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Hatchet II Pulled from Theatres in Canada / New 30-Second Spot

Unfortunate news today for our friends in the Great White North ... Adam Green's Hatchet II has been pulled from theatres. Sucks, yes, and even more of a reason why change is so important pertaining to the way things are done.

Adam Green, posted the following message in his Twitter account:

"For those asking, yes Montreal and Toronto have apparently pulled Hatchet II due to confusion on the non-rating. But please don't blame the cinemas. It's not their fault that they could be fined for playing an unrated film. Thank them for trying! But this is why we need Change! USA fans, please buy tickets to Hatchet II and support unrated original horror. Every ticket counts! All love."

Every ticket does count. Please do your part for unrated horror. It's not too late. Guarantee your seat before you go and avoid a sold-out show. Buy your tickets at Fandango.

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Support Unrated Horror! See Hatchet II This Weekend On Us!

For the past several weeks we've been talking about why you should go see Hatchet II this weekend. We've even asked that if it's not playing by you to support it anyway by going online and buying a ticket to send a message to Hollywood and the MPAA that there Is a market for unrated horror. Now we're putting Our money where our mouths are!

All weekend Starting Today at 5:00 Pm Pst, we'll be giving away two AMC gift cards good for two tickets each to go and see Hatchet II and support the cause. All you have to do to win one is simple. Just Tweet and ReTweet the following:

Win 2 pairs of #Hatchet2 tix 2day at 5p Pt. Follow @dreadcentral and ReTweet this.

If you don't have a Twitter account, just hit that link and sign up. It takes two seconds. Winners will be chosen at random.
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Hatchet II, Unrated Horror, and Your Chance to Change the Rules

We've all been there. Come with me back to 1988. Sitting in a darkened theatre waiting for Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood to begin. There was lots of butchering that went on in this film, but it wasn't Jason doing it. Fast forward to Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan. Throats get slit but don't bleed. Heads get knocked off dry and clean. Was it Mr. Voorhees that was bloodthirsty, or was it the MPAA?

These are just two examples of how this group of people have been collectively neutering not only some of our favorite movies but also the visions of many great artists out there who are proud to be working in our genre.

Working on various sites over the last ten years and finally ending up here at Dread Central, I've had the benefit of working with and listening to a lot of fans and professionals.
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Hatchet II Director and Cast Members to Appear at Showings Nationwide

As if anyone needs more incentive to see Hatchet II on its opening weekend besides it being Unrated, how about the opportunity to watch it with either the director, Adam Green, or one of its stars? If you live in or around New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Tampa, or Orlando, that opportunity is yours courtesy of Dark Sky Films!

Here are the details:

In anticipation of the upcoming October 1st release of Hatchet II, the film's cast and director will be making special appearances at midnight and opening weekend showings across the country.

Moviegoers in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Tampa and Orlando will be treated to appearances by director Adam Green and the cast of Hatchet II - including horror icons Danielle Harris (Rob Zombie's Halloween & Halloween II), Kane Hodder (Friday The 13th VII & VIII; Jason Goes To Hell; Jason X), Tony Todd (Candyman), and R.A. Mihailoff
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