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Season 4

1 Jun. 1994
Monster Under the Bed
Earl lets the Baby stay up to watch a monster movie and then he can't sleep and won't let Fran or Earl sleep because of a monster under the bed. Fran and Earl retreat to a motel to sleep and let the kids babysit, and Charlene and Robbie find out he wasn't imagining things.
8 Jun. 1994
Earl, Don't Be a Hero
Earl falls into toxic waste and develops the powers of flight, heat ray vision, and accurate weight guessing. He decides to become a real life superhero and hopes it will make him a hero to the Baby, who idolizes TV's Captain Action Figure.
22 Jun. 1994
The Greatest Story Ever Sold
When the Baby asks Earl where dinosaurs came from and why, the questions are repeated throughout all Pangea and raise a panic; until the chief elders declare all questions can be answered by their newfound religion: Potato-ism.
29 Jun. 1994
Driving Miss Ethyl
Earl's plans for the weekend are shot when he has to drive Ethyl to her high school reunion. Fran takes advantage of getting Earl out of the house to set up a family portrait for his birthday present, much to the dismay of Robbie, Charlene and the Baby.
6 Jul. 1994
Earl's Big Jackpot
When a tree falls on Earl at work and he breaks his foot, B.P. fires him and Robbie sues WeSaySo for medical costs. But the jury decides to award Earl a sum of $800 million and Earl lets his new-found wealth go to his head and turns his back on his friends when WeSaySo astronomically raises the prices of everything in Pangea to get back the money.
13 Jul. 1994
The Terrible Twos
Baby reaches his second birthday and it's anything but a celebration as he enters the dreaded Terrible Twos and wreaks havoc on the entire Sinclair household.
20 Jul. 1994
Changing Nature
The series finale: Every May 14th the Bunch Beetles are supposed to return to Pangea and to eat the rapidly growing cider poppies; but only one Beetle remains as the WeSaySo wax fruit factory has killed them all. B.P. enlists Earl's assistance as the company attempts to fix the poppy problem by bombing the entire continent with defoliant which kills all plant life. Richfield next decides making it rain will bring the plants back, and to make it rain they need clouds, and they decide to make clouds by dropping bombs in volcanoes; but snow falls instead and the ...
7 Sep. 1994
Scent of a Reptile
Charlene's scent gland comes in and Fran explains the one boy who is attracted to her scent is the one she's destined to marry. But Charlene puts out fumes of burning rubber and attracts the school janitor who aspires to be a tree pusher.
14 Sep. 1994
Earl and Pearl
Robbie and Charlene go against Earl's orders and sneak out to see his estranged sister, Pearl, a country star, perform. Roy falls in love with Pearl and plans to settle down with her, despite Earl's protests.
21 Sep. 1994
Life in the Faust Lane
After seeing the TV show "Lifestyles of Those We Envy", Earl makes a deal with the devil for a Fernhill mug thinking it will make him happy. As a result he alienates himself from his friends, who he thinks are beneath him now, and his family, who thinks he's gone crazy.
28 Sep. 1994
Variations on a Theme Park
When too many overworked employees drop dead from exhaustion, businesses give dinosaurs two weeks off for a vacation; B.P. Richfield advises Earl to bring his family to WeSaySo Land, which is supposed to be a fun amusement park for the family. What the Sinclairs find is an overpriced, cow themed park that is newly under construction, and they have to stay for 14 days.
5 Oct. 1994
Working Girl
Charlene attempts to break into the male-dominated workforce and get a job to pay for her summer wilderness trip; but finds all businesses work under the Old Boys Network that is determined to keep females tied down. When her letter to the Chief Elder about equal job opportunities for females is chosen for an accepted requirement for all businesses with government contracts, B.P. Richfield hires Charlene as the new supervisor and Earl has to deal with having his daughter for a boss.
12 Oct. 1994
Into the Woods
Earl's game day is interrupted when he has to take Baby into the woods for a traditional ritual to show the Baby that the world doesn't revolve around him and that he needs his family. But when Earl, Roy and Robbie unknowingly step into a tar pit, they need the Baby to save them.
19 Oct. 1994
Georgie Must Die!
When Earl dresses up as Georgie, an orange hippo that is the latest hit in children's television but the parents' latest nightmare, to put on a show for the Baby, he is arrested for copyright infringement. In jail, Earl finds out that Georgie has a sinister plan in mind for his merchandising empire and breaks out to join the Parents' Resistance and enlists Roy's help to take the evil hippo down.

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