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USA Today
Cold and cut to the bone, the film is a primer in screen virtuosity. Standard action film clichés, like a face getting hit with a chair, get turned inside out; both film and actors somehow manage to seem realistic and stylized at the same time. [21 Sept 1990, Life, p.6D]
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
A masterpiece, but of a unique kind... A gorgeously filmed, supremely well-acted, intricately written film noir about now.
Barry Sonnenfeld's stunning cinematography and the sharply etched characterizations make this film one for the ages.
Christian Science Monitor
The movie is artful to a fault, with too many characters sitting in perfectly arranged, immaculately lighted rooms and talking a lot. It contains near-classic sequences, though, and splendid performances. [28 Sept 1990]
Entertainment Weekly
If, however, you're looking for compelling characters, all the lights are blazing here but nobody's at home.
A very clever, stylish story of friendship, loyalty and betrayal.
Chicago Sun-Times
What it doesn't have is a narrative magnet to pull us through - a story line that makes us really care what happens, aside from the elegant but mechanical manipulations of the plot.
Chicago Tribune
The Coens have technique and they have taste; what they do not yet have is the ability to move beyond their handsome imagery to the human center of their material. [5 Oct 1990, Friday, p.C]
It takes place in an artificial world constructed largely from the mythology of other movies, and, though it's both seamless and stylish, some find it a little too self-conscious for its own good.
Los Angeles Times
Heart may be what the movie needs most, but a bit of clarity wouldn't hurt either. Even here in gangsterland, where random characters are cherished and non sequiturs are considered wisecracks, there is a difference between complications and impenetrability, and this plot is a bloody thicket.. [5 Oct 1990, Calendar, p.F-10]
San Francisco Chronicle
An elegant-looking picture, carefully made and beautifully put together, but when the gloss wears off, you're left with an experience that doesn't quite satisfy. [5 Oct 1990, Daily Datebook, E10]

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