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  • To cut down on expenses, a Hong Kong police superintendent orders a captain to take a group of S.W.A.T. team rookies to a rigorous training camp, hoping to force them to resign after undergoing grueling training courses. However, events get a mysterious turn when the rookies, on their break, discover an old Chinese Ouija board and decide to try it out. The game backfires when a reckless ghost is unleashed.


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  • Officer Wu [Fung Woo] has been ordered by his superior, Officer Chan [Tat-wah Cho], to maltreat the nine new S.W.A.T. trainees in order to force them to resign rather than to be dismissed (apparently for financial reasons). Wu will be promoted to Chan's position and given a British passport, so Wu is eager to do his duty. The five new male trainees -- Charlie [Charlie Cho], Long [Lap-Man Sin], Yung [Billy Lau], Myths [Andy Hui Chi-On], and Sickness [?] -- arrive at the Royal Hong Kong Police S.W.A.T. Training Camp at the same time as the four new female trainees -- Sister Nine [Sandra Ng Kwan Yue], May [Yuk-Ting Lau], Chan Put San [Joanna Chan], and Szema Yin [?]. Within minutes, Myths has staked his claim on Yin. Just as Long hits on May, Wu walks up accompanied by his female assistant, Officer Scimkovaca [Meg Lam]. After all nine trainees have been properly chastized, they are told to go to their respective dorms, as there will be no "monkey affairs" in this camp.

    That evening, the new trainees decide to throw a barbecue so that they can all get acquainted. While eight of the trainees munch on chicken wings under Scimkovaca's watchful eyes, Charlie is being wooed by Wu to be his snitch, with a promise to make Charlie an assistant if he will spy on the trainees and report any evidence of them screwing up or "wooing" each other. As the evening grows darker, the trainees tell each other ghost stories, which gives them plenty of opportunity to jump into each others' arms during the scary parts. When Sickness goes off into the trees to pee, he finds a Chinese ouija board and brings it back to the group. Myths explains how it works but warns everyone that they must each place their finger on the "saucer" and never take it off or the summoned ghost can possess them.

    When the saucer begins to move, they test out its truthfulness by asking questions. Sickness asks how many pills he's taken that day, and the board answers correctly. San asks how many of the trainees were born in the same month; again, the spirit answers correctly. Nine asks whether the spirit is male or female (female). Yung asks how she died. Suddenly the board starts going wild. When the spirit replies that she was raped and killed, San asks the spirit's age when she got killed (20). Yin then asks the spirit where she is now, and the board goes wild again, this time throwing them back, causing everyone but Myths to lose their grips on the saucer. Just then, Officer Wu walks in and forces everyone back to their dorms. Later that night, as everyone lies sleeping, the windows are blown open and the vampire-ghost [King-Tan Yuen] enters Myths' body.

    The next morning when the trainees meet for their first training session, Myths doesn't show. Scimkovaca finds him cowering in his bed, covering his head to block out the sunlight. When she ascertains that his eyes are bloodshot, his head and body are freezing, and his "one thing" has no response when stroked, she agrees that he is ill and can't get (it) up. After a day of carrying bricks up and down hills (the girls end up losing and have to unclog all the sewage drains in the camp), the trainees are treated to a dinner of heaping bowls of rice that they must eat in five minutes or get no food tomorrow. After stuffing themselves with rice, Wu laughs and says they aren't getting any food tomorrow anyway.

    Meanwhile, Myths (who has been sent to the infirmary) attacks and kills the doctor, drinking blood from his neck. After that, he lures Nine into the trees supposedly to tell her who is in love with her. Just as he's about to bite Nine's neck, Scimkovaca shows up and breaks them up, sending Nine back to her dorm and beating Myths with her nightstick for "wooing." Myths returns to the men's dorm where he finds Long crawling on the floor and looking for his lost bracelet. Instead, Long finds one of Myths' amulets. When Myths leaps for Long's neck, Long hands him back his beads. At the touch of the amulet, the ghost leaves Myths' body. As Myths lies trembling on the floor, the trainees think he is having an epileptic fit and use the old Chinese method of biting his nipples to stop it. Myths fights them off and then explains that he was possessed by a ghost and that it is her intention to kill everyone in the camp.

    That night, after everyone is in bed, May gets up to meet with her wooer. Instead, she runs into the ghost, who immediately takes over her body. Just as May is about to go down on Yin's neck, Nine wakes up, sees them together, and, thinking that Yin is Long, jumps on May. Just then Wu enters the dorm and, to punish their foolishness, he sends everyone, girls and guys, out to catch mosquitoes in plastic bags. When May goes off to catch mosquitoes alone, Myths and Nine follow her, only to see her pounce on Sickness' neck and drink his blood. By the time Nine and Myths alert the other trainees, however, all evidence is gone.

    The next day is another grueling day of training, as the new recruits are made to carry buckets of water while traversing an obstacle course. The girls win this race (thanks to a little help from Long and Yung), so Wu declares a tie and makes everyone clean the drain pipes. That night, Myths wakes up all the guys and has them peek in the window of the girls' dorm. As they watch, they see May wake up and try to attack the other girls, but she is thwarted by their spells. May runs outside and vanishes, so everyone tries looking for her. Unfortunately, Scimkovaca finds her first and pays the price. When they can't find May, the trainees try to convince Wu that May has been possessed by a ghost, but he refuses to believe them. To Wu's great pleasure, the trainees decide to resign from the training camp. After further discussion, however, the trainees decide that it is their duty to stay and help May, so they rescind their resignation, much to Wu's displeasure.

    The trainees split up and go in search of May, but to no avail. When they check the garbage dumpster, however, and find the chopped up bodies of the doctor and Scimkovaca, Wu still doesn't believe them. Somehow, Officer Chan gets word of the murders and telephones Wu with an ultimatum: Either you find out who is committing the murders or you must retire and live in China. Wu searches the camp, but everyone appears to have disappeared, so he decides to take a bath while he waits for them. He returns to his quarters and turns on the bathtub faucets only to find that the plumbing is screwed up, such that turning on the bathtub faucet actually turns on the sink and turning on the sink flushes the toilet. Sure that the trainees are playing a trick on him, Wu is surprised when May suddenly appears and jumps him.

    Finally convinced that May has been possessed by a ghost, Wu is happy when the trainees show up and splash May with black dog's blood, which puts her out of commission. The ghost leaves May's body and tries to find another one. She chases four of the trainees into the dorm where they hide under the beds. Just as she discovers them, the rest of the trainees pour into the room and cover the ghost with a sheet. Myths attempts to place two spells on her, but she is too strong, so he calls up two child ghosts who try to beat the big ghost by asking her for milk. Again, the big ghost is too strong.

    Myths has one more idea. He has the other trainees pour milk on the ghost and lure her away while he quickly mixes up a thunder spell consisting of Buddha's bead, incense ash, and vermillion. When ready, Myths gives everyone a bunch of thunder spells and instructs them to throw them at the ghost. He then has Yung use his gun to shoot the spells right into the ghost, luring her into a protective circle. Once inside the circle, Sickness lights it as Yung keeps shooting. The ghost eventually burns up and explodes into nothingness.

    The next day, Officer Chan shows up and assures the trainees, who are all packed up and ready to leave, that the seniors have decided to retain their services, double their salaries, and send them on a mission to destroy a devil of a thousands years.

    No way!

    Original Synopsis by bj_kuehl.

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