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Season 1

3 Jan. 1991
Laying the Foundations
Well-meaning perfectionist and incurable bumbling busybody Gordon Brittas moves into Whitbury as manager of the brand new municipal leisure center. After annoying his new neighbors almost immediately, he enters the center, not without infuriating the builders so they stop finishing work on it. Inside his totally scientific, alas reality-unrelated roster is just the first on an endless list of ill-considered decisions with even more disastrous consequences then a pessimist could expect, all the series long.
17 Jan. 1991
Opening Day
Mr. Brittas takes charge of preparations for the official opening of Whitbury Leisure Center, with a royal visit: the Duchess of Kent. Alas the builders hate Gordon so much they don't bother to tell him that the brand new pool is leaking. The heating is operated by a boiler man Barnes (retired from the Navy), who takes Brittas' instructions to heat the pool 'at war speed' literally. The electrician, who should have taken care of a malfunctioning automatic door, gets sent away and a well-meaning boy scout is commandeered in his place. The Duchess is walking straight ...
24 Jan. 1991
Bye Bye Baby
Gordon walks in to take charge at the reception, but sends Carole away, who is desperately worried about her baby and hopes for a reconciliation with her husband Derrick - everything starts going wrong. Schoolboy Peter Philips inquires whether his tie was found, but Gordon's 'methodical' approach causes a huge, noisy queue to build up behind the boy. The desperate boy pretends to have found it, only to be reported to the police as a budding thief. Ken Owen came to give a lecture on stress management, but with Gordon as the slide-show operator Ken fights the urge to go...
31 Jan. 1991
Underwater Wedding
Gordon explains to job applicant Beverley Pierson how noble and important the leisure center is, but her motivation melts away as she witnesses what it's like. A couple of diving club members had booked the swimming pool for a wet wedding, but the best man dropped the ring and got stuck. An old guy in a wheelchair is drunk and running wild, even crashing the cardboard boxes barrier mounted on Brittas's orders, alas using a chemical which reacts to water.
7 Feb. 1991
Stop Thief
Gordon closes the leisure center for a whole day to make the staff fight the 'crime wave' of petty thefts. Treating everyone as suspects stirs commotion, ex-cons Danny and Mandy thus expose themselves as such, feeling targeted. Gordon sets a trap, which only makes it worse. Helen needs a prescription for more depression pills, but Dr. Grey insists he knows more about the cause of her problems, so he brings over Gordon - a short visit is enough for stronger pills.
14 Feb. 1991
Gordon realizes the center is running below a quarter of its capacity, but keeps offering ludicrously complicated formulas and incentive schemes, which the staff are determined not to win - poor Gavin's good behavior may land him in a restaurant with Gordon! Meanwhille St. Mary parish's choirmaster Larry Whittaker is determined to get rid of the man whose membership wrecked the award-winning ensemble, but that goes wrong for both of them and innocent bystanders.

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