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Season 2

12 Apr. 1992
Doug Takes the Case/Doug's Secret Song
When Beebe Bluff's radio mysteriously disappears after show-and-tell, Doug, imagining himself as disguise-master sleuth, "The Chameleon," takes up the case.
19 Apr. 1992
Doug's Got No Gift/Doug VS the Klotzoid Zombies
Doug makes a birthday present for Patti after spending all of his money on an arcade game. / Doug's friends go with Roger. He then draws Quail Man as he once again goes up against his rival, Dr. Klotzenstein.
26 Apr. 1992
Doug's Secret Adnmirer/Doug's on TV
Doug discovers that he has a secret admirer in his school; Doug is embarrassed after he appears on a local kiddie show and Roger happens to record it.
3 May 1992
Doug's Dinner Date/Doug Meets Fentruck
Patti invites Doug over for dinner, but she says they are having liver, a dish Doug doesn't like; An exchange student from Yakastonia comes to school.
10 May 1992
Doug's on Stage/Doug's Worst Nightmare
Judy's in charge of this year's production of the annual pageant, and she asks all of the kids to participate in rewriting the play.
17 May 1992
Doug's Derby Dilemma/Doug's on His Own
All the kids are building soapbox racers for the Mt. St. Buster Downhill Speed Race, and the competition has everyone at each other's throats. Doug's parents go to Judy's school dance and Doug plans a rock-n-roll evening in the house by himself.
24 May 1992
Doug Battles the Rulemeister/Doug's a Genius
Doug and his friends do a Saturday detention, Doug then draws Quail Man, who battles The Rulmeister. / Skeeter discovers that he has a genius I.Q. which develops a rift between him and Doug.
31 May 1992
Doug Saves Roger/Doug's Big News
Roger prepares his spitballs, "kick me" signs and bully attitude for the new kid in school. When the kids criticize Mr. Bone's dull school-news video show, he makes the mistake of challenging them to do a better one.
7 Jun. 1992
Doug's a Big Fat Liar/Doug Wears Tights
Doug comes up with an excuse to forgo the school's Hoedown by saying that he has a Cousin Melvin (portrayed by Judy). / Doug Performs Ballet to have a part in a play in his school.
14 Jun. 1992
Doug on the Trail/Doug Meets RoboBone
In "Doug on the Trail," The Bluffscouts are on a canoe trip. Trouble arrives when Scoutmaster Dink heads off into the forest to get a new navigational computer, leaving Roger in charge. Doug and Skeeter can't stand Roger's orders so they search for Mr. Dink who seems to have disappeared. In "Doug meets RoboBone," Doug gets The Beets to play a concert at school, but Mr. Bone cancels the deal. In a Quailman daydream, he battles RoboBone and his robotic army, which leads to a compromise with Mr. Bone.
21 Jun. 1992
Doug Pumps Up/Doug Goes Hollywood
#1. Doug and his friends work out to try for a fitness contest at their school. #2. Doug and his friends meet director J.B. Spiggot and are now saying that they can be a part of his latest project, which causes Judy to be jealous towards Doug and his friends
28 Jun. 1992
Doug's Hot Ticket/Doug's Dental Disaster
Doug and Skeeter get tickets to a concert by The Beets; Doug is afraid of going to the dentist.
5 Jul. 1992
Doug's Lost Weekend/Doug's Lucky Hat
Doug Wins a Video game Console called Super Pretendo with the video game Space Monks. But, loses track of time and neglects is report on Silt. / Doug finds a hat, and good fortunes happen as he wears it.

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