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Haven't watched it on 5 years but the memories are good.
insomniac_rod21 January 2007
Overall entertaining family sitcom with the occasional sensual situations and the problems of growing...

With a not so conventional beauty like Mayim Bialik, "Blossom" centered on all of it's main characters to develop a plot on every episode. Blossom was the principal character but the show didn't focused on her 100%. Joey Lawrence was a rising star and at some points in the series run, he was stealing the show. The character of six also had her great moments.

Well I started watching this show for Bialik. I felt attracted to her for unknown reasons. I mean, she isn't beautiful in the likes of Hollywood but she had an on screen charm that only a few have.

The situations were surprisingly interesting in most episodes and involved problems of teens and young adults. So don't expect a "Full House" comedy situations.

Give a try to "Blossom" because it's certainly different. Those were the days...
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This and Full House every weekday
mathhater4life11 November 2001
I am only 15, so I don't really remember this show when it originally aired. But a few years ago (I was maybe ten) they used to play it every week day after I got home from school. I started watching it and soon it was just a daily habbit I couldn't break. Although, the fashions & some of the antics are completely outdated..whenever I see it it brings back good memories. This and Full House every weekday...and they were shows that made me feel happy.
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Quite possible the greatest achievement in the history of mankind
Gacrux30 October 2006
If aliens landed on planet earth I would give them four things to help them understand humanity: #1- Marcel Proust's "À la recherche du temps perdu." #2- Beethoven's "Symphony No. 9 in D minor, opus 125." #3- Da Vinci's "The Last Supper." #4- The complete series of NBC's "Blossom." Now why would I say such a thing. To provoke a strong reaction or elicit a chuckle? That is but 10% of the reason why. This is a criminally underrated show. The dialogue took your average sitcom to the intellectual woodshed and the fantasy conversations gave it a whuppin' with the leather strap of self-referential meta-fantasy. We are not dealing with simple characters here. We are dealing with Jungian archetypes taken to a depth that most people can't understand. Joey is perhaps the greatest example of "Puer Aeternus" I've ever seen in my lifetime. And his "whoa." Whoa. It's existential. Like "if a tree falls in the woods..." The answer is "Whoa." If you want challenging TV drama I suggest you delve into the labyrinthine complexities of the world we privileged few know as... "Blossom."
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This Is Such A Classic Show!
famousgir115 September 2001
Blossom is definitely a classic show, which will be remembered forever by all those who watched it. The show is about teenager Blossom Russo, played brilliantly by Mayim Bialik. She lives with her father, Nick (Ted Wass.) and her two brothers, Joey (Cute Joey Lawrence.) and Anthony. (Michael Stoyanov.) and has a boy crazy 'chatterbox' best friend, Six. ( Jenna von Oÿ.) The show follows Blossom's life, with her ups and downs, her boyfriends and of course, her family life and much more. There's a great cast in the show, including, the special guests that have appeared. I love the theme song to the show too. It's really great. One more mention to the brilliant Mayim Bialik, who is a fantastic actress. (And, has a GREAT great sense too.) I hope to see more of her in the future. Blossom is an award winning 10/10 show.
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i loved this show!
louisemcmahon21 September 2002
i discovered blossom when i was at home years ago off sick from school and ever since i was hooked! I loved the character of her brother joey. he always made me crack up just because he was so dumb! i also really liked the character vinnie in show (purely because of his good looks!!) i'm surprised that most of the people i talk to either dont like the show or havent even heard of it! I love it and still watch the re runs whenever they were on.
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One of the best sit-coms of the 90's
amanda_adams12200025 January 2004
It was not only funny, but a lot of the situations that Blossom went through was what I experienced as a teenager growing up and therefore I could relate to. It had a positive message in educating young people about issues such as alcohol, drugs and teenage pregnancy. It also showed what it's like for a single father to raise three children and his fear for the dates that his daughter brings home and above all how to overcome their problems as a family unit. Many stars fade out past their teens, but Joey Lawrence's career has esculated further as a result of Blossom's success so it couldn't been all that bad for him, playing a complete dimwit.
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I really adore this one!!!
canto-320 November 1999
I must to say. This show is one of the best shows ever done. The actors are amazing and the histories are excellent. The characters are very well developed through the show, and each episode is best than the other.

This show treats about problems that happen in youngsters life. Every episode is very funny and good, and here in Brazil, it gives high audience. And I can proof this. SBT, the channel that airs Blossom Sunday to Friday, aired the show from the start to the end, and repeated 3 seasons (I´m not sure) around 4 times. And it´s still been aired. I watch the episodes several times and love to see them again. This show is serious when it has to be, and funny when it has to be.
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Pretty corny 90's sitcom with weak plots.
mikerlz13 December 2013
Not a very good show. Maybe got a chuckle now and then out of me, but for the most part it was pretty boring and had weak plots. I will admit that back when I was an early teen and the show was still airing, I had a big crush on Mayim Bialik (Blossom). She may not be classically what most guys considered "hot" or whatever, but to me there was something very endearing about her and I thought she was sooo cute.

Still, the show mostly did suck. I don't get what some people saw in it after reading some of the reviews here. It tended to be really corny more often than not. I guess it didn't help that I'm a guy, and so couldn't relate to a lot of the issues Blossom had to deal with as a teenage girl.
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Wouldn't even last a full season in this day age
adavis5 December 2003
If this show was created today the major networks wouldn't touch it. It would be another horrible WB sitcom that runs a season or two. When they came out with the list of 50 worst shows of all time this show should have been on it. Around this time producers were obsessed with making Mayim Bialik a major star, because of her 10 minute role in the movie Beaches. A real sign that this show wasn't as popular as the E network and Entertainment Tonight made it out to be was when they made a TV movie and it placed in the bottom 5. Another sign was the actors have not done much since the show ended. Joey Lawrence's new show only ran 2 seasons and I just saw Bialik for the first time in while on 7th heaven. In late 80's and early 90's the theme for sitcoms was to be really sappy and luckily that has changed.
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not bad...
insomniac-rod22 March 2002
I've been watching the re-runs of "Blossom", and I feel guilty because I like it. This show has good acting, kind of funny plots, and a beautiful and skilled lead .. uhm, actress. Watch "Blossom" if you don't have anything else to do.
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yonko10 January 2002
This show was horrible! I can't believe they actually show reruns of this pathetic show. Whatever happened to reruns of What's Happening? Blossom wasn't funny, it was corny, and it had terrible plot. Yes, folks, this show was even worse than Full House. This show belongs in the sitcom grave yard. I used to pray for this show to get cancelled.
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A good mother/daughter show.
swedensm26 November 2003
Blossom wasn't supposed to be "MacBeth". Okay, there was a lot of fluff and silliness in the show -- sometimes embarrassingly so. But I had three teenage daughters during it's run and the show opened a lot of opportunity for us to talk about important things.

I will always remember this show with great fondness and Bill Bixby has been a favorite since the old "Courtship of Eddie's Father" series (yes, I'm THAT old!). He brought class to everything he touched.
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Up there in re-run heaven
Mickey Tveter14 January 2000
From the absolutely non-catchy theme song to the interesting assortment of characters (a druggie, a moron, another moron that wants to sleep with the first moron, etc..) to the lame storylines (Will Blossom have sex? was the topic of at least 10 episodes) Blossom never ceased to underachieve. The Russo's were like the Cosby's except for being less funny and in more need of therapy. Mr. Russo always went on about his dead wife and Joey Lawrence became the main character by default because the other characters were uber-Urkels. It was a sign of its times. Blossom, while credit is given for creativity, often wore what looked like scraps from the fabric store stapled together for the maximum defect. I see it on re-runs every now and then but why? Maybe if you want to see why NBC was always suffering low ratings in the years before "Friends" and "Seinfeld."
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Petri Pelkonen6 April 2006
Blossom Russo's (Mayim Bialik) mother has left the family.She has to share the house with men, the father Nick (Ted Wass) and two brothers, a recovering drug addict Tony (Michael Stoyanov) and the dummy Joey (Joey Lawrence).Her best friend is Six (Jenna von Oÿ), who could talk incredibly fast.A boyfriend for a couple of years was Vinnie (David Lascher).Carol (Finola Hughes) became Nick's love interest and she had a daughter called Kennedy (Courtney Chase).Barnard Hughes was the granddad Buzz Richman.Blossom ran in the years 1991-1995 with a spectacular cast.Mayim Bialik was born for the role of Blossom.The show was pretty darn funny but it also dealt with dramatic subjects.It did it with style.I became a huge fan of the show in the mid 90's.It's a shame they haven't showed it here in about ten years.I sure do miss it.
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very bad show
CBsexy111913 August 2001
i never did like the show. i thought it was real stupid and i still do. if you wanted to loose a half hour of your life everyday you should have watched it. thank god its off the air! had hardly any plot to it. a the girl who played blossom did a very poor job.
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Could have been special
soapfangirl15 June 2017
I used to watch this show as a kid and really liked it. Watching it as an adult, I thought it would bring back some nostalgic moments, but actually it has only caused me a great deal of annoyance. The first season is okay, Blossom is a smart ass, but likable in a naive way. And Tony and Nick are cool. Joey is a dumb ass, and never changes. The thing is that from season 2 on, Joey is not only stupid but also disgusting as far as it comes to women. There were several episodes where Playboy bunnies made an appearance and Joey is constantly talking about hot girls and even dismisses dark-haired girls as if they are less than blondes. It's disgusting and offensive. I'm sure the writers did all this to attract more male viewers but it reinforces the persistent notion in our society that a woman is only worthy if she's young, thin and blonde. Or exceptionally smart like Blossom, but Blossom's intelligence is never really explored again after Vinnie becomes her boyfriend. Suddenly, she spends all her time doing things with him, or getting into stupid fights with him. She becomes sarcastic and snarky. I really started to hate her and wished she and Vinnie would just break up already. I always liked the Tony story and his marriage to Shelley, although it would be very unlikely that 2 people who accidentally got married would actually fall in love with each other. As for Nick, I liked him in the beginning, he seemed really caring. But as the seasons went on, he turned out to be just an older version of Joey: hooking up with random 'babes' and becoming more and more of a caricature. Such a shame. I never liked the grandpa, because again, this was yet another dirty old man character, into porn and other disgusting things. I'm sure it was supposed to be funny, but it really was not. It's a real shame the show sold its soul and started to cater to the lower morality set. It could have been an outstanding show, but ended up being the same as all the other run-of-the-mill predictable junk out there. Shame.
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Great show
jhu2624 February 2009
well Mayim Bialik went back to school and got her PhD in neuroscience at Yale or Harvard she was accepted at both, she hasn't done too badly I hear she getting back to acting slowly she is a very Bright Young Lady joey Lawrence is still acting but with not much success but he was very good on Blossom as was Ted Wass and the girl who played Six. This show was thought provoking and had dealt with serious issues I think it was a very good writing show I'm glad it has finally been released on DVD way over due i hope they release the rest of the series soon They need more shows like this that are well written and acted And less of Hanna Montana and Disney
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I love this show!
ladies_pinch6 September 2005
This show was and still is really, really funny so many people give it bad reviews saying how it wasn't funny and was corny! Sure it was a little corny but that was part of its charm! I mean all sitcoms are a little corny even really successful sitcoms like friends ad will and grace are corny every now and again! I never really watched it when it first aired seeing as that was in 1991 (and i was a baby!!!!) But i watched it on British channels as i got older and i really loved it! Even though it was a little dated by the time i saw it, it didn't matter it was till funny! I saw it ages ago on Nickelodeon but its off the air for now!!! Put it back on Nickelodeon!!!!!! Even though it was called 'Blossom' Joey was really the star of the show! Even though he played a really dumb character, but he was so funny and so hot! I even say his catch phrase 'WHOA!' Any way i miss the show and can't wait to some British channel puts it back in the air ! (HINT HINT NICKELODEON!!!)
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Striking in its day
analyst1226 September 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Here's the short version: though it looked like many of its contemporaries (such as Full House and Family Matters), Blossom got to tackle several groundbreaking issues, which is ultimately what defined the show as a series.

I know it seems trite; there were whole seasons where we heard about another "very special Blossom" where they tackled some social issue, but the fact is, they *were* taking them on. Yes, Joey Lawrence was a pretty boy, and yes, in retrospect the plot seems kind of contrived. However, in a comparison against more recent shows, 7th heaven has an entire cast of resurrected Joey Lawrences, and traditionally ripped off half of Blossom's scripts.

I'll tell you what I remember. I remember that this show had the first TV dad that I actually felt empathy for *consistently* and that I'll never forget the time that he almost hit his eldest son for falling off the wagon. To this day, I still have mixed feelings about watching that episode, but not one of those feelings is disdain.

If you can, check out the first few seasons of the show - especially the "very special Blossom's."
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One of my favorite shows!!!!!!
queenofdarkness18 February 2003
First of all I want to start of that for people who haven't seen Blossom at all or are still watching, DON'T read this, cause it may spoil some things for you (sorry:)). But I just wanted to say that Blossom is one of my favorite shows it's a re-run (for the second time!!) and I still love to watch it. The show especially won my heart over, when Shelley and Anthony got married and when they had a child. I just loved that. I was a great move by the producers to make Anthony marry a woman from an other race. That proves that Love is (color)blind. I just loved Shelley and Anthony's characters. I also loved Kennedy, she was so cute!! I was 14 when the show stopped and I'm 22 now's just great! It brings me back to those days and I love it!!!!!
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HA laugh i thought i'd never start
This show is not even so bad it's good.It's just bad.From her erm dancing in the opening credits the eccentric grandad(yeah right) the stupid but lovable brother(jesus christ)the very forgettable other ones what were their names again?And the handsome understanding lonely father(ha i f**king think not my friend)and last but by no means least Six.The phrase:The sites you see when you have not got a gun springs to mind every time she walks onto the scene in a purple dress and cowboy boots(!)It's shows like this that make you see the little but oh so important things in the world.Like the button on the TV remote that changes the channel.This makes the Amanda show look i was about to write This makes the Amanda show look half decent but nothing could do that.8 words to Blossom PUT THOSE BLOODY CARDIGANS IN THE BLOODY BIN.
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Horrible! This Show Was Utter Crap!
CrackerJacker6624 March 2017
Blech! I remember this lame ass show. It came on after Fresh Prince on Monday nights. This show was awful and preachy. It was unfunny, badly acted, poorly written, and just plain stupid! Every episode was some serious Very Special Episode. First of all the name of the show and main character is Blossom. Aww how cute... NOT! Vomits in bucket. The opening intro was pure cringe of Mayim Bialik in some hideous supposed to be cute flowery outfit with a hat dancing around like a total doofus. The lyrics of the theme song were horrific "In my opinationation, the sun is gonna surely shine"! Yuck!

The dad was a terrible actor. I got sick of hearing about older brother Tony's past alcoholic addiction EVERY SINGLE EPISODE! Joey was the dumb idiot brother. Six was her motor mouth fast talking best friend which got old after a while. Who the hell name's their kid Six? And we've got Blossom who ugly as hell. She was unattractive and had the worst frumpy wardrobe. Are we supposed to believe she can get someone as hot as Vinnie to date her. Or the episode where Blossom dressed up and went to a party and as she walked past guys they would drop there drinks and ignore there girlfriends just to gawk at Blossom. Oh PLEASE!!!! Ugh.... How in hell did ugly horse face Mayim Bialik get her own show?

Why are the best friends in these Teen sitcoms better than the main characters. Six was way hotter and more likable than snobby know-it - all ugly bitchy brat Blossom. God, she was such an annoying goody two shoes. No high school boy with a brain would turn down Six for an ugly turd like Blossom.

The plots were stupid and ridiculous. Remember the episode when Salt N Pepa showed up at her house singing "Let's Talk About Sex" in her living room. When Blossom and Six were queuing for concert C'n'C music factory tickets and suddenly the aforementioned music factory turn up and they all start dancing to Blossom's lame beat box.

I remember the last season gotten really horrible when they tried to make it a family sitcom like Full House when the dad married that British lady and she and her daughter Kennedy and dog moved into the Russo home. Her daughter had the worst British accent I ever heard! And then they added the little black kid next door neighbor who similar to Urkel and they had Joey and Kennedy do these cutesy Uncle Jesse and Michelle like scenes. NBC's cue to cancel this trash!

The only reason this crappy show lasted as long as did was because Joey Lawrence was hot and Jenny Von Oy's sweet ass in those tight shorts and jeans. Otherwise this garbage would have bit the dust after one season. Blossom is the finest example of bad 90's fashion and television. This show was horrible in so many ways, I never understood why it was on.
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blooming cute
RavenGlamDVDCollector31 October 2014
This is cute, it is like so cute. Before I go on, be advised my review is simply based on just having seen the 1990 pilot episode, and the 1991 first episode (which is quite confusing, what with the cast change / whole set-up change)

I read about this show years and years ago in mags like SEVENTEEN when it was new. During those days, you had to rely on your local TV to bring the shows home and, well, they fell far, far short. A couple of decades later, with a fanfare, here's DVD, and I can import whatever I choose... if it has been released. So, last year I got BLOSSOM after initially being told it wasn't available. Only got to it tonight after delving through my stacks last week. I can see why I wanted to see it back then, though I cannot remember the articles & photographs.

Mayim Bialik is absolutely a must-see. She is the very definition of cute. A certain inner energy. A scene stealer. Although, okay, she cannot really steal what she has already pocketed from The Word Go. The cast change (with the two Dads) doesn't really matter, however confusing I felt it to be tonight. It's all about Mayim. She is a tiny little force.

A pity these things happened, let me count, 24 years ago! Otherwise I'd have sat here tonight and predicted great things for her in Hollywood.

Kids of today will be puzzled by a show with land-line telephones and Madonna-era fashion, but they should all concur that the character is gloriously charming. Mothers, it is not often that RavenGlamDVDCollector reviews something as innocuous as this, but here's something that this old guy just likes, and that you would like, and if you can tear your little brats away from the mass- produced junk out there today, stupid reality shows and questionable hip-hop dreck, they would at least have seen something from a better age...
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One of my all time favorite TV shows
jmarieinca29 January 2008
I loved this show because I was a teenager at the time and now in my 20's I still love it because it brings back memories. Looking back now, I related to Blossom's situations and I have/had a huge crush on Joey Lawrence, especially when he blossomed! This show has good values, and is family oriented. I also like the guest stars on, but I don't know names, their faces look familiar. I especially like the Paris episodes when Blossom goes to try find her mother and the Beach Blossom Party episodes - they stand out the most to me. I think his Joey' real-life brothers are on one of the episodes, too. I wish this TV show lasted longer, at least until '96, this show is a blast to watch over again.
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