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Academy Awards, USA 1991

Special Achievement Award
Eric Brevig
Rob Bottin
Tim McGovern
Alex Funke

For visual effects. Runners up, not nominees: Back to the Future Part III (1990), Dick Tracy (1990)... More

For visual effects. Runners up, not nominees: Back to the Future Part III (1990), Dick Tracy (1990), Ghost (1990).

Best Sound
Nelson Stoll
Michael J. Kohut
Carlos Delarios
Aaron Rochin
Best Effects, Sound Effects Editing
Stephen Hunter Flick

BAFTA Awards 1991

BAFTA Film Award
Best Special Visual Effects
To the whole special visual effects production team.

Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA 1991

Saturn Award
Best Science Fiction Film
Best Costumes
Erica Edell Phillips
Saturn Award
Best Actor
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Best Supporting Actress
Rachel Ticotin
Best Director
Paul Verhoeven
Best Writing
Ronald Shusett
Dan O'Bannon
Gary Goldman
Best Music
Jerry Goldsmith
Best Make-Up
Rob Bottin
Jeff Dawn
Craig Berkeley
Robin Weiss
Best Special Effects
Thomas L. Fisher
Eric Brevig
Rob Bottin
Dream Quest Images
Industrial Light & Magic (ILM)
Stetson Visual Services Inc.

Awards of the Japanese Academy 1991

Award of the Japanese Academy
Best Foreign Film

BMI Film & TV Awards 2013

BMI Film Music Award
Film Music
Harry Gregson-Williams

BMI Film & TV Awards 1991

BMI Film Music Award
Jerry Goldsmith

DVD Exclusive Awards 2001

Video Premiere Award
Best Overall New Extra Features, Library Title
Jeffrey Schwarz (Automat Pictures Inc.)
Best Audio Commentary
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Paul Verhoeven
Best DVD Menu Design

Hugo Awards 1991

Best Dramatic Presentation
Paul Verhoeven (director)
Ronald Shusett (story/screenplay)
Dan O'Bannon (story/screenplay)
Gary Goldman (screenplay)
Jon Povill (story)
Philip K. Dick (inspired by the short story)

Motion Picture Sound Editors, USA 1991

Golden Reel Award
Best Sound Editing - Sound Effects
Best Sound Editing - Dialogue
Scott Hecker (supervising dialogue editor)

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