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Sex & Nudity

Violence & Gore

  • The film depicts many combat missions with basic war violence ie soldiers (mainly terrorists) are shot during firefights but no blood or gore is seen at all.
  • In one scene, a prisoner is executed by being shot in the head. There is blood, and this is the one graphic scene in the whole movie. Another prisoner is then beaten and kicked in the face. One other guy in a car gets shot in the head, blood is very briefly seen on the windscreen.
  • Two guys fight underwater; one of them, the main bad guy, gets his throat cut, but no blood is seen and the camera cuts away from it so you don't see anything in detail.


  • Strong but infrequent. About 10 or more uses of the f-word and one or two uses of "motherf***er". "son of a b**ch" x1 "da*n" x4 "sh*t" x15 "a**" x2 "fu**" x10 "fu**er" x4+- "fu**ers"x1 "fu**ing" x6 "Je*u*s" x5 "Chr**t" x4 "G**da**it!" x1 "G**da**" x3 "For G*d's sake" x1 "Oh G*d!" x1 "di**" x1 "a**holes" x1 "di**ing" x1 "what the he**" x1 "sh**hole" x2 "bulls**t" x2 "di**s" x1 "sh**less" x1 "up his a**" x1 "fu**ing a**hole" x1 "a**hole" x1

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Nothing too bad. Some of the violent scenes may be a little much for some.

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