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Low budget gem....
merklekranz1 January 2008
The movie with a terrible title, "Pucker up and Bark Like a Dog", has a lot of heart. The obvious enthusiasm shines through, and character development is very good. Jonathan Gries and Lisa Zane have nice chemistry, Robert Culp, Paul Bartel, and Phylis Diller have minor parts, while Barney Martin absolutely steals the movie as a tough but ultimately compassionate boss. The film would have benefited from some trimming, such as the underground club scene. Even with it's budget constraints, P.U.A.B.L.A.D. is above average entertainment, and way above the typical low budget film. Offbeat and recommended for admirers of the strange. - MERK
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be warned: this is a dog
LtdTimeAuthor24 March 2005
The comment is intended primarily as a warning for anyone who just happens to see this film displayed in a videostore. Not only is this low-budget film terribly unfunny and amateurishly made, but the cover art on the front of the video box has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the actual movie. So you should be wary: this cheaply made film with a provocative title is a dog without a bark in more ways than one. The cast combines marginally-talented has-beens such as Robert Culp (I Spy), Isabel Sanford (The Jeffersons) , Phyllis Diller and the late punk-rocker/PETA activist Wendy O. Williams with deservedly-unknowns (everybody else).
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Horrible name for a wonderful movie....
Delilah-Tina16 April 1999
Who named this movie? And why did they do it? Terrible name, and the scene it's based on could have easily been edited out. Jonathan Gries is WONDERFUL as Max .. he really shines in this role, and I wish he could have had MANY others like it. I'll have to watch it about ten more times before I can give a truly informed opinion of it, though ;-)
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