not the best of friends. As a matter of fact Radford is not on friendly terms with anybody. He is Master of Ashfordly Hunt and when somebody vandalizes his study during the hunt suspects are plenty in number, but Radford suspects Lord Ashfordly and takes it out on him in a very physical manner. Aunt Peggy uses David's aniseed balls to lure the hunting party across her garden in order to claim a huge compensation. But she does not fool Oscar Blaketon. PC Mason is on the lookout for a car and Bernie has just the one for him. Low ...
6 Apr. 2008
The Heart of a Man
Somebody breaks in at John Harper's cottage and swaps the old, blind man's money with blank pieces of paper. The only visitor Harper can think of is Albert Ross. There is nothing but trouble with Ross. All he thinks about is money and how much it will cost him when his men are not working. When the police cannot do anything after yet another accident at his farm the workers take matters in their own hands. Furthermore Nurse Cassidy suspects that Ross beats his grownup daughter Juliet for seeing the worker Josh. David spots a naked man running through the woods. Later ...
18 May 2008
Out of the Long Dark Night
While Eva and James Knight of Holly Cottage nearly run PC Younger down when the brakes of their car fail, a young woman breaks into their home and paints Nazi swastikas and slogans on the walls. The vandalism is directed at Mrs. Knight who is Jewish, although only a few people know about it. It also turns out that their brakes have been tampered with. Lisa Barnes stays at the Aidensfield Arms while she researches her family history. Some research it must be as it turns out that she is behind the attacks on Mrs. Knight. She claims that Eva Knight is no Jew, but a Nazi ...
25 May 2008
Take Three Girls
Sue Padgett and Nick Payton burn a brand new fur coat as a protest against the fur trade. Payton is determined to make a name for himself as an activist in the animal welfare movement and uses the girl as a willing tool. PC Mason suggests they deprive Payton of the publicity he wants to sabotage his plans. Sid Bestwick and his wife Marge want their daughter Tina to meet young men and get settled, and Sid has a word with David Stockwell about it. Aunt Peggy thinks he hit the jackpot, but David is not so sure. The school girl Lynne Reynolds is about to give birth and ...
1 Jun. 2008
Hey Hey LBJ
Jocelyn and Rupert Middleton's 17-year-old daughter Vivienne has gone missing. She has an American boyfriend called Bobby Wilson that her parents do not approve of. They think he is only in the country to avoid the draft for the Vietnam War. But Bobby has not seen her either. Someone steals a bronze sculpture from Sir Piers Radley's estate and another one from Lord Ashfordly. They have even taken his lordship's gates and he wants some action - now. David is cleaning up the shed and finds a metal detector. He gives it a good clean, a bit of oil and a new battery and is...
23 Jun. 2008
Danse Macabre
15-year-old Natalie is caught shoplifting. She lives at Throckton Grange with her guardian, the famous prima ballerina Lady Victor, who has every hope of making the young girl a ballet star. She faints during her arrest and Nurse Cassidy is worried about her, because she is severely undernourished. When Lady Victor's representative Edward Wilson makes a complaint about some gypsies, PC Mason senses something is wrong and decides to keep a close eye on the Grange and its occupants. The editor of Ashfordly Gazette, Brian Parker, hires David to write the agony column. ...
24 Jun. 2008
Missing Persons
The young mother Julie is neglecting her two daughters after she met her new boyfriend Brian, who is a real troublemaker, and PC Mason and Nurse Cassidy are concerned for the well-being of the children. Mason especially has it in for the children's officer Clive Eames, whom he thinks does too little to protect them. Somebody is stealing lead from the churches in the area. They even manage to get away before the "watchful" eyes of PC Younger - twice - and Sergeant Miller is far from pleased. Gina is still afraid that something will go wrong with her baby like it did ...
25 Jun. 2008
Taking Stock
A car crashes when the driver tries to avoid a collision. The driver is knocked unconscious and later dies. The car was stolen in Liverpool, and CID thinks the car may have been stolen for a crime, but apart from the name of the driver the police have only a small sketch to go on. Gilbert Hartley suspects that his wife Moira has an affair with another man and asks Oscar Blaketon for help. But Gina is away so he is busy in the pub and asks Alf Ventress to follow her around discreetly. Together they spot another car following Mrs. Hartley and assume it belongs to a ...
17 Aug. 2008
The Big Chill
DS Dawson tries to catch a drug smuggling gang with the help of PC Mason, but also has to fight the new DI, who does not like women in CID and blames her for every setback. To crack the case she leans on her informer to get information about the next shipment. Gina has started ante-natal classes and befriends the young girl Sally, who is expecting her first baby. But Gina is not impressed with Sally's boyfriend Jonny, who is not all he is cracked up to be. Far from as a matter of fact. Joyce Jovett's uncle has died and she put pressure on Bernie Scripps to give him ...
24 Aug. 2008
Bully Boys
Mick Revill has done time for armed robbery, but has kept his nose clean after his release from prison making money as a debt collector. But Neil Boon thinks he goes too far when performing his duties and ask the police to look into it. PC Younger has problems with his lack of authority and reluctantly accepts Revill's offer to train him as a boxer. PC Wetherby attempts to enter him in the upcoming police boxing tournament, but has his plan backfire on him. David gets invited to the centenary celebrations of his old school and Aunt Peggy is determined to make him go. ...
31 Aug. 2008
It Came from Outer Space
David is with Aunt Peggy on one of her 'nightly expeditions' when he sees a shooting star. Soon thereafter there's a big explosion and rumours of a meteorite crashing down in the forest. The police finds traces of a more earthly origin though. Nurse Cassidy finds a man lying semi-unconsciously with burns and blast injuries at the roadside and takes him to hospital. Sergeant Miller and DS Dawson are convinced that this is no coincidence and PC Mason goes undercover to investigate Larry Fowler, who is said to sell dynamite to armed robbery teams from the quarry where he...
14 Sep. 2008
You Never Can Tell
Big commotion in Ashfordly. The famous pop manger Stan Sparrow returns to his native town to marry his latest young star Cathy Dee. The next morning Sparrow is found dead in his room at the Aidenfield Arms. The police thinks that he was murdered, but who will kill a man who is already dying of leukaemia? Has it something to do with the memoirs that he was writing? PC Wetherby catches Aunt Peggy with ten cases of stolen rum and suddenly she suffers from a total loss of memory (very conveniently) when the PC tries to interview her. But maybe Alf Ventress can cure her. ...
21 Sep. 2008
Mixed Messages
When old Elsie Gray dies unexpectedly PC Mason suspects foul play by the family doctor, but since Dr. Thomas is highly respected nobody else apart from Nurse Cassidy is willing to do anything about it. Aunt Peggy is upset because somebody has offloaded a lot of rubbish on her lawn. Some papers among the rubbish leads to the home of a retired magistrate. When the police won't do anything she takes matters in her own hands and returns the favour, so to speak. Gina's baby is in due five weeks, but she is rushed to the hospital as a precaution when she starts to bleed The...
28 Sep. 2008
Oscar's Birthday
Edgar and Angela Faussett have just moved to Aidensfield and according to Aunt Peggy he is rolling in money and she is quite a looker. But they are also causing PC Mason a lot of problems. He apparently thinks the law doesn't apply to him and rather wants to see Mason's back than his face, and she is so impressed with the handsome constable that she uses every excuse to see him. She also claims that her life is in danger. This of course doesn't go unnoticed by Carol Cassidy who more or less considers Mason her boyfriend. It's Oscar Blaketon's birthday and the ...
12 Oct. 2008
Family Matters
Criminals have kidnapped Seargeant Miller's daughter Cheryl and threaten to kill her if he doesn't do what they say. And under no circumstances is he to tell anybody. But both Alf Ventress and PC Mason soon suspect that something is wrong. Protesters demonstrate against the French politician Michel Dubois who is at a conference in the area. He is said to have been a Nazi collaborator during the war and Special Branch fears there may be an attempt on his life during the conference and asks the police for backup. The gunman may be the mysterious Frenchman staying at the...
19 Oct. 2008
England Expects
The old crook Albert Hallows - also known as "The Professor" or just "Prof" - has escaped from prison and returns to Aidensfield. He has a score to settle with the police - they arrested him for organizing burglary on a big scale in the village. He also tricks Bill and Mickey into helping him. There is a big charity dinner dance and Joyce Jowett is representing the council together with Oscar Blaketon. Or at least that was her idea. But Oscar is away on a golfing trip, so Dawn "persuades" Geoff Younger to go in his place. She promises to teach him ballroom dancing for...
26 Oct. 2008
Mother of Invention
It comes as quite a shock to Carol Cassidy, who is an orphan, when one of her childhood friends turns up in Aidensfield claiming that she not only has found Carol's mother, but brought her along too. Barbara Gresham is a young, single mother of a new-born baby. She has been abandoned by the father of the baby and finds it hard to cope with her life. Nurse Cassidy and PC Mason tries to help her, but maybe in vain. Hermione Worthington reports her dog Hercules missing and Sergeant Miller promises her that the police will make every effort to find it. But finding chief ...
2 Nov. 2008
Living Off the Land
A stranger collapses on the lawn of Ashfordly Hall. He is called Mickey Todd and has been beaten up pretty badly, but is very reluctant to talk to the police. Later Nurse Cassidy sees a pregnant, young woman in the village, who also shows all the signs of a thorough beating, and patches her up. Is she the victim of the same assailant? At least she belongs to the same group of traveling hippies as he does. PC Wetherby is doing some private investigating of his own and discovers that his wife is having an affair. He takes it out on Lord Ashfordly's game keeper Frank ...
9 Nov. 2008
Guilty Secrets
The police had a tip-off and searches the home of Big Frank Batley. His wife Tina claims that one of the police officers has stolen 400 pounds during the search and the money is found in DS Dawson's car.Convinced of her innocence PC Mason risks his career in an attempt to prove it. A lady in another village has died and specifically requested that Bernie Scripps handles her funeral although there are other undertakers much closer to her home. He is shocked to find out that she was an old girlfriend of his and the love of his life - and that they have a daughter Bernie...
16 Nov. 2008
Strike Up the Band
Les Hepplewhite is the leader of a brass band. He has high hopes for the band to regain the Wallace Cup at the upcoming contest. The same has Bill Bugde the leader of a competing band. But there is more behind their enmity than just rivalry over a trophy and the police has to step in when several members of Hepplewhite's band end up in hospital with food poisoning. Dawn is completely swept off her feet by Jonny Leigh who pulls up at Bernie's garage for some petrol. He invites her to move with him to Paris, but the other villagers think things are happening too fast ...

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