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26 Apr. 1991
The Mighty Megalosaurus
Earl tells Baby the story of how he came into the world... a story in which he asks for a raise from Mr. Richfield and has to choose between buying Fran a new cookware set or buying himself a 90-inch television set.
3 May 1991
The Mating Dance
Fran grows sick of her marital life, but Earl has no idea what the real problem is. So she leaves for a while in order for Earl to better himself, which he does by taking a class on the so-called "Mating Dance."
10 May 1991
Hurling Day
It is a dinosaur custom that when they turn 72, they are to be hurled off a cliff into a tar pit. Ethyl's time is coming near, and Earl (as the ceremonial son-in-law) is looking forward to tossing her... until Robbie realizes Ethyl still has a lot to live for.
17 May 1991
High Noon
At the market, a t-rex named Gary hits on Fran, then-- according to dinosaur law-- shows up outside the house one day to challenge Earl to a fight to the death. The prize: Fran.
24 May 1991
The Howling
The Howling is a sacred dinosaur tradition in which, to avert prophesied disaster, male dinosaurs of age climb a cliff and howl at the moon. But when Robbie refuses to participate, it looks like he has, in fact, brought about the apocalypse!
18 Sep. 1991
The Golden Child
A massive sugar high has Baby bouncing off the walls, which is how he gets a mysterious bump that morphs into a majestic golden horn. It turns out that the horn is the sign of the prophesied leader of the dinosaurs, so Baby becomes the king... which is perfectly fine with Earl.
25 Sep. 1991
Family Challenge
Fran thinks that the family spends far too much time in front of the TV. So when a freak accident destroys it, she sees it as a blessing-- but Earl is looking for another way out. So he enters the family in a game show in which the prize is a deluxe television set.
2 Sep. 1991
I Never Ate for My Father
Earl insists Robbie isn't acting carnivorous enough, so the teen stages a protest by becoming-- gasp!-- a vegetarian.
9 Oct. 1991
Charlene's Tale
Charlene notices that the other females are getting their tails before her. So while Fran tries to teach her that a beautiful body doesn't make a beautiful mind, Charlene thinks of quick fixes and the males in the house tease.
16 Oct. 1991
Endangered Species
It's Fran and Earl's twentieth anniversary. To make it very special, Earl buys a delicacy for dinner: a species called grapdelites, who, thanks to his fellow snackers, are virtually extinct. While Earl desperately tries to keep everybody's prying paws off of his, Robbie fights to save their species.
23 Oct. 1991
Employee of the Month
To drive up employee morale (or possibly to keep from getting sued), Mr. Richfield decides to create an idiot example of perfection and call him the "Employee of the Month." And who should make the grade but Earl?
30 Oct. 1991
When Food Goes Bad
Fran and Earl go out to dinner, leaving Robbie and Charlene alone to watch Baby. However, that's the perfect opportunity for a group of oppressed food items to revolt by kidnapping the youths!
6 Nov. 1991
Career Opportunities
Robbie goes to see the Job Wizard who dictates what careers everybody has for the rest of their lives. He hopes to be picked to be a rock legend but his dream falls flat when it's announced he's going to be a tree pusher like his father.
13 Nov. 1991
Unmarried... with Children
After meeting new neighbor Monica, Fran learns that dinosaurs have to renew their marriage licenses after a certain amount of time... and then realizes that her marriage to Earl is technically invalid. Which is fine, until she realizes Earl doesn't know her at all.
20 Nov. 1991
How to Pick Up Girls
Robbie realizes he has no idea how to talk to girls. Desperate, he asks for help from Spike, a troublemaker who does very well with the ladies. Unfortunately, Spike's advice causes more harm for Robbie than good.
27 Nov. 1991
Switched at Birth
After Fran realizes she switched nests in Lamaze Class with Glenda Molehill, she starts to think that Baby isn't their baby. Her fears don't seem well-founded, though... until she meets the Molehill baby, Aubrey, who looks like Baby with Earl's green skin! After an unbearable baby swap, the two families ask for help from the wise Solomon the Great.
11 Dec. 1991
Refrigerator Day
Refrigerator Day is a day to celebrate dinosaurs' crowning achievement: the fridge. However, Earl's plans to give great presents does not sit well with the fact that he's not getting a Fridge Day bonus this year. So when authorities come to take back their presents (and fridge), the entire family loses the holiday spirit.
18 Dec. 1991
What 'Sexual Harris' Meant
Monica gets a job pushing down trees for Wesayso but is fired after refusing the advances of new coworker Al "Sexual" Harris, popular for his double entendres. Determined not to let the males in the workforce hold her down, she takes the matter to court but doesn't get much help in her case.

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