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Character error 

When she's in the bathtub sing "Kiss", Vivian sings the same line twice.
The final line of the opera La Traviata is missing - Violeta's doctor sings that she is dead (E' spenta).


The pancake Vivian is eating was, for most of the scene, a croissant. Director Garry Marshall said he liked the performance she gave in the latter part of the scene better, so the croissant magically becomes a pancake, which she began to eat as they did more takes. While this may be the case, there is still a continuity issue. In the first scene with the pancake, she takes a second bite. In the next scene with the pancake in her hand, there is only one bite missing. Not only that, but the the pancake with one bite missing has a different bite pattern and is clearly a different pancake.
When Vivian is offering Edward a choice of condoms, she is holding four colored condoms (other than the gold circle condom). In one shot, Vivian in holding the condoms in a certain order. In the next shot, they are in a different order and then in the third shot, they are back in the same order as in the first shot.
When Vivian and Edward first enter the penthouse suite the curtains onto the balcony are pale the next morning at breakfast they are blue.
When Edward drives up to Vivian's apartment at the end, she quickly pulls the ponytail holder off her hair and messes it up with her hand. But in the next shot, she is standing smiling and her hair is perfectly neat.
When Vivian finds Edward sleeping, she has a long white nightgown on when she comes in the room. She kisses him and they begin to make love. When Edward pulls her nightgown over her head, it is now a camisole.
When Edward gives Barney the ruby necklace and earring set to be returned to the jeweller, a large ruby is missing from the front of one of the earrings.
As Vivian walks into the hotel after her shopping spree, her purse switches from under one arm to under the other.
The clothes Vivian is holding at the lift when leaving Edward.
The sorbets in the silver dishes disappear and reappear during dinner.
Edward unfolds the same letter twice.
When Vivian and Edward are in the penthouse and Edwards gives Vivian $100, she puts the money down in her boot. After the champagne is delivered to the hotel suite she takes off her boots and the money is nowhere to be seen.
Orientation of Vivian's walkman as she's having a bath.
Edward's tie, collar, zipper, shoes, and socks when Vivian is undressing him.
Edward's briefcase when talking to the concierge.
Vivian's head after the piano scene.
During the polo match Edward is shown wearing a straight-collar and the tie that Vivian gave to him as a gift, tied with a half-windsor. A later shot shows Edward with a spread-collar and that same tie, but with a full-windsor knot. As the scene progresses, the shot of Edward alternates back and forth between the straight and spread-collar (even with a shot of the spread-collar with a half-windsor knot).
Vivian has Band-Aids on her toes at the polo game, but not when she removes her shoes again at the hotel.
Edward is wearing a vest when they leave the hotel, then in the limo on the way to the Blue Banana, the vest is gone, and then when he confronts the thugs in the alley, he's wearing it again (Garry Marshall said it kept bunching up in the limo scene, so he took it out).
When Philip Stuckey tells Vivian that "this is not a home, this is a hotel room and you're not the little woman," the champagne glass Stuckey holds goes from his right hand to his left hand in between shots as he sits on the couch next to Vivian.
At breakfast after the first night the arrangement of objects on the table changes between shots.

Crew or equipment visible 

When Edward is in his office, a crewmember with a reflector board is reflected in the window.
Tire tracks from the camera vehicle can be seen in the grass in the brief shot of polo players moving toward the camera.
In the beginning when Edward is talking to Jessica on the phone, you can see a reflection in the glass of a crew member to the right of Edward.
When Vivian is being shown table etiquette by Barney, the Hotel manager. The camera pulls back as if it's on the end of a long boom rather than a dolly. You can tell it's a long boom because of all the up and down shaking which gets worse and worse.

Errors in geography 

Supposedly flying north from Los Angeles to San Francisco, the plane is shown with the sun setting off the starboard wing.
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Revealing mistakes 

When we first see Vivian in bed, she's wearing bikini panties. When she rolls over, the line of an elastic band is visible across her stomach, revealing that Julia Roberts (or her body double) changed from briefs to the fancy underwear just before the scene.
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The goof items below may give away important plot points.


Philip Stuckey loses his watch when he attacks Vivian, but has it back soon after.


In the last scene when he "rescues" her on the fire escape, camera shots from her window show the ground as being dry even though it has been raining. Shots from the ground looking up at the fire escape show the ground as wet.


At the very beginning of the film, Vivian's right hand can be seen using a black Magic Marker to color in the scuff marks on her boots, however both Vivian and Julia Roberts are left-handed, as can be seen at the end of the film when Vivian is writing in a notepad when Phil arrives.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

The use of 2 limousines is not a goof. The gray Cadillac limo in the first part of the film was one leased by Edward for the week. The white Lincoln at the end belongs to the hotel, and the hotel driver took Edward to where he had dropped off Vivian earlier.

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