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2 Jan. 2000
The Seven Year Itch
Anthony Mottram lives with his dominant mother, but the quiet bachelor has his sights on a beautiful woman called Sandra and to afford dating her he is selling off four old maps from his late father's collection to Greengrass without his mother's knowledge. Oscar Blaketon is not pleased to find out that Ray Nixon, an old acquaintance of both him and the police, has checked in at the Aidensfield Arms. When Blaketon was still sergeant he promised Nixon a reduced sentence if he would turn queen's evidence against his accomplices in a robbery, but the judge saw it ...
9 Jan. 2000
Weight of Evidence
Gina has brought young Sian along to help her behind the bar at a dance, but Sian is more interested in dancing with a young man called Ben Ealham and having fun. Gina scolds her and sends her home, but Sian runs out of petrol on her way home. The next morning Sian is found badly bruised and raped in her car. Before she is rushed to hospital Sian names Ealham as her assailant. Sergeant Nokes, who has temporarily switched places with Craddock, is certain she has an open and shut case, but Ealham's solicitor Jackie Bradley disagrees and gets him off on technicalities. ...
16 Jan. 2000
For Art's Sake
The artist Joe Vaughan has rented a cottage from Lord Ashfordly to do some painting. He has had a bit of a clash with members of the local rugby club and they do what they can to annoy him. A Liverpool gangster, Boyd, is also interested in him and he has sent two goons to do the dirty job. His benefactor Rod Dundas organizes an exhibition at the cottage, but the night after the opening the cottage burns and all Vaughan's paintings are destroyed. Well not all of them, since one of them is missing. Greengrass gets a grant from the counsel for his new "romantic boarding ...
23 Jan. 2000
A Shot in the Dark
Gary Tyler visits his girlfriend Lyn, who works as a maid at Ashfordly Hall. When he sneaks out under the cover of darkness he is shot at and wounded by Lord Ashfordly's state manager Reed. Or so they say, but PC Bradley is not quite sure. Things do not look good for Tyler, because he has a suspended sentence, but he does not want to involve Lyn although she can clear his name. Greengrass helps a stranger, who has run out of petrol. The stranger, Bill Austin, works at a local newspaper and to show his gratitude he offers Greengrass a weekly column in the paper. The ...
30 Jan. 2000
The Good Doctor
Dr. Ian Peters is the new doctor in Aidensfield. His presence will soon be needed when a hit-and-run driver crashes into the car of Jackie's friend Sue. Both she and Jackie get only minor injuries. Or so it seems because it turns out that Sue has a severe, internal head injury when she collapses into a coma. David is a witness to the accident, and when he and Greengrass are picking up some old bicycles, which the old scoundrel has "borrowed" from Lord Ashfordly to hire out to the participants of a fun bike race, they find the hit-and-run car burning. Lord Ashfordly ...
6 Feb. 2000
Against the Odds
When young Lottie Turner returns from a horseback ride she finds her mother's employer Charlie Weller dead on the floor. According to a new will Charlie Weller leaves his whole estate to the Turners, while his nephew Martin inherits only some minor items of family interest. Martin Weller is unpleased with the terms of the will and he doubts his uncle's death was accidental. Greengrass has promised Charlie to look after Peggy Turner and her daughter, and he is not pleased when they are approached by Ray Walker, who wants to buy Charlie's upcoming racing horse Red Rover...
13 Feb. 2000
Desperate Measures
Roy Brooks receive a 6-month sentence for horse theft, but the sentence is suspended because he has to keep his family together after his wife's recent death. But it is an uphill struggle because he has a serious drinking problem. The following night the race horse Rio Boy is stolen from Lord Ashfordly's stables and Brooks gets under suspicion because his lorry matches the description of the one used by the thieves. Bernie Scripps accidentally tells Greengrass that he has psychic powers. When the old scoundrel has stopped laughing he gets the idea that they might as ...
20 Feb. 2000
With This Ring
Lord Ashfordly's game keeper Frank McCready is deep in debt with bookmakers and loan sharks breaks into Ashfordly Hall and steals the money for the staff wages. When his wife Mary finds out he promises her to pay every penny back, but she is afraid she will be regarded as an accomplice if she does not tell the police, what she knows. She sees only one solution to her problems with PC Bradley as an unlucky witness. Greengrass and David come across a stranded lorry loaded with bags of coal and the old scoundrel consider it their duty to salvage the coal according to ...
27 Feb. 2000
Wise Guys
The Mazzetti family is running a fish-and-chips restaurant and a number of chip vans all over North Riding, but when the head of the family, Franco Mazzetti, dies his eldest son Paolo wants to sell off the chip vans and serve pizzas in the restaurant instead. The night after the funeral one of the vans is vandalized and the Mazzettis blame one of their competitors Big Eddy. Greengrass has bought one of the surviving chip vans to get into the catering business himself and gets caught right in the middle of it. Emily Poole is the victim of a series of break-ins and ...
5 Mar. 2000
The Son-In-Law
Jackie's parents are in England to meet their new son-in-law. They come from South Africa, are very conservative and not too happy about their daughter being married to a village bobby. And they are not Mike's cup of tea either. A car is found in the middle of a stream. There is no sign of the driver or any passengers, but the hub cabs are missing. It turns out that the car belongs to Archie and Marian Drew and was stolen the previous day on the ferry from Amsterdam. Greengrass and David pick up Micky Shannon, who is travelling around the country collecting old folk ...
22 Oct. 2000
Chalk and Cheese
The retired school teacher Celia Hanson has bought a cottage in Aidensfield. But she does not get along with her neighbour Don Foster, who does nothing but intimidate her on purpose, she claims. It peaks when his tractor rolls into her car after he threatened to drive straight through it. Furthermore rumour has it that Foster has killed his wife, who disappeared suddenly a few years earlier. Frank Jarvis suggests to Greengrass that he lend him a field to dump waste, but Greengrass will not settle for percentages only if he can be in charge himself and he decides to go...
29 Oct. 2000
Smile for the Camera
Mike and Jackie have received anonymous phone calls every night for two weeks. One morning Mike finds a film wrapping in the garden and later he also finds a bouquet of flowers for Jackie from a fellow solicitor Anthony Smythe on the doorstep. Mike gets jealous and suspects Smythe to be behind the phone calls and confronts him, but Oscar Blaketon and PC Ventress go through some of Blaketon's old files and find a similar case. Smythe's father the old Colonel Smythe has died, and David promises that Bernie Scripps can handle the funeral even though the colonel wanted to...
5 Nov. 2000
Dog Collar
After a charity concert at Eltering Church it is discovered that two candlesticks have been stolen. When Alf Ventress goes to the church with some flowers he is knocked down and the safe is broken into as well. Prime suspect is Simon Cutler, who has previously been suspected of a break-in. He is also dating the reverend's daughter Karen. Claude Greengrass promises Mrs. Benton to take her champion poodle Harvey to the annual dog competition and she leaves specific instructions on what to do. Champion poodle or not Harvey is first and foremost a dog and he uses the ...
12 Nov. 2000
Gabriel's Last Stand
Gabriel Firth has just retired as an MP and now he hopes for a top position at a prominent local firm. To impress his future employers his wife is arranging a formal retirement party for them and special guests. Diana Firth also invites their new neighbour Jennifer Bennet, but for some reason her husband is not too happy about that. Firth Manor is also the site of the annual bonfire party, but Firth put a stop to it because it is on the same evening as his retirement party. This enrages Judd Holdsworth, who is in charge of the bonfire party. When the flowerbed and ...
19 Nov. 2000
War Stories
Who would have thought that Alf Ventress was a commando during the war? Well he was, and his old war buddies come to Aidensfield to celebrate their reunion. Being "a friend of Lord Ashfordly's" Greengrass arranges a bit of fishing and hunting for them on his lordship's grounds. Suddenly there is a shot and the cashier of their widows and orphans fund Matty Lowell is found dead at the forest floor. Lovell had a clash with Charlie Penwarden, the son of their late commanding officer, and Oscar Blaketon finds a half-burned letter from Lovell to Penwarden in which he ...
26 Nov. 2000
The Fool on the Hill
Greengrass befriends a spry old gal at the Aidensfield Arms. She is called Enid and writes crime novels. She is there to celebrate her son's birthday, but does not mind betting a bit of the money for his birthday present on the horses providing Greengrass can come up with the right tip. He does, but suddenly he cannot find his shirt with the winning ticket, because David wrapped it around Alfred when he took the dog to the vet. Enid reports the assault of a woman, and a few hours later a woman matching her description is admitted to hospital. The woman is Rachel ...
3 Dec. 2000
The Traveller
Two young men try to rob a bookmaker's shop in Malton, but they are frightened off when their gun does not fire. During their escape one of the men, Peter Corcoran, injures his partner Nathaniel Cooper when he test fire the gun in the car. They dump their car in a stream and set out in opposite directions. Cooper hitches a hike with the gipsy - sorry, traveller - Johnny Lee, who is on his way to the horse fair in Aidensfield. Lee hides him and disposes of the gun. The police soon pick up Corcoran, and Lee turns against Cooper when the latter breaks into the ...
10 Dec. 2000
Child's Play
Bernie's old friend Stanley Leroy checks in at the Aidensfield Arms. Leroy is a producer and knows all the stars and they organize a s fan club tour, where people can meet their idols. Edna Bostwick reports an intruder at her neighbour Mrs. Carlton's house, but the house is empty when PC Ventress comes to investigate. The next day nurse Bolton surprises a young boy hiding in the house, but he runs away before she can stop him. He leaves behind a shirt with the logo of a nearby boarding school. PC Bradley checks out the school, but the headmaster is of no help except ...
17 Dec. 2000
Fallen Heroes
A motorist crashes at Valley Edge Road and is knocked unconscious. PC Bradley collects his property for safe keeping, but when the motorist Danny Reese is released from hospital a suitcase containing £18,000 is missing. Henry Todd refuses to pay his taxes until the counsel meets his demands not to pull down the old pavilion of his old cricket team the original Aidensfield First Eleven. The members of the team all volunteered for military duty during the First World War and all died in the battle of the Somme except Mr. Todd. Just when the bailiffs are about to force ...
24 Dec. 2000
Cold Turkey
Gordon Stringer is the new manager of the District Bank in Ashfordly and as a regular Uncle Scrooge he has tightened the reins on both the bank's customers and its employees. Even Greengrass has trouble getting paid for some gardening work he has been doing for Stringer. But he himself gets in need of a lot of money when his son Noel is kidnapped a few days before Christmas. It actually started as a prank of Noel's hiding in the caravan of Jack Dugdale, whose son Paul has provided him with the key. But then it gets serious when Noel disappears from the caravan too, ...

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