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This play is becoming a cult classic.
desact16 January 2000
High school students love the play, but the film is virtually unobtainable. The playwright, Jonathan Marc Sherman, never really made it big, but this is a wonderful, poignant, clever, hilarious film, and the cast, including Hamilton, who starred in the made-for-t.v.-flick, "The 60s," is excellent. The play has been performed at numerous high schools around the country, and kids love it. Because Sherman was only 18 (I believe) when he wrote it, it really speaks to those who are going through many of the same problems with the opposite sex. The sequence called "Tyrannosaurus Rex," in which Wallace performs an offensive stand-up routine before all of the women in his life and they leave, one-by-one, is just amazing. The film gets a bit hokey for some at the end, as Wallace discovers true love, but it still works as a whole. Women and Wallace deserves a re-release and a wider audience.
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