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One of Bert's better ones

Author: frankfob from California
25 December 2002

After years of churning out cheap, badly made sci-fi "epics," director Bert Gordon turned to sex comedies and "erotic" thrillers. I haven't seen any of his sex comedies yet--I shudder to imagine what they're like--but this combination horror/softcore sex film was surprisingly better than I expected. Few modern actors can do world-weary burn-outs better than Robert Forster, and the combination of his solid acting skills and the staggeringly beautiful Lydie Denier in various states of nudity more than make up for the script's shortcomings, which really aren't as overwhelming as Gordon's usual opuses. The story is actually a bit more coherent than you'd expect in a Bert Gordon film, there's a fair amount of tension and suspense throughout, and as noted, Denier thankfully begins to strip down whenever the picture starts to lag. Overall it's really not that bad, and worth a look.

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All hail Lydie-- er, I mean, Satan!

Author: tom-286 from A remote cabin in the wilderness
9 October 1999

Apart from the always solid, Robert Forster, this film features some very telegraphed performances, an uneven script, connect-the-dots direction and the sizzling Lydie Denier, who steals the show every time she peels off an article of clothing, which is in just about every second scene. Kudos to director Bert Gordon for at least understanding that when you're dealt a bad script, there's always the lovely Lydie to keep the interest levels up.

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Robert Forster is a true pro

Author: udar55 from Williamsburg, VA
21 October 2011

Burnt out retired cop Lou Cherney (Robert Forster) reluctantly takes the case of a missing 19-year-old girl. He has no clues until a model is killed in downtown L.A. and a search of her apartment produces a picture of the missing girl. This leads Lou to a modeling agency run by Nicole St. James (Lydie Denier), who just may or may not be a soulless human (like everyone else in the fashion industry). This was Bert I. Gordon's last film to date and nary a colossal beast is seen during its quick running time. Instead, audiences get a real genre blender that is part cop flick, part satanic possession flick, part softcore Skinemax outing, and part monster movie. Perhaps the most surprising aspect of it is that that Forster really gives his all for the performance of the wounded ex- cop. There is also a good performance given by the kid who plays Cherney's retarded son (Phillip Glasser, who did the voice of Fievel in the AN American TAIL flicks). Denier is stunning, but has a really thick French accent that makes her "w" heavy dialog rough to hear. Gordon is definitely trying to deliver a competitive modern flick with all the T&A on display (including a Forster/Denier sex scene where he slaps her ass), but it is surprisingly low on blood. Well, until the end where St. James rips off her skin to reveal a goofy SPECIES-looking dread-locked beast underneath.

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Sleazy Fun from Bert I. Gordon

Author: Miyagis_Sweaty_wifebeater ( from Sacramento, CA
7 October 2003

Master shlock film-maker Bert I. Gordon makes a return to the director's chair for this sleaze classic. Satan's Princess is portrayed by Lydie Denier (man she's HOT!)and Robert Forester stars as mr. a detective looking for a missing girl (she looks waaay to old for a runaway). The path to the young woman's disapperance leads him right into the arms of Lydie (lucky Chump). Satan's Princess feature's adequate directing, hammy acting and a pedestrian script. But it all takes a back seat whenever Lydie makes a very welcomed apperence.

I like It!


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And her name was Lydie Denier.

Author: HumanoidOfFlesh from Chyby, Poland
17 December 2010

Retired police detective Lou Cherney is searching for his missing daughter.Lou finds that the missing girl has been taken as the lesbian lover of Canadian modelling agency owner Nicole St James,the titular Satan's Princess of black magic.I wanted to see "Satan's Princess" because of Lydie Denier.She and Sherilyn Fenn were the sexiest actresses of late 80's and early 90's."Satan's Princess" mixes crime thriller genre with occult horror.There is plenty of violence and naked female flesh provided by Denier.Unfortunately the climax is utterly hysterical and stupid.Still if you are a fan of Lydie Denier you can't miss this enjoyable exploitation film.8 sexy demons out of 10.

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Early 90's darkness.

Author: insomniac_rod from Noctropolis
7 December 2008

I caught this movie at 3:00 a.m. on local t.v. I didn't know the premise or anything about it but it got my attention with the typical early 90's sleaze and cheese.

The plot is something we have seen before in many 80's efforts but what makes it interesting on this case is the sexy-wicked performance by Lydie. How hot is she?. There are other aspects to consider like decent gore that looks like syrup, steamy sexual situations, cheesy rock music, and strange performances.

This isn't by means a movie I could recommend to you fellow Horror fans, I could only recommend it if you are into early 90's Horror (very peculiar).

If you can stand cheese and sleaze, this may please you.

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*1/2 out of 4.

Author: Brandon L. Sites ( from USA
20 August 2002

A burnt out cop (Robert Forster) searching for a missing woman runs afoul of a woman possessed by a demon that seduces men into her lair and then brutally kills them. Why Caren Kaye and Robert Forster ever made this beyond me. They do what they can, but they are not enough to keep one entertained in this poorly made, cheap looking film with scant effects. Rated R; Sexual Situations, Graphic Violence, and Profanity.

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