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Sex & Nudity

  • Still shot of the back of a woman in lingerie, showing her butt and legs.
  • A woman roller-skates by the camera in a bikini.
  • A woman wears a low cut top showing cleavage.
  • Men peep at a woman while she undresses. She is shown in thong-leotard type lingerie. She then catches them watching her.
  • A man reaches to caress the knee of a woman sitting in a short skirt with her legs crossed, and she slaps his hand away.
  • A woman roller-skates on the street wearing a barrel and traditional German lederhosen top. People on the street react strongly to her, but it's unclear if she's supposed to be naked beneath the barrel. No nudity shown.
  • A man grabs a woman's clothed butt and she slaps him.
  • A dog sees a beautiful woman and says, "Wow, if she were a dog, we'd be in heat!". He then follows her and looks up her dress, saying "I love the view, but more! more!". The camera shows down the back of the inside of her dress: shows her lingerie covered butt and her legs. The dog then rips off her dress, and the woman is shown topless in panties. Her breasts are briefly shown as she reacts with shock and covers them.
  • Continued scene... A topless woman falls in a hole filled with "wet cement". She stands up in the hole all wet in her panties and arms still covering her breasts. A dog says "What a bod! I wish I weren't a dog!"
  • A man and woman are in bed together hugging and kissing. A woman comes in and speaks to them. The man says, "I know a place we can hide for one last quickie".

Violence & Gore

  • Slapstick physical comedy: people tripping, crashing, falling, etc.
  • (Somewhat comically) A man stumbles into a grill, lighting his butt on fire. He then jumps in a muddy pool while writhing in pain to put it out
  • A man in a wheel chair is accidentally pushed through a railing and over a ledge.
  • A man stabs another man in the chest with a sword.
  • Two men fight with wrestling and fists while a female onlooker screams. A man is thrown through walls.
  • A man gets hit by a convertible car and tumbles into the back seat, seemingly unharmed.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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