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Season 3

18 Sep. 1992
Nature Calls
Earl decides it's time to potty train Baby so he can avoid changing anymore diapers. But the idea doesn't go over well with Baby and he runs away into the wilderness.
2 Oct. 1992
Baby Talk
When the dirty word 'smoo' is said for the first time on television and Baby repeats it constantly; getting Earl in trouble with his boss, Earl gets the parents together to protest the network to get the new shows with bad words taken off the air.
16 Sep. 1992
Network Genius
Earl's new job involves picking hit shows for television; but the show he puts on the air make their viewers unbelievably stupid and he must find a way to make everybody smart again to save society.
23 Oct. 1992
The Discovery
The search for a missing golf ball leads Earl into a new world that he proclaims as his own territory; but Robbie suspects that the land really belongs to the cavemen who inhabit it.
30 Oct. 1992
Little Boy Boo
After the Baby pulls a stunt that scares Robbie half to death, he decides to tell the Baby a true, terrifying story; he has been bitten by a bloodthirsty creature known as a wereman and will become one when the moon is full.
6 Nov. 1992
Germ Warfare
The Baby gets sick and Fran demands Earl take them to the doctor. Modern medicine only makes the Baby sicker; leaving Fran and Earl to ponder an alternative healer and Ethel knows the perfect dinosaur for the job, a guy in the woods.
13 Nov. 1992
Hungry for Love
Robbie falls in love with a new girl, Wendy, who to Earl's horror, happens to be Richfield's daughter. Richfield takes well to Robbie dating his daughter, but Robbie's friend Spike and his sister Charlene warn him that Wendy's involved in a dangerous secret involving her previous boyfriends.
20 Nov. 1992
License to Parent
When Earl loses his temper at the baby, he also loses his parenting license. When he flunks the test to get it back, the parenting police move in the house and monitor how Fran parents the kids by herself.
4 Dec. 1992
Charlene's Flat World
When told to come up with an original idea for school, Charlene hits upon the notion that the world is round. However her discovery lands her in jail, and on trial for heresy; which begs the question how free dinosaurs are to think and say what they believe.
18 Dec. 1992
Wilderness Weekend
Earl and his friends drag Robbie and the Baby off for a wilderness journey (camping trip) while Fran and her girlfriends stay at home to visit; but the dinosaur gender roles become reversed when the females drink beer and discover what it's like to be a guy, and the men get in touch with their softer side as they cower from a giant monster in the woods.
8 Jan. 1993
The Son Also Rises
Robbie gets fed up with Earl always telling him what to do, so he challenges Earl for male domination and wins; but he quickly becomes aware of how much responsibility is involved in being the male of the house.
15 Jan. 1993
Getting to Know You
Charlene signs up for a foreign student exchange program to get away from her family who doesn't understand her; and the Sinclairs get a bitter taste of a different culture when a French bird moves in with them in Charlene's place, who has an unfortunate encounter with the Baby.
29 Jan. 1993
Green Card
The Chief Elder passes a law that forbids four legged dinosaurs from living in Pangea and demands in 24 hours they either marry a two legged dinosaur or retreat back to the other side of the swamp. Monica is fired and threatened with deportation until Roy proposes to her so she can stay.
5 Feb. 1993
Out of the Frying Pan
Baby becomes a hit sensation when he and Earl star in a series of commercials for the Myman P-2000, a new and improved frying pan that is strong enough to endure hitting Earl's head. Earl is fired from the commercials and he and Monica start to worry that fame is going to the Baby's and Fran's heads.
12 Feb. 1993
Steroids to Heaven
Robbie tries to bulk up to impress a girl, but her attention seems to be drawn to a bigger guy named Dolf. When exercise doesn't cut it for Robbie, he resorts to Thornoids and finds out his new, bulky body comes at a high price.
19 Feb. 1993
Honey, I Miss the Kids
Fran finds being a housewife and mother unfulfilling and does volunteer work at a halfway house for amphibians; Earl gets stuck taking on the household chores and the kids and finds out what it's like being the mother.
26 Feb. 1993
Swamp Music
Robbie is introduced to the wailing, funky blues sounds of 'swamp music.'
12 Mar. 1993
Dirty Dancin'
Robbie starts doing the mating dance in his sleep and at school. Fran finds out and decides since Earl won't talk to his son about it, that the school needs to offer a course to the teenagers so they'll understand all about the mating dance, and Robbie is mortified when Fran is volunteered to teach it.
18 Apr. 1993
If I Were a Tree
Ethel reads the Baby a story called If You Were a Tree, about a dinosaur tree pusher (Earl) who gets struck by lightning and swaps souls with the tree he's trying to demolish.
2 May 1993
We Are Not Alone
Robbie tries to get Earl interested in preserving Pangea just as his boss is ordering him to bury drums of toxic waste in his back yard. On one such night, Earl and Roy get a visit from an extraterrestrial from the planet Kyron who warns them to change their ways or face annihilation.
9 May 1993
Charlene and Her Amazing Humans
Charlene feels her family is neglecting her, so she gets their attention by winning the school talent show; but her rising fame is riding on the backs of three young cavelings she found in the forest whose mother is looking for them.
2 Jul. 1993
The Clip Show II
Sir David Tushingham offers a home-study course on the dinosaurs.

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