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hilariously bad

Author: Jake from Springfield, MO
22 December 2002

I purchased this at a VHS sale in the video store for .99 cents and it was worth it. This movie cannot be liked on merits of good acting , scrip , and is indeed a terrible film , but hey I like bad films as long as they're funny and entertaining which is what Skinheads:The Second Coming Of Hate is. So it turns out some "skinheads" decided to go on a killing spree at a diner , and soon follows a long chase through the woods til good ole Chuck Conners of Roots fame comes to the rescue in a bravo hammy performance. Speaking of over the top performances..the golden ham award goes to Brian Bophy's who's insane performance will have pretty much anyone rolling on the floor laughing. This isn't your Romper Stomper or American History X type movie , this is basically just "lets put people in danger..ooh let's have skinheads go after them" obviously a lifestyle the writer and director knows nothing therefor this movie is surely going to offend the anti-rascist SHARP skinheads..and even the neo nazi skinheads because it puts them in such a moronic light (which by the way they are anyway so i guess justice was done). See it if you like bad movies

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Another Greydon groaner

Author: Robert P. Beveridge ( from Parma, OH
22 January 2001

Greydon Clark will never learn. The man has written and directed a slew of thoroughly awful films, gaining some slight notoriety in the late seventies for Satan's Cheerleaders and The Return. Rest assured this particular piece of horse hockey is no better than the films he made at the "pinnacle" of his career.

Skinheads (I'm sure you can guess the plot, theme, and overbearing moralization from the title alone) is notable solely as a turning point-- well, okay, maybe an S-curve-- in two careers. It's one of the last films of Rifleman star Chuck Connors, as the grizzled hermit who takes a stand against the Evil Skinheads(TM), and it was the first big-screen role for Brian Brophy, who's since gone on to be a solid character actor in "serious" films (The Shawshank Redemption, White Man's Burden, et al.). Comparisons with American History X are inevitable, and will be uniformly unfavorable; where Tony Kaye gave us a band of halfway intelligent skinheads with a truly dangerous and thoughtful leader, Clark's bunch of halfwits are incapable of anything but the kind of moral posturing one might expect from a band of chimps exposed to nothing but reruns of That Girl for years on end.

The one bright spot in this film, ironically, is the late Dennis Ott as Brains, the slow-on-the-uptake skinhead who provides the group's muscle and the overwhelming majority of the film's levity. Sadly, Ott, who passed away from AIDS-related complications in 1994, never got another role this big. It's worth a free rental to watch him here. **

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This film's Ace

Author: hailiamdigby from United Kingdom
9 March 2005

Not all films have to be Kubrick, Hitchcock or Lynch. This film isn't even Ed Wood! What this film is though, is amusing. There is no point to it.

I've seen American History X (10/10) Romper Stomper (7/10) and Pariah (0/10). Skinheads scores 9/10 for me. And not because it's good. Because it's Bad! Definitely one for the Six-Pack (Beer) brigade.

It's like Wrong Turn and a very poor Deliverance. It's a farce where Hill-Billies have been replaced with Skinheads, but that's the beauty of it. The acting is almost completely s#it for everyone and the storyline's pointless. Need I go on?.....

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Author: Rich Wright
12 October 2013

If the so-called Master Race are this stupid, we would be all better off as cavemen.

Take all the Nazi stereotypes you can think of, and you'll find them here... including some you didn't. What they tell didn't tell in history class though, is that these guys were as thick as pig s**t, and as ugly as sin. Rather than being menacing though, these idiots are most likely to cause the Jews and Blacks they rail against to die of laughter than cause them any physical harm. Particularly the big guy, ironically called Brains... who wipes his bum on poison ivy instead of leaves. Hardy ha ha. Seriously, if Hitler wanted to clean the Whites of all impurities, he would have started with executing these jokers.

This makes it easy to cheer for the college kid and his spunky girlfriend, as they're pursued through the woods by this band of miscreants. They garner support from a grizzled old hunter (there always seems to be one about) when they find his hut, and what follows is a series of shootouts, threats and general idiocy. What's strange though, is how the bad guys never run out of bullets. They find a hand gun right at the start (with no extra ammunition) and yet they seemingly discharge it on more than 100 occasions throughout. We never see them reload it, or check for empties. It must be MAGIC.

Apart from having the worse editing ever, and the dreadful acting from all concerned, what is most noteworthy here is just what a bad mouthpiece it is for the far right. None of the arguments preached by the leader of these fanatics are coherent at all, which makes you wonder... how did he convince 6 other people to join his worthless cause? You'd think the writers would have him some kind of gravitas, but nope... the bloke is a walking parody, and impossible to take seriously. This may work as a sop to minority groups who hate the Nazis, but it renders the enemy so pathetic it's impossible to feel any tension as they stalk their prey.

So, I'm sure you've gathered by now it ain't no award winner. It won't you jump off a pier, though. Especially if you find a certain charm in low budget movie-making. Damn it... they try their best... can't we give them at least SOME credit?

Perhaps a little.

We're talking microscopic proportions here.

Do you see it?

Thought not. 4/10

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Should have been more fun

Author: Red-Barracuda from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
10 June 2009

In this lame thriller, a group of half-wit skinheads kill four people at a diner then chase a deeply uncharismatic couple into a forest. It's all really quite amateurish. The skinheads could be OK villains if only they weren't so moronic and the plight of the heroes would be a lot better if only they were in the least bit interesting. But alas, no. What we end up with is an extended and somewhat tedious pursuit through a forest. There are a couple of cameos courtesy of an old grizzled woodsman and an extremely tame grizzly bear. It's not really all that entertaining but sadly I have seen much worse.

The soundtrack is provided by someone called Elvis Hitler and given the neo-nazi subject matter here, I sincerely hope that this is an ironic name. But in a film where the supposed most stupid member of the skinhead gang, 'Brains', is clearly only the second most stupid, anything is possible.

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Skinheads is a huge disappointment.

Author: Comeuppance Reviews from United States Minor Outlying Islands
25 June 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A small group of skinheads led by Damon (Brophy) are apparently tired of harassing elderly store owners, so they take a skinhead vacation to the rural mountains. When further harassment of the locals such as restaurant owner Martha (Bain) leads to murder, a young couple who witness the incident, Amy (Sagal) and Jeff (Culp) go on the run in the woods trying to stay one step ahead of the skinheads and their underlings such as Brains (Ott). Luckily Amy and Jeff run across the cabin of Mr. Huston (Connors), a grizzled World War II veteran. Together they alternately fight and run away from the skinheads until the final confrontation. What will happen? Unfortunately - very unfortunately - Skinheads is a huge disappointment. Rather than seizing this opportunity to say something incisive, unique, interesting or different about skinheads, instead here they are just generic baddies. They just as easily could have been bikers, crazed backwoods folk, a militia group of some kind, or a group of enemies with no affiliations whatsoever. Most of the movie consists of Amy and Jeff running away from the skinheads, and it gets very repetitive. Skinheads - the movie - has the wrong plot for its idea. By that we mean, you think it's going to be an urban tale about the evil of neo-Nazis and those who stand against them. Instead, improbably, it's a wilderness slog where characters come face to face with bears and sleep in sleeping bags on the forest floor.

As the evil racist leader of the skinheads, Brian Brophy looks alarmingly like "Vinny" from Jersey Shore. (Don't worry, we're ashamed we know what Vinny even looks like). His skinhead buddies have swastikas tattooed in the corner of their foreheads, and drive around in a white van with a huge swastika painted in black on the side of it, next to a circle-A "Anarchy" symbol. These anarchist-fascist youngsters have named this completely inconspicuous vehicle the "Death Van", just as the Scooby Doo gang have named their van the Mystery Machine. They have also spray painted a swastika on their blinds at home, so you know they're serious. They also have a poster of Hitler on their wall (where do you shop for one of those?) next to an S.O.D. poster, which truly shows the cluelessness of this production, as anyone who knows that band would know that placing them in this context is a complete absurdity, they are about as far from a skinhead band as it's possible to get.

Interestingly enough, fellow on-screen skinheads Brian Brophy and Dennis Ott were both in the classic Road House (1989) - the same year as Skinheads. The great year of 1989 of course. The movie industry sure is funny, isn't it? The main reason we rented this is because of the presence of fan favorite Chuck Connors, and while he's decent in it, it's not really one of Chuck's best. The movie on the whole doesn't SAY anything about the skinhead subculture, it doesn't illuminate anything, or offer any solutions. But it does have a Motorhead-like song that plays often with some crazy guitar solos. Not that a low-budget exploitation movie directed by Greydon Clark has to be some sort of socially redeeming thing, but there's seriously nothing here except mindless chases that wear on the viewer very quickly.

Far from the "Second Coming of Hate", as the movie's subtitle promises (unless it's referring to how you'll feel about the movie after watching it), Skinheads is dumb when it doesn't have to be. A shame, really.

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Bloody (but tamely) awful

Author: jamie.medhurst from london, england
16 March 2001

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

**SPOILERS**Pretty terrible movie that must have been a carear low point for barbara bain (I'm sure Conners has been in just as bad). They are the two mature leads who help the kids battle the skinheads. The acting is universally bad and the plot as dumb as it gets. It's quite tame really and the deaths are all a bit "naff". Spoiller alert!The heroine, the in her fifties but still lovely Barbara Bain, I thought might save the film but her tough cafe owner soon becomes a "please don't hurt me" wreck when confronted by a 16 year old skinhead girl and when she is killed off by the girl, who slitts her throat, it is possibly the least realistic death scene in the movies, it looks like she's just drawn a red crayon across bain's neck!And hey this isn't Physco, what are you doing killing off your female lead after half an hour. All round awful and you'll look back and think what a waste of an hour and a half of my life!

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Chuck does it again!

Author: two-ton from Hollywood
9 May 1999

Chuck at his best. This is one of "The Rifleman's" last films. He plays a good guy who helps some kids being chased by skinheads. Chuck is by far the most believable character in this less than good film. It would be terrible if it didn't have Mr. Connors acting.

A must see for any Chuck Connors fan.

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A Bucket Of S..H.I.T has more depth than movie!

Author: James Bourke ( from Scotland
23 July 2003

Please forgive my summary note, as to be honest, ever since my teenage years, my time has been spent watching movies not necessarily of this genre, but in the way they were made. The director Greydon Clarke, whose catalogue of films have never been blockbusters, have always contained ideas far beyond the box office buck.

Movies that come to mind "Joysticks" (A Comedy) "The Warning" (A horror) Clarke was never one to shy away from the topics favoured by the audience of today or even yesterday, as Clarke learned his craft from the grand Master Himself "Al Adamson" (If you Haven't seen it, check out "Cinderella 2000")

Anyway, sidetracking aside, does Skinheads have anything to offer, to the undemanding film fan, there in lies the hook. Yes this film arrived here first long before "Romper Stomper" or even "Pariah" The Acting isn't isn't bad, the likes of Brian Brophy, Gene Mitchell and Frank Noon are no shots in the dark, however as is the case with film's of this nature, and please take into account, that no film with such subject matter would ever see the break of dawn if it were not for the participation of (Apologies) has been stars, or more politely put stars of yesterday, Chuck Connors or Barbara Bain.

Film Directors like Al Adamson or even Fred Olen Ray have always used this ploy to sell their movies, the storyline might be weak but as long as you have a headliner, or someone whom the budget could afford why not sell that movie for all it's worth.

Storyline wise, does a storyline exist, yes of course it does, but a film with a limited budget, cannot really propel true depth into character or story if the money is not there, yes i know this not an epic retelling of the Greatest Story Ever Told, but like i've always said, admiration must always go towards the man or woman who ever gets the chance to make that movie, no matter if that movie less depth than a bucket of S.H.I.T!

However lets be honest, admirers of bad movies everywhere should rejoice, as bad as it is, sit back with a six pack and enjoy, as i have when i tried to write this review. As a footnote may i recommend the movie "Flipping" directed by Gene Mitchell, whom i'm sure gleaned some inspiration for his movie making debut.

4 out of 10

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An American Masterpiece

Author: bardenburke from United States
14 March 2006

While it may be a stretch to call Skinheads: The Second Coming of Hate the greatest American film of all time, it's much of one. This film tackles the troubling questions that Neonazism posed to our culture in the late 1980s in an unblinking fashion that throws fear completely aside. Unlike later films that dealt had skinhead-related subject matters such as American History X, Skinheads: The Second Coming of Hate does not try to preach to its audience. It simply portrays Skinheads as the ruthless Hitler-loving killers they are. Skinheads: The Second Coming of Hate also features what is probably Chuck Connors' finest performance. Connors was an American treasure and without a doubt the greatest film actor this nation has ever produced. To say that this film contains his finest performance is to say that this film contains what may very well be the greatest acting tour de force ever caught upon film. It is a modern tragedy that Skinheads: The Second Coming of Hate is rarely, if ever, mentioned as one of the great films of the 1980s let alone one of the great American films of all times.

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