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Plot Keywords

memory reality
colony planet
dream construction worker
false memory rebel
vacation mutant
intelligence mining
future implanted memory
secret agent nightmare
kissing while having sex police shootout
tunnel boring machine vestigial twin
future shock telling someone to shut up
misunderstanding male protagonist
21st century 2080s
gunfight customs
spaceship pursuit
explosion time
rage gunshot
remote control pistol
anger spacesuit
news report gadget
spaceman watching tv
destruction handcuffs
resistance car chase
kicked in the face held at gunpoint
foot chase corpse
panties knife
nightclub bare breasts
martial law face slap
nudity bar
freak husband murders wife
hero murders a woman opening action scene
action hero showdown
hero karate
bar fight brawl
fistfight hand to hand combat
tough guy tough girl
pantsuit woman shot in the forehead
axe timebomb
social commentary good versus evil
anti hero on the run
shootout megacorporation
space western exploding car
construction site evil man
uzi two word title
virtuality ambiguity
video telephone outer space
dystopia stomping on someone's groin
ambiguous ending reference to george washington
techne punched in the face
mutation falling from height
deformity alien technology
surrealism neck breaking
chase three breasted woman
taxi driver stabbed to death
stabbed in the throat oppression
impalement brothel
underground resistance towel
sole black character dies cliche suitcase
pill elevator
corruption commercial
black comedy cult film
oxygen human shield
tracking device subway
severed arm rat
prostitute mine
man disguised as a woman machine gun
dwarf catacomb
brainwashing trans world airline
erased memory asphyxiation
robot famous line
utopia spit in the face
kicked in the groin shot to death
raised middle finger simulated reality
jackhammer train
futuristic train poetic justice
racism prejudice
blood blockbuster
shot in the forehead weapon
hologram aquarium
villainess exploding head
taxi generator
psychic catfight
drilling machine paranoia
product placement class differences
explosive decompression telepathy
mountain gore
terraforming third breast
betrayal mars the planet
murder crotch grab
redemption x rayed skeleton
alien based on short story
divorce lack of oxygen
impersonation conspiracy
amnesia cyberpunk
reverse footage credits as currency
axe murder violence
hit in the crotch rebellion
martial arts title spoken by character
surprise ending

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