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5 Feb. 1992
Twitching Channels
Megavolt discovered a way to get into all of St. Canard's television sets, so that no matter what channel you're on, all you'd see is Megavolt! Darkwing, of course, immediately tries to put a stop to it, but he and Megavolt get zapped to another world full of beak-less, featherless creatures where Darkwing Duck is only a cartoon! Can the long-time enemies work together to get themselves back home?
6 Feb. 1992
Dances with Bigfoot
When Gosalyn awakes one morning to find her dad missing and his room a wreck, she dons the garb of the Crimson Avenger to track him down. She finally finds him with an Indian tribe in the remote north west, only to discover that the tribe intends to feed him to their volcano god!
14 Feb. 1992
My Valentine Ghoul
Things between Darkwing and Morgana aren't going so well, and who should step in to take advantage of this but Negaduck! Even though he claims to be reformed, Negaduck's "amorous" advances are spurned, but when he starts to sabotage Darkwing, things finally start to turn his way. Then you throw Gosalyn's love potion into the mix, and everything goes awry! Will Darkwing discover Negaduck's true motives and win back Morgana's heart despite everything being against him?
20 Feb. 1992
Let's Get Respectable
When a news report shows the bad public opinion of Darkwing Duck, he decides to do an image makeover. With the help of Gosalyn and Honker, he transforms his mysterious "terror that flaps in the night" image into a helpful, trustworthy, non-violent hero. At first everything goes well; Darkwing is loved by everyone, and is even given the key to the city. Then Negaduck gets involved. Disgusted by his double, he begins to sabotage him, while at the same time using the city's low-life thugs to rob the city blind. Before long, the people of St. Canard are ready to mob ...
24 Feb. 1992
In Like Blunt
Darkwing Duck gets the opportunity to work with his long-time idol Agent Blunt when SHUSH's list of agents is stolen by Blunt's long time enemy. Darkwing is quickly disillusioned of his media-induced fantasies though as friction develops between the two, causing complications in the recovery of the list. Can the two work out their differences in order to save SHUSH from annihilation?
May 1992
Whirled History
Bored of studying, Gosalyn dozes off on top of her history book, only to find herself accompanied by her favorite television hero, Astroduck, as the two travel in a quest for the fountain of knowledge! Her adventure is not limited to the dreamworld though as she sleepwalks through the city, leading Darkwing on a hazardous chase to rescue her before Megavolt gets to her first.
May 1992
U.F. Foe
Mysterious alien Bleeb kidnaps Launchpad in order to have him marry the queen of the universe.

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