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Alternate Versions

The Australian Special Edition DVD released in 2005 is classified MA, but is uncut like the previous R classified version. It is not to be confused with the cut M classified version available on video.
VCD (Video CD) by Video Van is 103 minutes long and is heavily censored:
  • Some violence is intact while other parts are edited
  • Most of the profanity is left in the film
  • Danny Glover has unmasked the alien to curse at it,
  • the scene cuts to Predator throwing Danny Glover across the room.
The German VHS rental release was cut by 1,5 minutes to secure a "Not under 18" rating. The uncut version was released on DVD with a SPIO/JK approval, later also on Blu-ray. In 2010, due to the release of Predators (2010), Fox released a heavily cut version (missing ca. 9 minutes of footage) on DVD, rated "Not under 16". In 2014, the film was removed from the index for youth endangering media and the uncut version was rated "Not under 18" by the FSK.
On initial OFLC classification in Australia, the film received an R classification. In order to bring the classification down to M, several scenes were cut for violence/language. The following scenes have now been re-instated for the R classified 2001 DVD release:
  • Bullet hits are no longer hidden with white flashes during the opening shootout
  • Two of the gang members at the start of the film sniff some cocaine while loading up their weaponry
  • In Harrigan's conversation with one of his superiors, he uses the words: "Cutting off my dick and shoving it up my ass"
  • The shot of the sacrificial knife entering Ramon Vega's stomach
  • Another shot of the character who is "netted" to the wall, this time being sprayed with gunfire from his friends
  • Another gang member is impaled on the Predator's wrist blade and lifted into the air
  • Keyes' death is now fully restored
  • Jerry is startled by a skinned body hanging from the roof

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