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In Case You Missed It, Here's What The Walking Dead: Red Machete Is All About

Fans of The Walking Dead have just as voracious an appetite for more as any zombie we've yet to see on the show - except maybe the well-dwelling walker from season two, because that thing was hangry. So, to satisfy all the crowd cravings for more undead drama, AMC has not only launched a prequel series in Fear the Walking Dead, but they also like to throw in some mini episodes that loosely or even directly connect to events of the full series in fun little ways. The latest is The Walking Dead: Red Machete, a new series of short videos that centers on the origin and history (read: kill count) of the savage red machete that Rick Grimes uses to kill Terminus tyrant Gareth in season five. What starts out as an innocuous piece of garden equipment left on a rack at an infested store called Gerald's Hardware
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David Spade Is Aware of That Weird Kurt Cobain Mural, but Does He Agree That It’s Better to Burn Out Than Fade Away?

  • Indiewire
David Spade Is Aware of That Weird Kurt Cobain Mural, but Does He Agree That It’s Better to Burn Out Than Fade Away?
It’s better to burn out than fade away, but is it also better to be mistaken for Kurt Cobain? David Spade finds himself grappling with that odd, existential question this week, as images of a mural of his face accompanied by that Kurt Cobain quote (which originally came from the Neil Young song “Hey Hey, My My [Into the Black]” circulated online.

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“Everyone is sending me this” tweeted the actor, late of such classics as “Tommy Boy” and “Black Sheep.” That’s all he said on the matter, leaving us all to wonder whether he’s amused, weirded out, or perhaps some combination of the two; Cobain quoted the line in his suicide note, after all, which Young found quite upsetting. The mural is painted on the side of a building in Linz, Austria, suggesting
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Cannes Review: ‘Lover for a Day’ is Intoxicating Work of Rare Clarity

Philippe Garrel, the 69-year-old veteran of the French New Wave, has produced a casual, bittersweet, and intoxicating study of relationships in flux starring his daughter Esther. In this swift, touching ode to lovers with heart-breaking, irreconcilable differences, the drama appears conventional on first glance, featuring that older-man-younger-women relationship frustratingly perennial in French art cinema, but this is a work of rare clarity by a director whose experience shows.

Completing a trilogy of sorts alongside fellow black-and-white dramas Jealousy and In The Shadow of Women, each clocking in at under 80 minutes, Lover for a Day (L’Amant d’un Jour) is a tale of dichotomies: loyalty to lovers compared with being faithful to yourself; young, optimistic love versus mature unsentimental love; animalistic craving for sex against the hard graft of being active in loving relationships. Garrel has said the film is in part his reflection on Freud’s Elektra complex, and
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‘The City Will Be Torn Apart’ in new trailer for Gotham Season 3 Episode 15 – ‘How The Riddler Got His Name’

With just a week to go until Gotham season 3 returns, a new trailer has arrived online for the upcoming fifteenth episode ‘How The Riddler Got His Name’, entitled ‘The City Will Be Torn Apart’; check it out below…

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Nygma convinces himself that he doesn’t need Penguin to succeed and begins to introduce himself to Gotham as “The Riddler,” promptly snaring Bullock and Lucius in his mind games; Gordon learns troubling news about his father’s death ;and the Court of Owls reveals its next move.

Gotham’s third season resumes on Fox on April 24th.
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General Hospital Spoilers: The Corinthos Family is Torn Apart

General Hospital fans know that when a marriage is over, it’s over. But for Sonny, it’s not over until he has signed divorce paperwork in his hands, and his wife is no longer his wife. He doesn’t believe that being separated and in a fight is a good reason to sleep with someone else, and he’s not at all happy to find his wife in the middle of a passionate moment with another man. He’s especially unhappy to find Carly with Jax, who is her ex. Now things are escalating to a point they’ve never escalated for these two, and

General Hospital Spoilers: The Corinthos Family is Torn Apart
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Family Gets Torn Apart In New Trailer For ‘Animal Kingdom’ Season 2

To be honest, I kind of entirely forgot about “Animal Kingdom,” and in the era of #peaktv, keeping a show on the cultural radar is more difficult than ever. That being said, instead of watching things en masse like they did back in the day of traditional television, audiences are more niche driven, so maybe this show has a following I just don’t even know about.

At any rate, the numbers were sufficient enough that TNT has renewed “Animal Kingdom” for season two.

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‘Sandy Wexler’ Teaser Trailer: Adam Sandler and Jennifer Hudson Head Back to the ‘90s For Netflix Movie

‘Sandy Wexler’ Teaser Trailer: Adam Sandler and Jennifer Hudson Head Back to the ‘90s For Netflix Movie
In 2014, Netflix signed a deal with Adam Sandler to star in and produce four films for the streaming service. The first movie in the pact was “The Ridiculous 6,” which was torn to pieces by critics, though Netflix later stated it was the most-watched movie on the platform in its first 30 days of availability. Then came “The Do-Over,” again panned by critics, and now we have the first teaser trailer for his third offering, “Sandy Wexler.”

This time around Sander stars as the titular character, a talent manager working in Los Angeles in the ‘90s who represents a group of eccentric clients in show biz. His devotion is put to the test when he falls in love with his newest client, Courtney Clarke (Jennifer Hudson), an incredible singer who he discovers at an amusement park.

The first teaser introduces audiences to Wexler crashing a movie scene and being ushered out.
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Star Wars: John Williams' 25 greatest moments

Sean Wilson Dec 20, 2016

Star Wars: Rogue One is the first live action Star Wars film not to be scored by John Williams. Here are his highlights from the series...

As a franchise, Star Wars is inseparable from its music. Back in 1977, John Williams ushered in a resurgence of the Golden Age score with his Oscar-winning, thunderously heroic work on A New Hope, and his legacy is being continued with Michael Giacchino's score for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. In honour of the new movie, and as a celebration of some truly astonishing film music, here are the most unforgettable score moments from the Star Wars saga.

25. Rey uses the Force: The Force Awakens

Very few spines could fail to have been tingled when Daisy Ridley's plucky heroine embraced her destiny at the climax of The Force Awakens, and faced down the fearsome Kylo Ren (Adam Driver
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Omarion's Ex Apryl Jones Claps Back After Singer Shades Her in New Song

Omarion's Ex Apryl Jones Claps Back After Singer Shades Her in New Song
Things aren't exactly on the mend just yet between Omarion and Apryl Jones. The Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood stars continued their feud over the weekend after the singer unveiled a new song called "It's Whatever" in which he seemingly throws some shade at his ex. "I've been only single for four months/ I'm just tryna get my swag back/ Probably try to catch a few kids/ It's like I never let 'em ride back/ Torn apart, catch me, I'm on the run/ Told my Bm she can have that/ Put that on my daughter and my son/ Every night I'm having flashbacks." He continues in another verse, "I must've did it to myself/ Look unfamiliar to myself/ You don't...
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Agents Of Shield season 4: showrunners talk finale ending

Rob Leane May 19, 2017

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 4 ended with an incredible episode. Here's some chatter..

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 4 ending

World's End was the epic conclusion to Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 4, drawing together the plotlines of Ghost Rider, Aida, the LMDs and the Framework for a very satisfying finish.

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Once you've watched the episode, you'll want to scroll beyond our spoiler squirrel to see what the showrunners have to say about That ending...

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 4 finale cliffhanger

So, showrunners Jed Whedon and Jeff Bell have chatted to IGN about the finale. Was there ever a happy ending, where the gang don't get kidnapped and taken to space after finally being reunited?

"It's what it is," said Bell. "There was not a nice quiet shawarma version of it where they go, 'Oh, it's nice to be together.' It was always supposed to be,
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We break down all the amazing spoilers from the 'Star Wars: Force Awakens' soundtrack listing

  • Hitfix
Okay, I'm finally at that point where I can't absorb any new knowledge about "Star Wars: The Force Awakens." Now that the final marketing push for the film has kicked in, it's non-stop. We are awash in spoilers and new images and all I want is to see the finished movie. One of the most egregious offenders in spoiler history was the soundtrack listing for "Star Wars Episode I - The Phantom Menace," which gave away the death of a main character. I was reluctant to look at the track listings for "The Force Awakens" but since it's my job, I decided to go whole hog and attempt to tell you exactly how the entire film will unfold based only on what I've learned so far and what the tracks are called. I am confident this is a 100% accurate representation of the final film. "1. Main Title and the Attack On
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'Star Wars 7' Soundtrack Reveals Story Spoilers; New Planets Named

'Star Wars 7' Soundtrack Reveals Story Spoilers; New Planets Named
In just under three weeks, Star Wars: The Force Awakens will hit theaters, giving fans answers to numerous questions that have been teased over the past three years, ever since Disney bought LucasFilm for over $4 billion back in October 2012. Stitch Kingdom noticed that Amazon France has a full track list for composer John Williams' soundtrack, which will be available the same day Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theaters on December 18. These song titles may contain minor Spoilers for this highly-anticipated adventure, so read on at your own risk.

The soundtrack kicks off with "Main title and the attack on the Jakku village." Since soundtrack songs are presented in chronological order, as they appear in the movie, it seems this adventure begins on Jakku. The next songs are "The Scavenger," "I can Fly Anything" and "Rey Meets Bb-8." It was long believed that Bb-8 actually belongs to Rey, but
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John Williams' soundtrack unveiled in latest The Force Awakens TV spot

  • Cineplex
The latest Star Wars: The Force Awakens TV spot offers more new footage and music from the highly-anticipated film. The new clip features narration from Supreme Leader Snoke (Andy Serkis) and shows Oscar Isaac's pilot Poe Dameron in great distress.

Even more exciting than that, however, is the release of the Star Wars soundtrack track listing, by no one other than John Williams. For anyone who can't fight their curiosity, the track listing may give way to some spoilers. While the score is titled by key moments in the film, there's still plenty left to the imagination. We'll have to see it all unfold when the film--which still manages to keep its details under wraps--hits theatres on December 18th.

Check out the track-listing for Star Wars: The Force Awakens:

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Soundtrack

1. Main Title and the Attack on the Jakku Village

2. The Scavenger

3. I Can
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Track listing for the Star Wars: The Force Awakens score gives clues to the plot

It looks like Amazon France has posted the track listing for John Williams’ score to Star Wars: The Force Awakens. As you’d expect, this gives us some idea of the plot to the film, and while there’s nothing quite as spoilery as ‘Qui-Gon’s Noble End’ and ‘Qui-Gon’s Funeral’ from the soundtrack to The Phantom Menace, it does give us a pretty clear indication as to the basic storyline. So, spoilers ahead…

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1. Main title and the attack on the Jakku village

2. The scavenger

3. I can fly anything

4. Rey meets Bb-8

5. Follow me

6. Rey’s thème

7. The Falcon

8. That girl with the staff

9. The Rathtars!

10. Finn’s confession

11. Maz’s counsel

12. The Starkiller

13. Kylo Ren arrives at the battle

14. The abduction

15. Han and Leia

16. March of the Resistance

17. Snoke

18. On the inside

19. Torn apart
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Possible Star Wars: The Force Awakens Soundtrack List Reveals New Spoilers

Thanks to Stitch Kingdom, we have a possible soundtrack list for Star Wars: The Force Awakens from Amazon France. There aren't any major spoilers here, but it does give us an idea of how the movie is going to play out! It remains to be seen how accurate it is of course, but this is yet another leak Disney and Lucasfilm would have no doubt preferred not to have happened. Thoughts? Warning: Possible Spoilers For Star Wars: The Force Awakens Ahead! 1. Main title and the attack on the jakku village 2. The scavenger 3. I can fly anything 4. Rey meets bb-8 5. Follow me 6. Rey’s thème 7. The falcon 8. That girl with the staff 9. The rathtars! 10. Finn’s confession 11. Maz’s counsel 12. The starkiller 13. Kylo ren arrives at the battle 14. The abduction 15. Han and leia 16. March of the resistance 17. Snoke 18. On the inside 19. Torn apart 20. The ways of the force 21. Scherzo for X-wings
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14th Film Students Meeting at San Sebastian Film Fest

Once again the San Sebastian Festival and Tabakalera will present the International Film Students Meeting, an event seeking to shed light on the work of students from film schools across the world. The 193 short films submitted for this 14th Meeting represented 89 schools in 35 countries: Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Denmark, Ecuador, France, Georgia, Germany, Netherlands, Hungary, India, Iran, Israel, Lithuania, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Uruguay, USA and Venezuela.

The Meeting will take place at Tabakalera (Duque de Mandas, 52), from September 22 -25 after its inauguration at the European Capital of Culture 2016 hub (Easo, 43). The selected short films will be presented at sessions open to the general public and Festival guests.

Short Film and Schools Selected

"Black Friday"

Roxana Stroe (Romania)

National University of Theatre and Film (Romania)

In the Communist era, queueing for food is something normal. After a long wait on an empty stomach, Mihail doesn't receive his food ration. The next day he tries to be the first in line.

"Dona i Ocell" (Woman and Bird)

Nicolás Gutiérrez Wenhammar (Spain)

Bande à Part, Escuela de Cine de Barcelona (Spain)

A young 17 year old girl finds a bird trapped in the factory where she works. She decides to take it home and care for it, until she finally sets it free again. She starts wondering about her decision to escape the terrible atmosphere she lives in to seek her own freedom.

"El Enemigo" (The Enemy)

Aldemar Matias (Cuba)

Escuela Internacional de Cine y TV (Eictv) (Cuba)

In a fumigation centre in Havana, Mayelín has the thankless task of doling out fines to citizens who have the dengue mosquito in their homes. With a demanding boss and conflictive workers, Mayelín will have to impose her authority to gain respect.

"Espagnol Niveau 1" (Spanish Level 1)

Guy Dessent (Belgium)

Haute École Libre de Bruxelles / Inraci (Belgium)

Víctor, a young Belgian-Uruguayan boy, returns to Belgium. In order to be able to receive his family allowances, he has no option but to enroll in a Spanish course at level 1 and pretend not to know a word of his mother tongue.

"Group B"

Nick Rowland (UK)

National Film and Television School (United Kingdom)

It is 1986, the peak of high-octane Group B rally driving. Known for its incredibly dangerous off-road races, notorious lack of crowd control, and some of the most powerful and sophisticated cars the world has ever seen.

"Kav Hebron" (Statione)

Nitzan Zifrut (Israel)

The School of Audio and Visual Art, Sapir College (Israel)

Ruthi is stationed in Hebron. When her soldier friends ask her to spend the weekend with them she agrees. But during their 3 days together she understands the impossibility of existing as a woman in the military system. The realization pushes her to break her promise and reveal herself as she really is.

"L'Offre" (The Offer)

Mïra Pitteloud (Switzerland)

Haute école d'art et de design - Genève, Département Cinéma / Cinéma du réel (Switzerland)

Sami, a young Swiss-Algerian man, is looking for a work that would match his qualifications. He applies for a job at the Swiss intelligence service.

"Los Pájaros Miran Hacia el Norte" (The Birds Look to the North)

Pepe GutiÉRrez (Mexico)

Centro Universitario de Estudios Cinematográficos Cuec-unam (Mexico)

Miguel leaves everything he knows and loves to go and work as an illegal immigrant in the United States. His wife Mónica suffers his absence in silence. The memories and the nostalgia are always there.

"Nueva Vida" (New Life)

Kiro Russo (Argentina - Bolivia)

Universidad del Cine (Argentina)

Mysteries, worries and dreams of a new life.

"Strach" (Fear)

Michal Blasko (Slovakia - Czech Republic)

The Academy of Performing Arts Bratislava (Slovakia)

Marek is a young boy who witnesses a violent attack in a bus He is able to shoot the whole incident on his cell phone, but his fear and conscience prevent him from doing the right thing.

Volando Voy (I'll Fly Higher)

Isabel Lamberti (Netherlands)

Netherlands Film Academy (Netherlands)

Two young brothers wander around in a big empty world without a clear destination. As society rages on around them at only a few yards distance, it couldn't seem farther away. Together they try to escape reality, but how do you relate to an undeniable world that you don't seem to be part of?

"Wada'" (Prediction)

Khaled Mzher (Germany)

Deutsche Film - und Fernsehakademie Berlin (Germany)

A close relative has disappeared in the Syrian war region. Ibrahim, an instrument maker and family man struggles with his feelings of responsibility towards his family back home. The war is thousands of kilometres away and yet it destroys everything.

Out of competition

The Meeting will also include the out-of-competition screening of three short films. Two of them from the Atelier Ludwigsburg-Paris, a project that fosters international collaboration and production processes. It involves the participation of the film schools La Fémis and the Filmakademie in Baden-württemberg:

"Fais le Mort"

William Laboury (France - Germany)

Atelier Ludwisburg-Paris

Tom is 16 years old, and he is the whipping boy of Evan who manufactures artisanal weapons. Since he survived the 'spudgun experimentation', he avoids passing by Evan's place. Only, Evan doesn't want to stop already as it just started to make fun ...

"French Fries"

Luzie Loose (Germany - France)

Atelier Ludwisburg-Paris

Nina is from Berlin, Fabien is from Paris and they are united by always being separated. They can never stay in one place for a long time. Torn apart between wanderlust, self-fulfillment and settling down they are looking for a new way to live their relationship. Fabien wants to fully commit to Nina – but she just got offered a great job in another city.

The third one is part of the collaboration between the San Sebastian Film Festival and BioBioCine Festival Internacional de Concepción Chile. A Festival, that as well as the Meeting does, it fosters the film students’ exchange of experiences and knowledge in the audiovisual field.


Sebastián Palominos (Chile)

Escuela de Comunicación DuocUC (Chile)

Francesca is a transsexual in an unsteady relationship with Marcelo, who leaves her when she finds out that he had another woman. Just then, her old friend Paula reappears in a deplorable state and heavily pregnant. Francesca takes her into her home.


A specific jury, consisting of one student from each of the schools selected to compete and chaired by a well-known figure from the movie world, will choose the winner of the International Film Students Meeting award, going to the director of the winning short film.

The Panavision Award, carrying a complete camera package including Red Epic camera and Primo standard lenses for four weeks of filming, or a voucher worth €10,000 for renting any kind of Panavision material, for the winning director. The Freak Agency / Feelsales Award that includes the free submissions of the winner film to 50 international film festivals selected by the team of Freak and Worldwide sales agreement except for the school's country of origin. The BioBioCine - Duoc Uc Award, with which the winning short film of the Meeting will be directly selected to participate in the next edition of BioBioCine Festival Internacional Concepción Chile. The Jury will also name the three directors who will have the possibility to participate with their works in the Short Film Corner at the next Cannes Festival. A specific jury will give the Orona Award to the most cutting-edge short film of the Meeting, with an endowment of € 5,000. This Jury will consist of students from Basque schools, coordinated by a professor from the Mondragon University, and chaired by the Orona Fundazioa's Development Director.

A representative from the TorinoFilmLab will be in charge of awarding one of the directors taking part in the Meeting with the Torino Award, with which the winner will be guaranteed attendance to a TorinoFilmLab program within 2 years after the award is given.
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Limited Edition Justice League: Gods And Monsters Soundtrack Announced

Following their limited edition soundtrack releases for Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox and Justice League: Throne Of Atlantis, record label La-La Land Records has now announced that they will release a limited edition soundtrack album for the latest DC Entertainment/Warner Bros. Animation film Justice League: Gods And Monsters, which was recently released on Blu-ray and tells the story of Superman, Batman, & Wonder Woman in an alternate universe. This limited edition offering features music composed by longtime DC collaborator Frederik Wiedmann and will be available to order from La-La Land's official website on August 11th. Check out the full track list below: 1. Last Child of Krypton 2. Main Title 3. Code Black 4. Another Kill 5. Fair Play 6. In Another Life 7. Torn Apart 8. Virtually Impenetrable 9. No More Disappearing 10. A Warm Heart 11. You Belonged To Someone Once 12. Tasting Blood 13. No Redemption 14. Trust 15. Aftermath 16. Superman’s Legacy 17. Evacuate Metropolis 18. Victor Fries 19. All Minds As One
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Comic Con 2015 Preview Night Schedule

Comic Con 2015 Preview Night Schedule
San Diego Comic-Con 2015 has released their full schedule for Preview Night on Wednesday, July 8. While there aren't any panels on Preview Night, Warner Bros. Television is presenting world-premiere screenings of complete pilot episodes from highly anticipated newseries Supergirl, Blindspot, Containment and Lucifer, plus an advanced look at a new episode of Teen Titans Go!. Check out all of the official details for Comic Con's Preview Night below.

Wednesday, July 8 - Preview Night

6:00pm - 10:00pm - Special Sneak Peek Pilot Screenings

Comic-Con and Warner Bros. Television proudly continue their annual Preview Night tradition, with exclusive world premiere screenings of the pilot episodes of four of the most highly anticipated series of the 2015-16 television season.

Supergirl - In the vast DC Comics Universe of superheroes, the rich mythology of Superman, the planet Krypton and the House of El is perhaps the most famous and instantly recognizable. Enter Supergirl!
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Will Ferrell, Kristen Wiig Lifetime Movie ‘A Deadly Adoption’ Scores 2.1 Million Viewers

Will Ferrell, Kristen Wiig Lifetime Movie ‘A Deadly Adoption’ Scores 2.1 Million Viewers
The Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig Lifetime movie, “A Deadly Adoption,” slayed 2.1 million total viewers on Saturday night, making it the No. 1 original program on cable for the evening. Its one million viewers from the key 25-54 demographic placed it behind other 2015 Lifetime Original Movies “Whitney,” “Cleveland Abduction” and “With this Ring.” Over the course of six telecasts this past weekend, “A Deadly Adoption” took home more than six million total viewers. Also Read: Will Ferrell, Kristen Wiig Are Torn Apart in New Trailer for Lifetime's 'A Deadly Adoption' (Video) Inspired by a true story, the high­-stakes
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Warner Bros. announces TV schedule for San Diego Comic-Con

Earlier in the week it was revealed that Warner Bros. is planning a big Hall H panel at Comic-Con for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad, along with Wonder Woman and Justice League Part One, and now the studio has revealed its television line-up for San Diego, and there’s plenty more for DC fans to get excited about – and even if you’re not a superhero fan, there’s still plenty on offer! Here’s the full line-up, via Comic Book…

Special Sneak Peek Pilot Screenings

Wednesday, July 8

6:00–10:00 p.m. The first time is always the best time. Comic-Con and Warner Bros. Television proudly continue our annual Preview Night tradition, with exclusive world premiere screenings of the pilot episodes of four of the most highly anticipated series of the 2015–16 television season — Supergirl, Blindspot, Containment and Lucifer — as well as a brand-new episode of Teen Titans Go!
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