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  • After a successful deployment of the Robocop Law Enforcement unit, OCP sees its goal of urban pacification come closer and closer, but as this develops, a new narcotic known as "Nuke" invades the streets led by God-delirious leader Cane. As this menace grows, it may prove to be too much for Murphy to handle. OCP tries to replicate the success of the first unit, but ends up with failed prototypes with suicidal issues... until Dr. Faxx, a scientist straying away from OCP's path, uses Cane as the new subject for the Robocop 2 project, a living God.

    - Written by Aldo Della Rocca
  • With Omni Consumer Products (OCP) on the verge of finally owning Detroit, its attempts to duplicate the Robocop process fail (with homicidal and suicidal results). Dr. Faxx, newly appointed head of the Robocop project, believes in using dead drug addicts rather than dead cops for their next cyborg and screens for the right subject. Meanwhile, Nuke, the most addictive illegal drug ever to hit the streets, proliferates thanks to the delusionally messianic Cain and his ruthless followers. Run-ins between Robocop/Murphy and Cain leave Murphy dismantled and Cain dead. Whereas Faxx takes the opportunity to undermine Murphy's programming by instilling a plethora of politically correct directives, she finally gets her candidate for Robocop 2 and creates a superior cyborg that's homicidally hard-up for a fix.

    - Written by statmanjeff
  • Murphy the cyborg cop is back on the streets. OCP, his manufacturer, is unable to replicate the process to make more just like him due to a series of suicides by their subjects. They decide to try a drug addict as a base for their next, stronger, bigger cyborg. Murphy, meanwhile, is rebuilt with additions to his programming, which has both funny and tragic results.

    - Written by John Vogel <jlvogel@comcast.net>
  • Once again Detroit is ridden by a gang of drug dealers, and Robocop is the only one who can do something about it. When Cain, the chief of the gang, is killed during his confrontation with Robocop, OCP (the company that runs the police) transforms him into Robocop 2, a new android much stronger than the first. Now Murphy has to face him again, because Cain didn't forget who he was.

    - Written by Chris Makrozahopoulos <makzax@hotmail.com>
  • A few months after Robocop defeats Clarence Boddicker and Dick Jones, several issues make his job far from done. The Detroit police are on strike, crime is rampant, and OCP is both developing a new cyborg officer to replace Murphy and readying to begin construction of Delta City to replace Detroit. To make matters worse, a new group of criminals, led by a man named Cain, spread a new drug called "Nuke" about the city. Robocop/Murphy and partner Anne Lewis must get the Detroit police back on its feet, defy OCP, and stop Cain (but OCP may even have some special plans for Cain as well).

    - Written by John Wiggins / revised by statmanjeff
  • Cyborg law enforcer RoboCop protects the citizens of Detroit by taking on a powerful drug syndicate, while a renegade OCP executive tries to create a new, superior RoboCop using a crime lord as its subject.


The story opens with a Media Break news report which shows that living conditions in Detroit have not improved since the introduction of RoboCop...

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