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8 Jan. 1992
Fran Live
Fran watches a TV show, Just Listening, where the host takes calls from troubled dinosaurs but doesn't offer to help them. When she suggests to the host he advise his callers about their problems, he refuses and Fran becomes the new host of the show, Just Advising, much to Earl's dismay.
15 Jan. 1992
Power Erupts
Robbie designs a science project that if executed in real life, could naturally power dinosaurs' houses and lower their heating bills. This proves to be bad business for Wesayso and B.P. Richfield is out to ruin Robbie's image and credibility to the public.
22 Jan. 1992
The Clip Show
A paleontologist speculates on the amazing survival instincts of dinosaurs.
5 Feb. 1992
A New Leaf
An important lesson is learned by all when Robbie brings home a mysterious happy plant which makes everyone feel all groovy-like. As things spiral out of control, Fran finally has to put her foot down.
12 Feb. 1992
The Last Temptation of Ethyl
When Ethel unexpectedly dies, she goes to the afterlife and finds out how beautiful it is. Before she can be reunited with her husband, it's revealed she's only unconscious and will wake up. Anxious to soon return to the afterlife, Ethel goes on TV and tells the viewers how wonderful it is. But the afterlife has its own message for Ethel.
26 Feb. 1992
Nuts to War: Part 1
A news bulletin announces a nationwide shortage of pistachio nuts, which is blamed on the four legged dinosaurs. War breaks out between the two-leggers and four-leggers and Robbie and Spike are drafted into the battle. Earl supports the fight at first but questions how truthful the government is being with them after a news reporter mistakenly reveals all is not going as well as planned.
26 Feb. 1992
Nuts to War: Part 2
Earl and Roy impersonate USO girls and go with Charlene to the front to find out what's happened to Robbie. Earl returns home without his son and he and Fran are moved to panic and grief when the news reports one of the soldiers was killed in battle.
27 Mar. 1992
And the Winner Is...
The Chief Elder dies after naming the Baby, and B.P Richfield runs for new Chief Elder. His picks Earl for his opponent to beat; Earl is fine with running against Richfield and losing, until his conscience convinces him it's in everybody's best interest not to let Richfield become ruler over the public. But is he cut out to win the election?
30 Mar. 1992
Slave to Fashion
Charlene thinks having an expensive coat will make it easier for her to fit in with the popular girls. But once she acquires the talking coat, it does help her to become popular, at the price of alienating herself from her friends and turning against her family.
24 Apr. 1992
Leader of the Pack
Robbie is fed up with being beaten up by a wild pack. So he enlists the help of his friend, Spike, to help him. Spike introduces Robbie to the other members of his gang, the Scavengers; but Robbie finds himself in more trouble when after a night of drinking with the Scavengers, it seems he's eaten their leader.
8 May 1992
Wesayso Knows Best
Wesayso attempts to present a positive image of its company to the public with the perfect family, 'The Wesayso Family'. However, the company decides that it would be better if Roy becomes the head of the Sinclair household, and Earl moves out.
18 Sep. 1992
Nature Calls
Earl decides it's time to potty train Baby so he can avoid changing anymore diapers. But the idea doesn't go over well with Baby and he runs away into the wilderness.
2 Oct. 1992
Baby Talk
When the dirty word 'smoo' is said for the first time on television and Baby repeats it constantly; getting Earl in trouble with his boss, Earl gets the parents together to protest the network to get the new shows with bad words taken off the air.
16 Sep. 1992
Network Genius
Earl's new job involves picking hit shows for television; but the show he puts on the air make their viewers unbelievably stupid and he must find a way to make everybody smart again to save society.
23 Oct. 1992
The Discovery
The search for a missing golf ball leads Earl into a new world that he proclaims as his own territory; but Robbie suspects that the land really belongs to the cavemen who inhabit it.
30 Oct. 1992
Little Boy Boo
After the Baby pulls a stunt that scares Robbie half to death, he decides to tell the Baby a true, terrifying story; he has been bitten by a bloodthirsty creature known as a wereman and will become one when the moon is full.
6 Nov. 1992
Germ Warfare
The Baby gets sick and Fran demands Earl take them to the doctor. Modern medicine only makes the Baby sicker; leaving Fran and Earl to ponder an alternative healer and Ethel knows the perfect dinosaur for the job, a guy in the woods.
13 Nov. 1992
Hungry for Love
Robbie falls in love with a new girl, Wendy, who to Earl's horror, happens to be Richfield's daughter. Richfield takes well to Robbie dating his daughter, but Robbie's friend Spike and his sister Charlene warn him that Wendy's involved in a dangerous secret involving her previous boyfriends.
20 Nov. 1992
License to Parent
When Earl loses his temper at the baby, he also loses his parenting license. When he flunks the test to get it back, the parenting police move in the house and monitor how Fran parents the kids by herself.
4 Dec. 1992
Charlene's Flat World
When told to come up with an original idea for school, Charlene hits upon the notion that the world is round. However her discovery lands her in jail, and on trial for heresy; which begs the question how free dinosaurs are to think and say what they believe.
18 Dec. 1992
Wilderness Weekend
Earl and his friends drag Robbie and the Baby off for a wilderness journey (camping trip) while Fran and her girlfriends stay at home to visit; but the dinosaur gender roles become reversed when the females drink beer and discover what it's like to be a guy, and the men get in touch with their softer side as they cower from a giant monster in the woods.

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