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Sex & Nudity

  • Rated R for strong brutal violence and for language and nudity.
  • A man shoots and kills a naked woman in self defense after she kills his partner.
  • A woman climbs into a bath naked, a brief shot of her from the back and a shot of her breasts as the camera pans around.
  • 2 scantily clad escort girls are seen on a bed (one with breasts exposed), entertaining a client.
  • A women is dancing around the pole, her breast and most of her buttocks briefly shown (she is wearing G-string).

Violence & Gore

  • A man is kicked in the stomach hard and knocked over, winded.
  • A man tackles a large knife from a bad guy's hand and uses it to chop another bad guy's hand off, he then throws another man down and dispatches a few more men with a pistol.
  • A topless woman shoots a cop in the chest, and is gunned down herself (bloody). A shot of her dead body is seen.
  • A unit of Jamaican gangsters open fire at a crowded bar with machine guns, graphically killing several targets before escaping.
  • A drive-by is performed on the house of a man's family, several gangsters spray the house with machine gun fire. This results in a young girl being hit and seriously wounded by a shot.
  • A man is shot in the head point blank with a pistol (little blood), another man jumps from a window 6 or 7 storeys up and lands on a car, killing him instantly.
  • A woman is tied to the ground and stabbed in a vodoo style execution, the actual murder is off screen.
  • Gangsters break into a house and tie a woman to a table after knocking her out, threatening to kill her and painting images on her chest (part of ritual).
  • A very brutal fight in a jewellry store which includes several throws, face punches, a stab to the chest, an arm break and a gangster being struck hard with the but of a shotgun.
  • 3 men ambush the large mansion of a kingpin gangster; several henchman are shot with a sniper rifle (brief, quick kills) then there is a fight in which an arm break and a beheading are seen.
  • A man is impaled from the rear with a sword at a gang hideout, a fire fight follows in which several henchman are gunned down.
  • A man dispatches several more henchmen, with both his fists and the use of a hammer, a man has a needle jabbed through his throat.
  • A quick shot of a leg being broken.
  • 2 men engage in a fight with samurai swords, one man is slashed down the face. One man has his head bashed against a wall several times, but counters the attack with an eye gouge (close-up is seen). The villain has his back broken and is thrown down a lift shaft, only to get impaled in a long rod at the bottom.


  • Some strong language. Fuck is said 8 times.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Drug dealers smoke marijuana joints with college students and give them crack to try.
  • Villain's main business is drug dealing. Frequent drug references and some drug use.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The voodoo ritual scenes may be frightening to some.

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