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A superior and very different zombie movie.

Author: artilevel
28 September 2007

Mom should really be given a different title to distinguish it from all the other movies out there called Mom or with the word Mom in the title.

This is a vastly superior zombie movie to so much of the rubbish that gets churned out time after time and all end up much the same as every other zombie movie out there.

It is so different and refreshing it almost defies categorisation.

The kind old lady who takes in a creepy lodger, who just happens to be a flesh eater, who then infects the old lady who also turns into a flesh eating zombie, or ghoul, quite which exactly is not defined.

There is pathos in the story as her son realises what she has become and while at first horrified, attempts to help her by supplying 'food'. (I shall say no more about that, for fear of inserting a spoiler!) It is one of those 'quiet' movies as opposed to guns blasting, explosions raging, car chases, etc boring etc that makes so many movies all the same rubbish, but still with enough gory moments to satisfy horror fans, whilst also inserting sadness into the story, along with nice touches of humour as opposed to downright silliness of some so-called 'horror' movies.

There is a particularly nice atmospheric shot at the beginning of the film, where the old lady is sitting alone in her room with only her Christmas tree for company and looks so 'innocent', but, what she becomes!! Oh my!

A gem of a movie and even if not your thing, should at least be viewed if only once by any true horror fan.

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Poor Clay has the mother of all problems.

Author: BA_Harrison from Hampshire, England
9 November 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When his elderly mother Emily (Jeanne Bates) is attacked by her lodger Nestor Duvalier (Brion James) and turns into a cannibalistic monster, TV news reporter Clay Dwyer (Mark Thomas Miller) struggles to keep dear old mom from satisfying her hunger.

Although the above plot summary conjures up images of trashy, over-the-top, 80s horror titles such as Flesheating Mothers and Rabid Grannies, Mom actually turns out to be a refreshingly original take on the werewolf/vampire/zombie mythos (exactly what Emily becomes is never really clear, but it ain't nice!), as well as a touching study of the close bond between mother and son: Clay's devotion to his mother leads him to abandon all of his other responsibilities, including his job and his relationship with pregnant girlfriend Alice (Mary Beth McDonough), whilst Emily's love for Clay ultimately drives her to self-destruction.

Technically, the film could be sharper, with more stylish direction and better effects (the shots of the creature are kept very brief, so as not to disappoint), and certain more experienced members of the cast frustrate with terribly cheesy performances (Yes, Brion James and Stella Stevens, I AM referring to you); fortunately, however, the strong emotional undercurrent in the well constructed story is enough on its own to ensure that Mom is an effective, compelling, and occasionally shocking tale—one which I have no hesitation in recommending to those looking for something a little different.

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MOM is truly a great American horror movie.

Author: godofthunder2099 from Helltown, Indiana
30 July 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The first time I viewed the film Mom, I was 12. It was one of the least expected horror films that I thought I would actually like having been raised on the classics of the genre including the 80's slasher and grindhouse fare that I loved. Late one night this film "Mom" was coming on Cinemax and I began watching it, wondering how dull and boring it would be. About a couple minutes in, this creepy guy turns into a creature and bites into this woman's stomach. I was like "Hell Yeah." As film goes , A kindly old woman named Emily Dwyer takes in the creepy guy, who by this time is seen as a blind man looking for a room to rent, as the new tennant. The Tennant's name is Nester and he is rarely around during the night, having the need to "go out to eat." As Emily decides to get more familiar with Nester by making him dinner one night, Nester attacks the nice old lady. After that, Emily's son, Clay Dwyer, a nightly Newsreporter, begins to worry about his Mother because he hasn't spoken to her in a few days. He soon comes to find out that Emily has become a flesheating ghoul and Nester is the cause of it all. After killing Nester in a fiery blaze, Clay is left to watch over his Mom, keeping her locked and barred in her room like a prisoner, starving her to the point of madness. Emily eventually escapses and goes on a rampage, killing an undercover cop. When Clay's pregnant wife tries to visit and check on Emily, Emily tries to attack and consume the flesh of her and her unborn child, only to be thwarted by Clay and a few cops. After taking care of the cops by killing and eating part of them, she knocks Clay out a window where he appears to be dead. The motherly instinct takes over and the beastly looking Emily screams into the night a cry of horror because she believes she has killed her son. The climax is the most saddening of any I have ever witnessed in any horror film, this is in part that Emily comes down the stairs, her face covered in blood, crying. She enters the kitchen as Clay comes crawling weakly and painfully through the front door. As Clay prepares to go up the steps, a sudden explosion comes from the kitchen. Clay scrambles for the kitchen where he comes to find the charred body of Emily lying on the floor, who waves an "it's alright now" frail and burnt arm as another explosion consumes her body in flames. Clay screams as he watches the exploison take his mother's life. Clay turns to see his wife, who has been untouched by the monstrous Emily, helping him to get out of the house. Then Credits.

This film is in a totally different league of it's own. It's fresh and takes the whole zombie/werewolf/vampire tale to a whole new level. It remains one of my favorite horror films because of it's uniqueness. My favorite line in the movie comes when Clay is starving his Mother, who has been locked in her room and hasn't eaten in days. As she claws and bangs on the door, she screams in a guttural demonic voice, "Let me out of here!!! I'm your Mother,Goddamit!!!!" I have never seen anything else like it. If you've never seen this monsterpiece, I highly recommend it... it will make you think twice before pissing off your Mom.

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Quiet good

Author: clemensottawa30 from Vienna, Austria
11 April 2004

Well, I must say, this film is not that bad. There are quiet good moments. Jeanne Bates plays fantastic, as lovely elderly "mom", and

Mark Thomas Miller as her son is even good. There are some gory, gruesome moments, some dramatic, some funny and, yes, also sad...

The end is such a sad moment. Mom isn´t an ordinary horror-slasher, I would say, it´s the connection between American Werewolf and Omen.

6 of 10 stars

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Son, could you go get your Mother something to eat?

Author: merklekranz from United States
7 February 2012

Several memorable double meanings in "Mom" are teetering on the edge of "black comedy", but there is no further development of the comedy angle. Therefore, I must conclude that this was never intended to be a dark comedy. The horror elements are crude, however the story is memorable for such a low budget film. Brion James has limited screen time, but sets things in motion with a bite to Mom's shoulder. Along the lines of Steve Buscemi in "Ed and His Dead Mother", Mark Thomas Miller is torn between his love for his Mom, and the realization that she is addicted to human flesh. Special mention must be made of Stella Stevens performance as a bar trollop, as it is excellent. = MERK

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Pretty enjoyable horror/comedy.

Author: HumanoidOfFlesh from Chyby, Poland
6 May 2003

An old lady's boarder Nestor Duvalier(Brion James)turns out to be a cannibalistic monster terrorizing Los Angeles,and promptly turns her into one too.It's up to her son to stop the carnage."Mom" is a perfect flick for few laughs.There is a good amount of gore,but if you're searching for suspense-packed horror avoid this one at all costs.All in all "Mom" is worth checking out for some undemanding horror fans,so if you get the chance watch it.My rating:5 out of 10.

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Horror/comedy almost works

Author: a_chinn
22 May 2017

Oddball horror/comedy about a sweet grey haired mother who is bitten by a werewolf or some sort of creature of the night (played by the always great Brion James) and transforms her into a bloodthirsty creature of the night, much to the consternation of her yuppie adult son who only wants to help her and stop her from killing. The film really grabbed me with the opening of Brion James as a blind man attacking a prostitute played by Claudia Christian. James then goes on to ingratiate himself to the titular mother who invites him into her home, only for him to attack her and turn her into a werewolf. The dark humor around a sweet old lady with blood dripping down her matronly house dresses is pretty funny and does go a long way, but the rest of the film isn't all that clever or interesting. Art Evans and Stella Stevens also appear in the film, but horror/comedies rarely seem to work and outside of seeing a kindly old lady viciously killing, there ins't a lot to recommend here.

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A good old-fashioned horror flick.

Author: musicman37 from United States
9 September 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

All of a sudden everybody's Roger Ebert.

People who gave this film a bad review missed the whole point.

This is NOT a slasher/gore-fest like they've been making since "Friday the 13th" entered the landscape and ruined almost all horror films ever since. It is a throwback to subtle horror films with emotional resonance and fleshed-out (sorry for the pun) characters. True, no back-story is given, so the origin of Nestor Duvalier is unknown.

But the film is played straight (this is not a horror-comedy, as some reviewers have insisted) and the tone is set early in the film, a story of how a family is thrown into turmoil by the unlucky intrusion of a monster.

Jeanne Bates is totally sympathetic as Emily Dwyer, a woman who lives alone, is somewhat neglected by her kids, and wants not only some extra cash, but some companionship. She shows she's worse at picking tenants than Matthew Modine and Melanie Griffith in "Pacific Heights"!!!

The rest of the cast acquits themselves very nicely, this is not Shakespeare, it's a low-budget fright flick. And as such, it delivers 90 minutes of old-fashioned fright fun.

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Hot Entrails for tea!*some spoiler* Cert 18

Author: roy-nicholas33 from United Kingdom
6 November 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Mom has to be one of the all time uncomfortable movies to watch. It features an elderly lady you would love to have as your Nanny who becomes the nastiest mother f***ing monster you would ever want to meet on a dark night!

This supper Nanny eats the inners of a young lady at the opening of the movie and it just gets sicker as it goes on. A cross between the howling and brain dead seem to come to mind when describing Mom!

A must for horror fans who have the stomach for it (if you have watched re-animator or brain dead, this will float your boat)and are willing to switch the brain off for an hour or so...Let the gore pour!...8/10

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Author: Scott_from_Modesto ( from Bear, Delaware
18 March 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Lame B-horror that takes itself too damn seriously considering its subject matter concerns an aging old dear who has been turned into a creature of the night by a lodger who has come to rent a room from her. When said lodger is killed off, Mom has to go out to feed on her own and that causes some family strain and also garners some attention from the authorities.

My main complaint is that this film should have brought THE FUNNY. It failed to do so although it did have some mild gore and schlocky creature makeup effects to keep the B-movie crowd happy. I've seen worse but I wouldn't give this one a rec--4.5/10.

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