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Season 2

26 Sep. 1992
Adventures in the Skin Trade: Part 1
Commissioner, and expectant father, Tony Sciali finds his own life on the line after he infiltrates a New York pornographic teenage film ring
3 Oct. 1992
Adventures in the Skin Trade: Part 2
Commissioner Scali, kidnapped and seemingly destined for a sudden death, narrowly escapes his fate with the help of an unsuspected ally - porno movie producer Cyd Palmer.
10 Oct. 1992
Guns and Sons
Tony's son David is shocked when his friend Jason shoots Brad Harris, the school bully.
24 Oct. 1992
The Rolodex Madame
When Mary O'Grady, one of Eastbridge's most prominent and politically powerful socialities, is murdered, it is discovered she has been running a call girl service and, surprisingly, one name on her list of clients is Commissioner Scali!
31 Oct. 1992
The Witches of Eastbridge
As Halloween approaches, a heart is cut bom the body of a corpse at a funeral home. Because of a local history of tainted trick-or-treat candy, concerned Eastbridge parents pressure Tony to protect their children from the suspect, an eccentric recluse.
7 Nov. 1992
The Two Faces of Ed
Tony is tom when a series of life-threatening incidents occur in Eastbridge and the only link appears to be Ed Mize, an old, mild-mannered friend currently experiencing marital difficulties.
14 Nov. 1992
Tony, distraught when it appears that Phil Reid, one of his best men, may be targeted for revenge by a dangerous escaped convict, is further upset when he discovers that Phil's family harbors a dark secret.
21 Nov. 1992
A Time to Be Born
Rachel's in labor and about to give birth at any minute with only Cyd to support her because Tony is Literally out on a ledge trying to stop a troubled, older cop, who is a friend, from jumping.
5 Dec. 1992
The Witness
While grocery shopping, Rachel runs head-on into a robbery-murder suspect - and becomes the target of the killer's threats.
12 Dec. 1992
Sleep of the Just
There's a rapist attacking women. One of them gives a very good description of the man. Tony eventually finds him but learns he is a diplomat and has diplomatic immunity. Tony tries to get the Ambassador to sign his immunity away but it's not going to be easy. He also has to deal with the baby constantly crying.
19 Dec. 1992
The Frame
Tony is concerned when a known mobster who claims to be retired moves to Eastbridge. He tries to get a dock permit but when he is rejected the son of the man who decides on permits is framed for a crime he didn't commit. Obviously the mobster framed him to get his father to change his mind, but Tony tries to prove the son's innocence so he doesn't have to give in.
2 Jan. 1993
Tony's new car is stolen. He later is informed that a mental patient named Arlo Manno has escaped from a mental hospital and he wants to do some things that could endanger people like flying a plane, perform surgery and be a police officer. Sure enough he took a plane and crashed it. Trouble with finding him is that he is a virtual chameleon who assumes so many identities. Later Tony learns he might have kidney stones so he goes into the hospital.
16 Jan. 1993
The Heart Is a Lonely Sucker
Tony joins a video-dating service when he suspects one of his clients is a murderous thief. Also, Stan tries to protect Carmela from a clairvoyant's case.
23 Jan. 1993
The Sharp Pinch
Commissioner Scali and his team of officers pull out all stops as they try to beat the clock in a desperate search for the kidnapper of a very sick baby.
13 Feb. 1993
Dead Cadet's Society
Tony suspects foul play when a member of a commando-like squad of elite prep school students --
20 Feb. 1993
Family Business
When Nick Colette, the hot-headed son of "retired" mobster Tommy Colette, joins forces with his father, Eastbridge's crime troubles start.
27 Feb. 1993
Out of Business
Following the death of his gangster son in a police shootout, mobster Tommy Colette vows to kill Tony Scali himself.
13 Mar. 1993
The Ides of March
One of Tony's men, Danny Nolan, goes ballistic when Joe Lund, the gun-wielding ex-husband of the woman Dan's been seeing, takes her hostage.
1 Apr. 1993
Blue Flu
When the majority of Tony's officers stage a sick-out in the wake of a wage dispute, Eastbridge becomes an open city for crime.
1 May 1993
Eastbridge Boulevard
Stella Stevens guest stars as a reclusive former movie queen - and one of Tony's all-time film favorites - who is implicated in the real-life murder of her lover.
8 May 1993
Sight Unseen
Tony sets out to trap a serial rapist whose victims are young blind women Meanwhile, Rachel makes a surprising investment in art.
15 May 1993
When a mysterious caller advises Tony that he is going to be his "partner" and do the things Tony would like to do but can't, a number of Eastbridge drug dealers suddenly turn up dead.

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