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jeff is wonderful
chuckrules27 March 2002
`You should fit in well here then. We have one patient who calls himself Lucifer and another calling himself Mephistopheles.' `There's one difference. They're obviously insane.' With this dialogue the tension begins to mount in Director Philippe Setton's thriller. Writers' Derry Hall and Brad Lynch have created a perfect showcase for the quirky acting talents of lead, Jeff Goldblum. Goldblum's character is arrested at the beginning of the movie for the savage torture/murder of 24 people. We become aware of these murders as we see the investigators watching the tapes he made. Their reactions intensify the impact more than actually viewing it our self would have. Frost is immediately incarcerated in a psychiatric institute where he begins to make the claim he is actually the Devil and his mission on earth is to cause people to regain their belief (faith if you will) in him. Strange things begin to happen shortly after his arrival, which cause Dr. Sarah Day, played by Kathy Baker, to consider his claim. The movie leaves it to the viewer to decide if Frost is really causing things to happen using Demonic powers or just `brilliantly' insane and everyone, including the hospital staff, is falling prey to his psychosis. It is a well-directed and written story with a standout performance coming from Goldblum. He instills in his character a certain evil slyness, which will cause you to glance quickly behind you when Mr. Frost lays his eye on you.
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Mr. Frost is an excellent horror/suspense film
skullduggery13 September 2001
This is one of my favorite horror/suspense films of all time. Jeff Goldblum is excellent as the serial killer trying to convince Kathy Baker that he is the ultimate evil incarnate. Definitely one of his better performances. The script and plot are outstanding. The cast is great as well. Highly recommended.
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One of Goldblum's better roles!
happenstanceouvre1 December 2002
This movie is sadly overlooked and underated. As far as I'm concerned, it's one of Goldblum's better performances (sure beats ID4!). He was okay in The Fly, and okay in Jurassic Park too.

I like Kathy Baker's role, but she herself, I find a little annoying at times. Here she's dead on as a psychologist who begins to lose faith in her field.

Mostly thought, it's the tension this movie produces that won me over. For once I couldn't predict how it was going to end. Would she just quit and walk away from it all? Would she stick to her guns and ignore Mr. Frost's wishes like a "good doctor" should? Would she give in to Frost? I really saw it going any of those ways 'till the end.

I could really have done without Francois Negret-- his character was important, but as a person he really put me off. He was the worst part of the movie. And the performance of the doctor unable to withhold his love for Sarah was so melodramatic and overplayed, it bordered on revolting.

Overall I think this movie was original and cleverly-made.
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stylish, atmospheric and underrated.
Raegan Butcher17 May 2006
I caught this during its very brief theatrical run in Nov 1990 and thought that--after a decade of slasher flicks and dumb, dead teenager movies--it was an odd throwback to a kinder, more stylish kind of thriller.The international flavor of the cast and the strange omni-Euro locations didn't bother me at all-- I thought those touches only added to the whole atmosphere of displacement and doom. Jeff Goldblum is a very unique Satan;his peculiar acting and vocal mannerisms make a perfect fit for the role. The philosophical parlor games he engages in with Kathy Baker are both amusing and somehow creepy. This film almost epitomizes the sort of plot lines that would later be featured in The X Files: an enigmatic serial killer who may or may not be imbued with supernatural powers. While not without its faults, Mr Frost is worth a look if for no other reason than to watch Jeff Goldblum's performance.
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Good? and Evil?... and Science!
Piledriver2 September 2001
"It used to be simple: good on one hand, evil on the other. There was a strugle. And then you people came along - the scientists."

Excellent film about about perceived good and evil from the viewpoint of humanity, and how science is has to be neither. Impartial, and yet with greater power and potential to be used for either. Or is it? Which will win out reason or emotion, or will they corrupt each other?

Or maybe Mister Frost simply a deranged man after all?

The previous lines were to give an overall feeling about the general atmosphere of Mister Frost for those who have not seen it. It is difficult to describe the plot in more depth than in the summary on the main page without spoiling the film, but imagine the confrontations between the possessed Regan and Karras or the doctors in William Peter Blatty's novel 'The Exorcist' that were cut out of the film. There you have Mister Frost.

Basically, if you like your thrillers to be charged with atmosphere and intelligence then this film is definitely worth viewing. Oh yeah, and also if you thought Jeff Goldblum could put in a good performance with a good script, but haven't yet seen it happen. This film is it.
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A scary slow pace movie for the adults...
surfandski8 April 2003
This is a movie for mature audiences, viewers that like the subtalty over the blatant. The dialog is clever, a bit flat sometimes due to the lack of a score, but sometimes this ads to the movie in particular places. Jeff G. is excellent in this role (and I am not one of his fan). And to those that complain that the end of the movie is not climactic enough I don't know why because it is just perfect, just with one line. Rent this movie. It will scare you without grossing you out.
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Intelligently manipulative of its audience
uds315 April 2005
Ranks with THE FLY as Goldblum's greatest performance. He is mesmerising from his opening scenes with Alan Bates as the detective on a real mission impossible.

Way too intelligent for most audiences of the new millennium, here in Goldblum's character and given the ring-melting sequence, there is no real enigma as to who he is - we have "cool" utterly personified.

Awesome in its contemplation even - the Devil's reincarnation as a means to "renew the faith" as it were, Goldblum is hypnotic and absolutely commands attention and respect for every little nuance he projects in his time on screen.

The end is only anti-climactic for the average "boofhead," who would more than likely have switched off long before the final reel anyway. It never was a question of "who won?" There ARE no winners! I have seen this film several times and only ever known it incidentally as "The Deadly Mister Frost" as is titled my own recently-acquired DVD copy.

Rare and thought-provoking little gem.
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Underestimated movie
Boehm22 November 2002
This is an interesting, entertaining and a little disturbing story. Horror and suspense is created with minimal optical hints and effects. Jeff Goldblum is a smart, erotically tempting devil. The struggle between good and evil is very well acted. Whoever finds this boring, is probably "high-thresholded" from the various horror movies with multiple visual trauma.
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A Study In Being The Devil
Jeff Gaines14 April 2007
Warning: Spoilers
*************WARNING! This is more a perception of the film as a whole from my point of view and NOT so much a review (in the classic sense)! It could spoil the film for you. If you haven't seen it, then I HIGHLY recommend watching this fantastic movie and THEN reading this piece. ENJOY! ***************************************************************

I won't re-hash all the things in the other reviews about acting and characters, most are right on the money. But I was astounded that no one else got what I got from this incredible film! To me, it was a character study in being the "Devil" in this day and age. Jeff Goldblum plays this role to the max as stated in all the other reviews ...

BUT ...

What I got was that his character felt like people had become so wicked that they had FORGOTTEN that evil was "his" and that people didn't believe in him anymore. What I saw his character doing was that he was on a mission: His mission wasn't to just get the world to believe again, it was to QUIT BEING THE DEVIL! He doesn't want the job anymore. He's "tired". (He wants to cook, for crying out loud!) Listen to his dialog CLOSELY. (Especially in the kitchen as he meets the Detective and when he first begins to speak to the unsuspecting lady Doctor) To find a suitable replacement, he comes to earth as a mortal and he has to find someone who believes that he is, in fact, the Devil; and THAT soul would take over his position. He, as the Devil would do, uses trickery and deception to lull the good Doctor into becoming a candidate. He wants to know that she can commit the ultimate evil and kill another person ... namely HIM! That will prove she is a worthy candidate and release him from his duties.

In the end of the film, when she shoots him, you see the crosses of light that had shown in his eyes, suddenly appear in the Doctors eyes as she repeats his words ... "Stronger than passing time" .... it sounds like his and her voices together. The words become an oath, of sorts, and so it appears in the end of the film that SHE has taken his duties and he can now "retire" or whatever it is that Satan would do if he left his "position"!

It's a very deep screenplay/storyline and if you get up to go the the bathroom or get a drink, you could easily be lost or miss an important part. Also, the sound recording is the most dynamic I've ever heard in a film. Some moments are so soft you must ride the volume up to hear them speak and some are so pressured, that you must ride the volume down from the yelling or Foley effects. Again, if you don't, you may miss or overlook an important bit.

Definitely one of my favorite screenplays and films of all time! To truly "get it": Watch it alone, remote in hand, on a rainy afternoon ... TWICE! Pause it, if you get up. You WILL NOT regret it. For once you have "gotten it", I promise this will become a favorite of yours as well.
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