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Screw the critics, pop the top on a brewski, kick back and enjoy.
George Parker10 June 2002
"Navy SEALS" is a fun escapist Hollywood testosterone rush packed with action and built around a thin story about a SEALS team which goes after some Stinger missels which have fallen into the hands of mid-East terrorists. The film features some great stunts, lots of pyrotechnics, and firefights galore as it shows SEALS in a variety of combat missions including high altitude and undersea insertion platforms. A critically panned flick but a great watch for military action junkies.
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Mindless but Entertaining Action Flick
andyetris21 April 2003
This is a rah-rah, gung-ho actioner and as long as that's what you're looking for, you'll have a good time watching this fast-paced story of the white hats versus the black hats.

Sheen, Biehn, Whalley, Kadi, and Paxton do workmanlike jobs with stereotypical roles. The plot is all formula but treated in a slightly unusual way and the action sequences are excellent. U.S. Navy SEALS (The good guys) stumble on a cache of weapons in the hands of mideastern terrorists (the bad guys.) The first attempt to get the goods fails, and in the process of tracking down the cache, everybody's best buddy dies (see if you can guess who THAT would be!) There are more tragic deaths before the finale, which, of course, includes hand-to-hand combat between boss baddie and our hero.

This is very definitely a promo for the U.S. Navy, with terrific shots of U.S. weapons, heroic depictions of our boys in action, and simple, demonized baddies. But if that kind of thing sets you off, it should be pretty obvious that this is not the film for you!
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Excellent Movie.
ikari1356 March 2002
Like the previous person's comments, this was like the "Top Gun" on the ground. He just forgot to also mention that it was also done in the Sea and in the Air. I feel that it was similar also to Chuck Norris' Delta Force; however, it was alot more realistic. Well, the actors in this film did a wonderful job of portraying the actions of the elite Navy SEAL teams. This movie should serve as a testament to the courage and valor displayed by all of the great Special Operations and Special Forces teams of the Armed Forces. The characters were really believable and the script was top-notch. Those who are from the Hampton Roads area of Virginia (like myself) will definitely notice many of the stateside locales. You could definitely watch this movie over and over again! It definitely provides a boost of adrenaline to all couch potatoes and action junkies, not to mention any of those who have either served in the military or were born in military households like myself!
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A fun movie
larabeeslady8 March 2004
This is one of those action films I can watch with any of my guy friends and everyone's happy. It's a good, old-fashioned action-adventure movie. Michael Biehn delivers the same kind of reliable performance he always does and Charlie Sheen does just fine as well. (I won't comment on the director except to say that I've also seen his previous claim to fame, "The Lady In Red," a simply abysmal film starring Pamela Sue Martin and Robert Conrad.) Thanks to the stubbornness and tenacity of the cast, though, "Navy SEALs" went through a lot of revisions (which you'll see if you ever see any of the script drafts, reader's coverage, or the novelization) and actually came out as a straightforward, enjoyable actioner that's still watchable after more than 10 years.
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A very watchable action movie
John J. Zich30 August 2001
OK, I'll try to comment mostly on the music cause enough has been said about this movie. I think it's a very watchable action movie (despite some flaws). Yes, it's not too realistic, but such a movie would most probably be boring (check how it worked out in The Finest Hour). Yes, it's not too deep, but come on, which action movie is (e.g. what's so deep about characters in Die Hard? nobody complains about that and they shouldn't)? Please take into consideration some other action movie involving the SEALS e.g. The Rock - the unwatchable Michael Bay/Nicholas Cage exploding blockbuster escapade which somehow has over 7.0 rating.

The most positive thing about this movie are the great action scenes which look pretty realistic (the gunfights in Beirut, for example). Nice use of the camera (although it looks a bit 'TV' in some places) and very authentic looking scenery (with some nice details, e.g. like that destroyed Israeli M113 in the background).

But the amazing thing is (personally) one of the best music scores in an action movie ever (which unfortunately I can't seem to find anywhere). I mean, Sylvester Levy really did his job right. Every time they head for action, they are followed by excellent instrumental scores which give this film and the scenery much more depth (my favorite one plays when they are running for the shore). Unbelievably good.

So, must have seen it a couple of dozen times and still like to watch it for the above reasons. It's not a deep movie, just good war action and great music. I enjoy(ed) it. Maybe you will, too. Personally, I'd rate it as 6, objectively at 5, IMDb 7 at least (should have more since atrocities like The Rock get 7.3 average).
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Not great, but decent
Aglandiir3 June 2004
First off, I'd like to correct the poster below me who said that God "Had a sniper rifle that fired tiny grenades." God was armed with a Barrett M-82A1 .50 caliber BMG. It is a current special forces rifle and is fully capable of (and often used for) putting a bullet all the way through a truck's engine, a foot of solid metal plate, or, as often shown in the movie, wimpy little concrete or cement block walls.


This movie is certainly not a feast for the brain, but neither is it intellectually devoid. The issue with the journalist in the movie is startlingly relevant in today's world, for example. I doubt it was intentional; it's likely that it was put in as a weak attempt at adding conflict and depth to a flat script. But hey, take what you can get, right?

The real strong point of this movie, for me, is the set design. This was shot back in the old days, when neat backdrops couldn't just be drawn in with computers over a bluescreen. The Beirut scene at the end of "Navy SEALs" has some of the best *real* urban combat sets I've ever seen, right up there with the Hue scene at the end of "Full Metal Jacket"... though not quite as good.

I don't know if the sets alone make this movie worth watching, but they do for me. It's generally mindless action, but that doesn't mean that it's without substance; just because "Navy SEALs" doesn't meet the standards of a "great" movie, with well-developed characters and all that junk, doesn't mean it's awful. "Navy SEALs" doesn't include much script depth because it really doesn't need to. That isn't the point. Do you think that real Navy SEALs would make well-rounded characters in the Hollywood sense? These soldiers *can't* have strife within the team, *can't* have little internal conflicts that, in most movies, would be considered interesting. That just isn't realistic.
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This is a great movie that people will enjoy for Decades
xbrad687 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Navy Seals is really enjoyable to watch. Charlie Sheen looks over the top in a way that Football playing Jocks like. The Character of God with the .50 caliber sniper rifle is interesting.

As American Shadow Vice President I was just told the new code to the American Nuclear War Football, its so long that it now has to be written down. If Russia launches a nuclear first strike against America then I Brad HD Morgan in advance give the order for a defensive nuclear strike by the United States of America against the aggressor Nation. The code for the American Nuclear War Football is: "Motivation is a big word forge R EAM Day U Stoners Orcas I Seal Just. Connfidence JFK is high. There's trouble in Russia Pattern. Strike. Strike. Strike." I apologize in advance to my boss American Shadow President Jack Kennedy for writing F I dense JFK. JFK did well repeating Latin like I did well repeating French. I apologize to Green Day for hinting that they are stoners. The Stoner is the name for an old Navy Seal assault rifle as well. I am law abiding. Its the old story, what if the American Leadership was in a foreign nation and had to issue nuclear strike orders and that foreign nation tried to arrest the American leadership. The American and British nuclear deterrents are the only thing keeping the free world free.

There are other Charlie Sheen Movies worth watching also.
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Good as an Action movie
Jarkko Anttila23 March 2004
Lewis Teague has made a bunch of average movies. This movie doesn't offer anything new, but as an action flick, it might be a legend for somebody. It's a great story about " America's secret weapon", Navy Seals. Casting is very impressive, including stars like Michael Biehn, Charlie Sheen and Bill Paxton. character development is minimal which is very understandable, after all it's all about action and little humor. Michael Biehn makes the most realistic performance from the cast, as a tough lieutanent. On the other hand, Charlie Sheen concentrates on joking in his role. Bill Paxton has got sadly only a minor role with hardly no lines at all. Movie is all about action, but good kind of. Worth watching.

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Nothing Special But Entertaining
gigan-9214 July 2011
Ah, the 80s, watching this movie I never felt gladder to leave that decade behind. There's not much to get about this movie from the start. It was mad simply to be loud and entertaining. It fumbles in so many aspects, notably that many of the service men's' antics would lead to court-martial in reality. The 80s music that plays constantly is annoying, ruining even the supposedly tragic moments. Michael Biehn is no doubt a good actor, but the writing doesn't offer his character anything emotionally. Charlie Sheen is enjoyably over the top in his shenanigans, from jumping off bridges to avoid weddings to leaping onto a tow truck to get his beloved car back. Naturally, he's too cool to die in this not so convoluted story.

The only character I really enjoyed was Bill Paxton as "God", how awesome. A ridiculous movie by all means; just how so many stars were sucked into this low level production I'm not entirely sure.
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ok, it's not that bad
xeneize0071 December 2001
Warning: Spoilers
you can't watch a commandos film and expect to see a godfather with SMG's. It's quite different to any other film of this kind; there are no nukes or chemical or bio weapons on this one: they chase simple stinger ground to air missiles, what any terrorist nowadays can have. Also there is no big explosion at the end or a pumped up villain or troopers, they're the average man, and their operations and equipment should be the one the real SEALs use. But i believe that Charlie Sheen's character is out of place, i really hated him from the beginning, and even more after he caused the big black guy's death. What a jerk! A court martial over there! He believes he can do anything he wants and nothing can stop him, also it was a very exaggerated perfomance by Sheen, i rather see him telling jokes than shooting arabs. A good film anyway for someone who needs a doses of testosterone, average than it's brothers.
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A classic
sgtmac2 July 2001
While one can poke fun at Navy SEALS all day, the fact remains that it is a classic in modern military movies. Of course it's cheesy, and of course it's unrealistic at times, but I've known several SEALS who resemble these characters. The first half of the movie is great, especially the first 10 minutes. The second half drags a bit. Charlie Sheen and Michael Biehn are at their best. Bill Paxton, though under-used, shines as "God". The soundtrack is killer. I saw this movie several times at the theater, and the best time was when I saw it at Fort Bragg where the crowd erupted during the airdrop scene! I love this movie, despite it's obvious flaws.
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Michael Biehn is amazing
Kyle Reese21 April 2001
The film was better than I expected, I didn't think I'd enjoy it that much. I only bought it because I knew Michael Biehn was in it, but I really enjoyed the film. The highlight being when Biehn has had the morphine, he is a joy to watch in that car chase. Charlie Sheen's character was annoying and Bill Paxton was wasted. A good blast!
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OK action navy movie...
dwpollar10 April 2010
1st watched 4/7/2010 -- 4 out of 10 (Dir-Lewis Teague): OK action navy movie about a group of Navy SEALS that find some missiles at a location where a terrorist was holding an American hostage. They get the hostage out but fail to blow up the missiles which causes them to have to do a few other missions to accomplish this major task. The movie stars Charlie Sheen and Michael Biehn as members of a small Navy SEAL group. Sheen's character is a little more rambunctious and tends to make quick decisions while the leader, played by Biehn, is the one that follows the book. Biehn's character is the one that decided to not blow up the missiles initially despite Sheen's character wanting to. Sheen later makes some bad decisions as well that makes them even and they both carry a little guilt into their next assignments. That's really about it for this movie. There are other characters like one member who is about ready to get married, reluctantly(but it never happens) and a part-Lebanese reporter, played by Joanne Whaley-Kilmer, who helps provide info for the cause but otherwise doesn't provide much for the movie, unfortunately. Pretty bland characters overall despite some good action sequences. The lack of character development doesn't make you care much for the characters and that's where it fails. An OK waste of a couple hours if you like these kind of movies and don't mind the cardboard characters.
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Top Gun on the ground
svenskaflicka902102 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I can't believe why some people hate this movie that much? I really can't.

It is Very entertaining. And it is very action-packed-pewee.

But all the feminist also shall have some masculine movie to hate, I think it is this one.

Why can't you love this action-packed piece of work. Yes, it is not 100 % realistic. BUT IT IS A MOVIE.

But in these terror-times this movie gets even better.

I will call it "Top Gun" on the ground - for it is that, which it is. It is made at the same time (80ties). And it is about a small team of guys, doing Americas work against the evil elements.

It is very entertaining. Don't miss it.
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I agree, mediocre filming, but good acting and story
NotMoreMovies3 June 2006
The cast was perfect, things moved a little slow at times, but the character development of the MAIN cast was done very well.

The battles were also chaotic in their look and feel which is a lot like reality. So many times in movies things as scripted so well that battles look organized and clean. In reality very few times does anything go even close to how it's planned. Soldiers need to improvise and think on their feet. People you've known for years are killed or wounded right beside you.

I won't give away anything, you'll have to see this movie for yourself. But once again, Biehn is excellent as the leader of the squad of SEALs. Sheen also plays a good role as the headstrong rookie who years for combat. And the amusing thing is there's always one like that...and he either wins the Silver Star, or he gets all his friends and/or himself killed...or both.

The one problem with this movie is, in an attempt to capture the true chaos of battle they lose some realism. If you want a good blend of both chaos and realism I would recommend Saving Private Ryan.

This film was too ambitious and way ahead of its time, but I have to give it an "A" for effort!
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soon_to_be_actress20 November 2001
This was a really good movie with style, action, and amusement! I'll never forget it 'cause Michael Biehn is my favorite actor. Even though he played very well in Terminator, he played much better in this movie! He stopped showing his jaw as much! Anyway, I got sucked into the story quickly but the only bad part was that they brought some stuff up out of no where!!! Besides that, it's a movie that u've gotta see!
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Fun film to work on!
jpycior-18 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I had a great time working as a background actor in the two Pentagon scenes. I got the chance to meet Michael Beihn; a very talented and giving actor. I am glad the producers and director decided to shoot on locations around Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, and Richmond,VA. Overall, the film was entertaining, exciting, thrilling and plain fun. It was good to see some of the characters, especially the one played by Charlie Sheen, learn a lesson in a way. I really enjoyed the directing, art-direction, photography, locations, story line, plot and character development along with performances. It was interesting to take a look back, and see some foreshadowing to the current events of today. You can see the frustrations the Navy Seals had regarding Naval intelligence. Very good film all around.
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In the Navy
jotix10029 January 2006
As far as some action films go, "Navy Seals", the 1990 film directed by Lewis Teague, doesn't deserve most of the criticism that some contributors to this forum have expressed. While it doesn't add anything to the genre, it is a movie targeted to a certain audience, who will no doubt react to it.

On the other hand, watching it on cable the other night, it proved to be the entertainment it's meant to be and nothing more. Let's hope the real Navy Seals will be more selective in picking someone that is as misguided and egocentric as Lt. Hawkins, who disobeys his orders and causes the death of a man that shouldn't have died.

This film appears to be a vehicle for Charlie Sheen who was at the height of his intense period. Michael Biehn plays the man in command, Lt. Curran with flair. Joanne Whalley is seen only briefly. The rest of the cast, notably, S. Ephata Merkerson and Dennis Haysbert contributed to make the film better than it is.

All in all, this is a film for action fans with not a lot of expectations.
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The genius of Charlie Sheen
Spidboy13 August 2003
If you're interested in seeing Charlie Sheen in one of his most coked up, one-liner driven performances, I highly recommend this film (if not you have problems) Also, behold the greatest, and only action-movie/golf-course hijinks scene of all time. This of course leads directly to Sheen in hot pursuit of his towed convertible while riding a Schwinn. Pure NAVY Seal adrenaline.
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Don't listen to the elitists
skinnersmom6 March 2001
Navy SEALS is a personal classic for me. If you can ignore things like plot, character development, and just be content to watch a bunch of explosions and macho gun fighting, than you can do no better than SEALS.

Yes, the movie is intelectually devoid (just like Randall says in Clerks), but it's supposed to be that way - it's an action movie. Go rent it, and do not feel ashamed, hell everytime I go into the video store I always grab the video off the shelves and in a real loud, nasal voice, I say "WOW, NAVY SEALS!"
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One Of THe best!
ToyotaSUPRAFREAK23 August 2002
I loved this movie.... Charlie Sheen, Micheal Beihn are like the greatest action actors ever. This movie had lots of funny and lot of gory explosion scenes too. I reccomend this film. I like how they go to Beirut. Its very realistic. NAVY SEALS IS A 10! Navy Seals are one of the most hard working and toughest position in the Military...
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What a waste of celluloid!
mikeveg16 April 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Oh, man, I hated this movie. Granted, the site locations were great, but that's about the ONLY positive thing I can say about it. Now, I'm going to state right at the beginning that I am VERY critical of the way weapons, especially firearms, are both portrayed, and handled, in movies. Being a war flick, portrayal was fine, but the shoddy weapons handling in the movie would have NEVER been tolerated by a real SEAL Team. The acting was more wooden than my first sailboat, the equipment carried (or lack of it) was laughable, and the dialogue was, shall we say, lacking in ANYTHING interesting. Well, with the exception of the journalist, which was actually prescient. Watching this movie was comparable to watching "Palmetto" with Woody Harrelson, where each scene was so bad you just couldn't turn it off, because you had to see if they could get worse with the next scene. Like Palmetto, they certainly did. The scene in the water, where, after shooting the first of the enemy, they BLOW THE DAMN BOAT UP, thereby having to face possible drowning, made me laugh so hard, that for a millisecond, I almost thought it was worth waiting through the movie for. Then Charlie Sheen decided to drag the surviving enemy down to the depths of the ocean (the way it was filmed, with the many camera cuts, it looked like they went down about 80 feet. Nice continuity there....) before slashing his throat was so damn stupid, I was stunned. Then again, so was the whole damn movie. I enjoy action movies, but not this one. NOTE: The version I watched was a TV version, pan & scan. I can't imagine that made a difference, except for making the whole thing blessedly shorter!
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Non Stop Fun
joev-624 May 2000
I enjoyed this movie so much it's my favorite it doesn't have a lot of flash to it. Like a big budget movie but it's still fun to watch over and over again. To me it's one of those great old action movies that not too many people know about.
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Too long and too boring; think of it somewhat as Top Gun with Navy Seals, but without the entertainment
callanvass23 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This is not one of Charlie Sheen's finer moments. I'm a big fan, but this movie is a major misfire. It doesn't have nearly the dramatic impact that it was going for. I really do feel it had Top Gun in mind while doing this one. (A friend dying under Charlie Sheen's watch, doesn't that sound familiar?) The difference between Top Gun and Navy Seals is that Top Gun never had a boring moment. Navy Seals is a long film, almost two hours of boredom! The character development is very rushed and we don't get any proper insight on what makes these guys tick. All we know about Michael Biehn is that he's a tough guy who has regrets about what he does. Charlie Sheen is a cocky young kid with no real depth to his character. I didn't care about him or his plight. What was the point of the inclusion of Whalley's character here? She doesn't have many scenes, and adds nothing to the proceedings other than brief flirtation and to add moments of clarity for Biehn. Her character could have easily been cut in my opinion. Dennis Haysbert is supposed to be torn on his job and marriage, and I didn't give a damn about any of it. It's just very, very, poorly written. It also tries to add tension between Sheen & Biehn near the end to no avail. What's amazing about this film is the impressive cast. Even Bill Paxton has a role in this movie. We also get a lot of boring shootouts as well if that intrigues you.

Final Thoughts: Poorly written, underdeveloped characters and a slow pace sink this one. The whole cast suffers from poor material and so do the viewers. I wouldn't go near this one, unless you feel like almost two hours of boredom.

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Above-Average But Half-Baked Actioneer
zardoz-1327 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
"Jewel of the Nile" director Lewis Teague's fast-paced military actioneer "Navy Seals" qualifies as an above-average, but half-baked exercise in male testosterone with Charlie Sheen, Michael Biehn, Rick Rossovich, Dennis Haysbert, and Bill Paxton as members of an elite unit that accept what are essentially suicide missions. These guys fight hard and play hard, but the odds whittle down their numbers by fade out. Lensed partially on location in Spain, this is one of those anti-Middle Eastern terrorist rants that pits our heroes against die-hard Arab fanatics who have acquired Stinger missiles. Teague keeps the action moving fast enough to satisfy the action junkies, but the Chuck Pfarrer & Gary Goldman screenplay, loosely based on former Seal Pfarrer's exploits, is thick on plot but thin on characterization. Sheen has more character to work with than his co-stars. He is an adrenaline junkie who would rampage into Hell with a bucket of ice-water before he realized how he had imperiled himself. Meanwhile, as Lieutenant Curran, Michael Biehn is the cool under fire cucumber who knows when to evacuate.

The film opens with a U.S. Navy helicopter crew trying to rescue personnel from a burning civilian ship. Unexpectedly, an enemy gunboat plies through the clouds of smoke and unleashes a hail of gunfire that kills two of the crew and riddles the tail rotor. Down goes the chopper and the terrorists take the crew hostage. In Norfolk, Virginia, Graham (Dennis Haysbert of "The Unit") is about to get hitched when his buddies and he receive an alert to report to work. His bride to be cannot believe that they are walking out on her before they can exchange their marital vows. The Seals show up in time to catch the Arabs just before they can kill all the hostages. They save the pilot and the badly beaten co-pilot, but Hawkins (Charlie Sheen of "Platoon") follows his instincts when he should be obeying Curran's orders. The team stumble onto a full-scale terrorist operation as the villains are about to move a shipment of deadly American-made Stinger missiles. These weapons are particularly lethal because they are not only portable but also hand-held. Suddenly, terrorists pour out of nowhere to attack the heroes. Curran decides to evacuate his men after the terrorists gun one down.

When they reach headquarters, the big wigs decide that Curran should have stuck around to destroy the Stingers. Eventually, when their own intelligence community cannot furnish them with answers about the whereabouts of the terrorists, Curran persuades a beautiful half-Lebanese journalist (Joanne Whalley-Kilmer of "Scandal") to help them.

The thing that dates "Navy Seals" the most is "Cobra" composer Sylvester Levay's 80's style music. John A. Alonzo's photography is an asset. Teague orchestrates the action so that it builds to a climax when our heroes invade Beirut to blow up the Stingers and Hawkins gets to redeem himself.
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