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  • When one saucer of an invasion force has engine trouble, it lands on Earth. It happens to be Halloween and it happens the invaders are only about 4 feet tall. As the bumbling aliens wander around the countryside they are taken to be children and they make friends with two children, one of whom is the daughter of the sheriff. As their troubles mount (it's difficult for five aliens to conquer a world) they begin to give up their plans of conquest, but then there is that nasty killer robot.

  • A crew of Martians overhears a radio broadcast of Orson Welle's _War of the Worlds_ coming from Earth, and, thinking the Martian fleet is attacking Earth, they land their broken-down ship in a backwater mid-American town. As luck would have it, they land on Halloween and get mistaken for trick-or-treaters. Comedy ensues as the Martians try to get taken seriously.

  • Dimwitted Martians drop into a little Illinois town on the day that the local radio station happens to rebroadcast Orson Welles 1938 "War Of The Worlds".


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  • So happens that a race of aliens is invading galaxies, but their most recent concern is causing too many casualties. The emperor has signed a new high almiral to command the troops, and this one says to three of his generals that he won't accept any deviation from the plan, and that a kind of machine/monster called a disciplinary drone is going to watch any rebellious act in every single ship of the fleet. One of the generals complains on the spot, and on the spot is he killed. The two other generals decide to obey without questioning.

    Cut to Earth, in a small town in Illinois called Big Bean, where a new off-ramp has just started working. It's a quiet place, and the sheriff Sam (Douglas Barr) and his deputy Russell (Fred Applegate) take it easy, until a crazy old man Wrenchmüller (Royal Dano) walks by the sheriff carrying a shotgun. He gives it to the sheriff, but it looks that it's not loaded He is angry with the company The Farmers's Trust. The president, T. W Klembecker (Gregg Berger) appears to talk to the old man. He says that he expects the sheriff to clear him of any trouble, or he'lltell the council that it's high time of finding a new sheriff. Sam asks whether Klembecker sent the infuriating letter to the man, called Mr Rendfield, and, with a smile, the CEO says that he did, and points to his very own signature. the old man will have to return the mortgage or he will lose his property to the Farmer's Trust. Rendield is looking for ammunition through all his clothes' pockets, but the sheriff will stop the fight before it begins. As soon as both men go back to their own places, Sam mutters to himself "Happy Hallowe'en".

    Back to the Arcturus galaxy, the aliens are losing the battle. The enforcer drone (Patrick Johnson's voice) tells them to do as intended, but the spacecraft explodes because it was following a course right into the system's sun. Sam talkes to her daughter, disguised as a kind of warrior-alien thing. The child misses terribly her mother, and looks at the photograph of herself, her mother and her father.

    It's Halloween's night. On the old-fashioned radio station, the DJ (Casey Sander), sets a vinyl record of The War of the Worlds, narrated by Orson Wells. Meanwhile, Renfield is welcome home by his dog, and five aliens get lost from the fleet in their spaceship. They get wind of the radio station's narration, so the broadcast leads them to Earth. Three old people, including an elderly lady (Rose Parenti), and an elderly man (Hal Ridlle), and an old wisecracker, (Glen Vernon) are listening attentively to the broadcasting. They laugh about the martians arriving and conquering Earth.

    Kathy (Ariana Richards) doesn't want to join the party. Russell Winsbury broadcasts himself doing his usual things - which amount to not a lot - live on the internet. The man about to be dispossessed is sad, feeds his dog and looks to the window, while the martians' spaceship falls to the ground, with the Martians screaming like crazy - or laughing. Russell's alarm goes off, and he shits himself while he sees the spaceshift flashing by. The three old people also watch it.

    The martians land on the haystack of the man with a shotgun. The martians feel that their true mission is to conquer that new world. They use crazy disguises. Captain Bipto (Jimmy Brisco and Jeff Winklins' voice) thinks that this is a bad idea, but the drone thinks it's what they should do. They think that an ordinary road is a minefield. The use a small robot to explode them, but a car flasses by and runs over one of them.

    Kathy sits outside, bored to death, disguised as a savage alien. Brian (J. J. Anderson), disguised as a duck which has caused his mother lots of effort to make, comes out to talk with her. They shake hands and introduce each other.

    Klembecker goes to the oil station with a girl. The attendant smiles to him, and whild cleaning the car, he mentions that it looks that he's hit something. As usual, Klembecker despises everybody and talks down to everybody.

    The alien arrive to the children party. The adult in charge, Mrs Vanderspool (Patrika Darbo) doesn't pay any attentoin to the aliens, as she thinks that they are cool disguises. Kathy sees the alien robot, and thinks it's cool. Vanderspool force the aliens to get into her van and takes everybody trick-or-treating. The oil station attendant is playing with his monster models, dreaming of makind the fields profitable again, and kicking Klembecker out of town, and doesn't realise that the alien commander is behind him. The commander makes him his robot. Captain Bipo cannot contact the rest of the invading force, and wants to terrify humans so that ghey give up.

    Kathy holds and caresses the robot minefinder, which is nice and sensitive. The kid dresses as a clown (Barry O'Neill), the kid dressed as a pig (Adam Hansley) and some more go trick-or-treating. The pilot finds a snack in the haystack, while the old man and his dog take photographs of one of the martians, or try to. One of the aliens shoot a missile and Vanderpool gets angry at them. Kathy says that they are their cousins from California, but that she didn't say that beause she didn't know they were going to be any trouble. Kathy did that because she liked the small robot, who showed her a beautiful picture of their planet.

    The alien insults Vanderpool calling her fat, so she puts all the aliens out of the car. Kathy decides to go with down and the robot. Vanderpool lets her because she says that her father's car is around the corner. Brian can't believe her, although he realises that something weird is happening.

    Russell finds the alien in the spacecraft, who tries to fine him and give him a ticket. The alien hits Russel with a haystack. On the radio, The War of the Worlds goes on. The drone threatens the pilot with killing him if he doesn't move on fast. The drone hides after shooting the alien. Wrenchmüller takes a picture of Russel instead of the aliens. Everybody laughs at Wrenchmüller, who takes the hurt alien in his picktruck, to show everybody. Somebody dressed as a clown (Jim Eusterman), laughs abut Wrenchmüller's telling them that the Martians are coming. The sheriff and Russel tell everybody that the Martians are invading them. Vanderpool says that the aliens look exactly like Sam's nephews, but Sam says that he's got no nephews at all. He's more worried when Vanderpool tells him that Kathy is with them.

    Brian shouts that the aliens are there. He traps one, hitting him in the head. The aliens wreck the shop Ed's, and say that they are going to kill everybody. However, the pilot alien has just run away, as it was not quite dead. One of the aliens takes Brian to their spaceshift. As soon as they leave, the drone appears, slowly floating by. The mayor of the city gets pissed because the aliens blew the new road. The citizens run around like hens without heads although the sheriff tries to calm them down.

    Kathy is hidden and sees the aliens' plans. She asks the robot whether he wants to conquer the world as well, and the robot just shrugs his "shoulders". The aliens fire at a reservoir. The drone appears, while wheat is everywhere and buries the aliens. Kathy takes her friend robot with her. The robot tells Kathy that they landed on Wrenchmuller's field, and they go there. The drone goes after them. The pilot alien makes a deal with Brian at the spacecraft.

    The aliens talk to the radio DJ, who tells them that the invasion is over. The DJ tells them that all the Martians died, and that the birds ate them. He sneezes, and the aliens panic, as they think they will die because of the virus. They decide to go back to their spaceshift and leave for their asteroid, where it'll be nice and quiet. The auto-pilot sets itself off. The drone and the robot also come back to the call of the alarm bell.

    Wrenchmuller tries to blow the spaceship. He blinds the pilot with his camera, pushing Brian away. He turns off his dynamite. Brian takes car of Wrenchmuller's dog. The spaceship flies, but it just has to make an emergency landing.

    Now everybody tries to get to the spacecraft in time. Russel and Sam take care of Brian, while the spaceship is out of control, jumping like a frog from one place to another. The robot arrives there and has to say goodbye to Kathy. The robot panics when it sees the drone. Kathy enters the craft in panic. The drone bamps onto the spaceship, which jumps again. The three other aliens arrive, demanding that the pilot fix the spacecraft. Wrenchmuller trembles and trembles, and by mistake, they put his dinamite onto the engine, making the craft jump again.

    At that moment, all the townspeople arrive in cars ans with shotguns. They shoot it and almost aim at Kathy, who is between the devil and the blue sea. The aliens think t hat the humans are much more advanced militarily. They want to use the DOD, which will explode the Earth. Kathy tells the robot that, if his friends blow up the Earth, she will never speak to him again.

    The aliens tell the towncitizens to surrender or die. They think they will survive the explosion, but the humans ask them whether they think their spaceship will also be destroyed. The silly aliens just blow the ring anyway, but the robot makes it malfunction. Kathy leaves and hugs Russel. Brian hugs Kathy as well. Wrenchmuller stops trembling and leaves the spaceship exhausted. There is a lot of confusion among the villagers, and they don't realise that Vern (Wayne Alexander) is still possessed by an alien. Russel finds something weird. The drone is still alive somehow.

    Kathy tells San not to call the army, because the aliens are not really bad, only stupid. But Sam only cares about his badge - something which Kathy holds agains him. Sam realises that Vern is still acting weirdly. The aliens sing around a bonfire. The robot visits Kathy. One of the aliens has a nightmare, acting like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz and repeats "There's no place like home" over and over again, while hitting his shoes together. Kathy has the idea of using the reservoirs to make the aliens go back to their planet. She and Brian go to the place to help the aliens.

    Wrenchmuller follows Vern. Sam is taken as a madman by the army operator. Brian tells Wrenchmuller not to interfeer with their building plans. Wrenchmuller wants to help. Kathy tells his annoyed father that they only want to come back home, leaving the planet unscattered. Kathy mentions a diversion the aliens have just thought of. Vern drives a kind of transformer-robot. Vern faces the townspeople.

    12 minutes to the end of the world. All the aliens are reunited. Wrenchmuller wants to blow the aliens, telling them that dinamite will clean everything. They aliens bade goodbye to Vern, who tries to seduce Klembecker's girl. Kathy tries to convince the drone that he can't kill the aliens, or that will be the end of Earth. The drone lets them go. The robot wants to stay with Kathy, but she says that their love is impossible. The pilot alien gives a remote control to Kathy. The drone wants the aliens out so that he can destroy the planet. Wrenchmuller says that he agrees with the drone's plan, and that he's gonna give a present to the drone, in sign of the submission of the planet. Wrenchmuller gives some dynamite to the drone, and takes a photograph fo the drone being blown up. The drone is nomore, and the aliens leave for home.

    They all help the aliens to go home. The plan seems to work, but they finally go by leaving behind everything they can. They throw a kind of green dust.

    In the morning, the company Klem-Co arrives to put Wenchmuller out. He is happy because he's reunited with his dog at last. Kathy and Sam are sad about the situation. Wrenchmuller throws the keys. The green dust has created big vegetables.

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