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Hooo wee, what a stinker!
carter-629 June 1999
Tina Yother's overcomes adversity to become the homeliest Laker Girl ever to trod the pine? YES! A pre-Baywatch Alexandra Paul as a rich girl who conceals her wealth for the love of the dance? ACES! Tag along for a season where the Lakers seemed to have dumped all their talent for a pack camera-friendly brooding white prettyboys! MONEY! This one has to be seen to be believed, folks! Tape it next time it seeps back onto the Lifetime channel and thank me later
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Loved Laker Girls
swtxslady3127 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
First of all I really loved the movie when I first saw it on television. I have not seen it in a really long time. I would love to purchase a copy of it, but I don't know if it is a movie that can be purchased. I have only seen it on the Lifetime channel or the Lifetime Movie Network channel. If anyone knows how I can get a copy of it I would love to know. If I can not purchase a copy of it would there be any possibility of requesting that it be re-aired. The first time I watched the movie I wanted to be a cheerleader from that point on. I love the storyline of the movie. The audition process, camaraderie with all of the girls, and the drive that Tina Yothers character had to be a Laker Girl or at least work with them.
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needing a paycheck
ph-man11 March 2010
I couldn't believe how awful this was the acting was poor at best everyone walked though their lines and was there to pickup a paycheck not believable at all and if you look none of them have acted since.What a waste of good film.Would have gave them a 0 but one is as low as it goes.God help us.The best part was the dancing at the end ,I hope no one was looking for a Oscar to be given for great acting or directing the raspberry award would be the only award to be given for this one.I wounder if a few friends get together and one says hey lets get together and waste a few weeks and get some spending money and sell this crappy film to someone would make a great movie for someone who's up at three in the morning and who can't sleep!!!
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Not bad made for TV movie
zmoviefan18 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Only reason I bought DVD of this is because I am a huge Shari Shattuck fan. Who along with another gal: Lisa Ort end up being the most memorable. Shari for playing the sexy, scheming Laker girl and Lisa for playing the goofy girl who just wants to meet a nice dentist to marry and have 3 kids.

Alexandra Paul, Paris Vaughn and Tina Yothers are the 3 main girls though. And they do okay in their roles, but they all play nice characters so they get a bit boring to watch.

Movie could've benefited from some conflict or drama, maybe even a bit sexier numbers, but for a made-for-TV movie from 25 years ago, it isn't bad.
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