Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! (1989) Poster

Plot Keywords

obsession sex
actress escape
porn actress mental hospital
hospital orphan
scissors masochism
kiss mini dress
dressing room money
sister sister relationship flashback
tied to a bed computer
drawing singing
masturbation key
blonde topless female nudity
wig retirement
lingerie reformatory
s&m female rear nudity
fake moustache kidnapper kidnapped relationship
map of life thief
life map gun
chocolate female sitting on a toilet
head butt girl in panties
female removes her clothes toy
circus motorized wheelchair
stabbing imperative in title
stockholm syndrome fight
misogynist face slap
judge baby
glass thrown at someone's face sadism
nude girl undressing
porn star kidnapping
flask mental patient
faucet orphanage
handstand leg spreading
desire herpes
mother child relationship suicide threat
lust barefoot
ex mental patient nurse
car theft pain killer
walkman party
death mad love
female masturbation panties
nipples visible through clothing penis
underwear prison
nude heroin
reform school female removes her dress
love with a criminal bath
trumpet player action figure
tango stalker
film director retirement plan
bruise no panties
female frontal nudity watering plant
roll of tape whistling
female full frontal nudity pharmacy
standing on one's hands drink
balcony journalist
twenty something rock 'n' roll
chase actor
one word title woman in bathtub
homecoming drug addict
farce lovable bandit
vagina paralysis
burning rope toothache
female nudity drug use
rope horse
black comedy poison
mother daughter relationship pain
strike white panties
film within a film pubic hair
copulation alone
drinking bathroom
death threat erection
motor scooter knife
fictional tv commercial filmmaking
breasts dolentina
smack exclamation point in title
freedom junkie
face mask marijuana
love horror filmmaking
sex in bed morphine
family relationships upskirt
picking a lock german
watching tv singer
neighbor panties pulled down
bathtub prostitute
bound and gagged barajas studio
masturbation with a toy punctuation in title
reference to mickey mouse street people
film set cleavage
wrap party fistfight
theft peseta
scantily clad female drug dealer
female pubic hair red dress
nudity bar
drugstore fiorinal
hard on heart shaped box of candy
granadilla spain election
sosegon wheelchair
blood antibiotic
badge hazelnut chocolate
hospital director male nudity
bare butt street gang
female gangleader handcuffs
screaming abcess
doctor moustache
bare breasts singing in a car
husband wife relationship movie director
coitus sitting on a toilet
breaking and entering beating

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