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Alternate Versions

The UK VHS video release features a number of cuts for violence:
  • A carjacking technique is missing

  • A hooker pokes the a thief in the face with the heel of her shoe

  • Duffy's face being smashed in glass is less shorter

  • Duffy's death is shorter, including a line of dialogue spoken by Angie being lost

  • Anne and Robo shooting bad guys and bloody exit wounds is missing

  • Angie's death is less graphic. Robocop 2 breaks Angie's neck; this was cut.

Some theatrical releases show the chief surgeon handling Cain's cut and hollowed head to the female OCP executive, right after the shot of the test tube with the villain's brains and eyes in it. This shot is missed in almost all the TV releases
The German theatrical and video release (FSK 18) was cut in several places, which, among the others, are:
  • In the scene, where two hookers beat up a guy, the heel hit in the eye is missing.

  • The scene where a boy shoots Robocop in the head is cut.

  • Bits of strangulation of Lewis by the boy are cut.

  • The cutting open of Duffy's chest is removed.

  • In the scene of the league team holdup, the beating of the shop owner by a little girl is cut.

  • In the scene, where Cain's girlfriend is killed, the neck breaking sound was removed, as well as throwing her on the floor. Altogether, ca. 50 seconds were removed. The DVD version has a "JK" rating and is the first uncut release of the film in Germany.

In Sweden, 84 seconds had to go for the theatrical release, the removed footage is: The killing of the gun store owner. Shootings during the drug factory raid. Cain shooting the woman with the child. Some shootings in the drug factory raid. Lewis shooting a sniper thug. Some following shootings. Cain shooting the thugs in the warehouse. The rental is the same version.
The Finnish theatrical version was cut by 26 seconds, the rental is cut by additional 2 minutes and 14 seconds.
Was initially rated R18+ in Australia for theaters, but Roadshow, the local distributor, decided to cut the film down to a wider M15+ rating to get more people to see the film. Most of the cuts were to the gory/bloody shoot-outs and impact shots of the wounds. The cuts were restored for an R18+ video.
In total, the BBFC made 9 cuts amounting to 31 seconds for the UK cinema release. An additional cut of 4 seconds was made to the UK video version, to remove the technique used by a car thief during one of the fake adverts.
The German video release of RoboCop 2 has been shortened to 83 min. in order to get a "not under 16 yrs."-rating. Nearly all violent scenes had been cut (e.g. shoot-out in the garage).
Another bit was cut from the UK video version when Cain and his goons escape from the drug house at the beginning. When Cain opens the car door, he finds a Chinese woman babbling incomprehensibly and shoots her. The shooting was cut, though it was shown on UK network TV, along with Duffy's death, in full.
Passed uncut as an 18 certificate by BBFC in October 2001
A scene involving Cain taunting a life size model of RoboCop at the OCP building was cut. The Robo model can be seen in the background of another shot where they're discussing the failed RoboCop 2 projects.

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